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  • I use flax based canvas. The final size is 40 x 50 cm. For each step, I take about 30 to 60 minutes, so I do a portrait in about 5 to 8 hours average. Step 1 First I draw in pencil on the canvas. .Step 2 Then I add the first highlights flesh color. .Step 3 Then entour these highlights with darker flesh color. .Step 4 And again, darker.

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  • Working with watercolour may at first seem strange and difficult, especially if you are use to opaque mediums such as oil or acrylic. The first and most obvious difference is the fact that watercolour is transparent. This means you must decide from the very beginning where the areas of white will be in your painting. The process for successful watercolour painting, is to avoid the areas to be left white and apply the lightest washes first, gradually working your way towards darker washes.

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  • Pastels, color pencils, graphite, oil paint, and acrylics — it doesn't matter what medium you choose to draw with. What you are essentially doing whenever you draw or paint is capturing light. Everything that you see is because of light, no matter how little or how abrasive the amount of it may be. Think about it. Light illuminates everything you see in life. Everything that you draw or capture is the act of capturing that light through your own perspective.

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  • The label "TIGER" is announced The production program consists of oil and drying colours, putty cements and dilutions.

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  • So far as it concerns pictures painted upon panel or canvas in tempera or oils, the history of painting begins with Cimabue, who worked in Florence during the latter half of the thirteenth century. That the art was practised in much earlier times may readily be admitted, and the life-like portraits in the vestibule at the National Gallery taken from Greek tombs of the second or third century are sufficient proofs of it; but for the origin of painting as we are now generally accustomed to understand the term we need go no further back than to Cimabue and his...

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  • “Portrait of a strapper” (Chân dung một người vạm vỡ – 1941), oil on canvas, 90.3 x 65.5cm .“The Cypriot” 1940, oil on canvas, 123.3 x 123.3cm. Tên của nhân vật này là Aegus Gabrielides, một bồi bàn người Hy Lạp trong một quán cà phê ở London hồi những năm 1930. Bên ngoài đời, anh này rất nhún nhường, lễ phép. Nhưng họa sĩ muốn thể hiện một người “oai” hơn (đúng như mơ ước thầm kín của nhân vật?) .“The billy boy”, 1943. Sơn dầu trên bìa cứng dán trên bảng cứng. 70.

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