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  • I've never known any teacher or mentor on improving personal effectiveness to generate such an overwhelmingly positive reaction.... This book captures beautifull y Stephen's philosophy of principles. I think anyone reading it will quickly understand the enormous reaction I and others have had to Dr. Covey's teachings. Stephen R. Covey's book teaches with power, conviction, and feeling. Both the content and the methodology of these principles form a solid foundation for effective communication. As an educator, I think this book to be a significant addition to my library. ...

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  • Stephen Covey has written a remarkable book about the human condition, so elegantly written, so understanding of our embedded concerns, so useful for our organization and personal lives, that it's going to be my gift to everyone I know. I've never known any teacher or mentor on improving personal effectiveness to generate such an overwhelmingly positive reaction....

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  • Thus... if you want to improve your results in life, you'll first have to work on "bettering" yourself. That means equip yourself better to handling things and situations in life without working harder or longer hours.

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  • You’ve taken the first step toward improving yourself. I know there’s a lot of information out there and, quite frankly, it can be overwhelming. Rest assured that your dating life will take on a positive spin after you’ve absorbed and integrated the information in this e-book. What you’re about to read is a product of years of trial and error. Anyone, regardless of age and experience, can benefit from this manual. Over the years, I’ve piled up all the useful information that I’ve discovered in my pursuit to perfecting daytime pick ups....

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  • We explore the contribution of morphological features – both lexical and inflectional – to dependency parsing of Arabic, a morphologically rich language. Using controlled experiments, we find that definiteness, person, number, gender, and the undiacritzed lemma are most helpful for parsing on automatically tagged input.

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  • Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis (PLSA) models have been shown to provide a better model for capturing polysemy and synonymy than Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA). However, the parameters of a PLSA model are trained using the Expectation Maximization (EM) algorithm, and as a result, the trained model is dependent on the initialization values so that performance can be highly variable. In this paper we present a method for using LSA analysis to initialize a PLSA model.

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  • One of the challenges in treating cancer is the disease's complexity and variation among patients. Cancer manifests differently in each patient, so treatments that are effective in one patient may not be effective in another. As cancer care becomes more personalized, subpopulations of individuals will be given preventive or therapeutic interventions based on their susceptibility to a particular disease or their predicted response to a specific treatment.

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  • This depends on your personal circumstances - your motivation to learn, your exposure to English and the amount of time you spend studying. Studies show that it can take 200 hours ol study to improve by one IELTS band.

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  • Do you know what a personal mission development is about? If you don't know what personal mission development is about then read on and I will tell you a little bit about personal mission development. First thing that we need to do when learning about personal mission development is to try and unravel these words so that they make some sense? Some sort of definition would be a good way to do this? Personal mission development is a set of goals that are being achieved on the way to a dream or any given task. Basically it is the...

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  • DISCLAIMER The author and publisher have used their best efforts in preparing this book.. The information contained is strictly for educational purposes. Therefore, if you wish to apply ideas contained in this book you are taking full responsibility for your actions. EVERY EFFORT HAS BEEN MADE TO ACCURATELY REPRESENT THIS PRODUCT AND IT'S POTENTIAL. HOWEVER, THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL IMPROVE IN ANY WAY USING THE TECHNIQUES AND IDEAS IN THESE MATERIALS. EXAMPLES IN THESE MATERIALS ARE NOT TO BE INTERPRETED AS A PROMISE OR GUARANTEE OF ANYTHING.

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  • The Commission is addressing governments, directly and through their various agencies and ministries. The congregation of governments, gathered in the General Assembly of the United Nations, will be the main recipients of this report. The Commission is also addressing private enterprise, from the one-person business to the great multinational company with a total economic turnover greater than that of many nations, and with possibilities for bringing about far-reaching changes and improvements.

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  • Signs of Emotional Abuse: There are a few signs that you can see from 'looking in' that there could be some form of emotional or/and verbal abuse going on within a house or a relationship. Often a sign of emotional abuse is the abused becoming reserved, or in other words, the abused shutting themselves off from others. Another sign to look for or be aware of is the abused not taking a great deal of pride in themselves. An abused person will often feel there is no point and get to the stage of 'giving up'. And more signs...

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  • As well as our work with firms we are also working to improve consumers’ understanding of PPI to strengthen their role in this market and help them shop around when buying it. Earlier this year we ran a campaign to encourage consumers to access and use insurance information, including information on PPI, on our Moneymadeclear website22 . We continue to receive around 1,000 visits to our PPI web pages each month. We are extending our suite of online comparative tables to include PPI to help customers compare products and shop around.

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  • It is the policy of the university that all official travel shall be properly authorized, reported, and reimbursed in accordance with university travel regulations. Under no circumstances shall travel expenses for personal travel be charged to, or temporarily funded by, the university. When a university employee travels under the sponsorship of a non-university entity, the travel expenses shall not be charged to a university account; travel advances and tickets should be obtained from the sponsor.

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  • More Amazing Travel Experiences 15 more stories from one world traveller hoping to provide little inspiration for your next travel adventure. by Ian Usher (Please Note: these stories are based on personal experience only, and do not constitute any form of advice. Please make your own decisions, and take responsibility for yourself. I take no responsibility for any travel “adventures” that may result from trying any similar activities.) All material in this book is adapted from the book “A Life Sold” by Ian Usher or from the website www.100goals 100weeks.

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  • What really matters? by Wan C. Mok Smashwords Edition copyright 2011-12 Wan C. Mok License Notes This e-book is licensed for your personal reading only. This e-book shall not be copied, modified or re-sold to other people. What really matters? I watched the waves at the beach and admired the timeless of nature. I felt relaxed and happy as I walked on the sand, appreciating the serenity which I really enjoy. What is the meaning of life? It is living life to the fullest, doing things which we like without hindrance to others but hopefully can benefit some around us!...

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  • In addition, if one medication does not work, people should be open to trying another. Research funded by NIMH has shown that those who did not get well ater taking a irst medication oten fared better ater they switched to a diferent medication or added another medication to their existing one. 25,26 For the latest information on medications used to treat depression, see the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Web site at http://www.fda.gov.

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  • Objective: Previous research suggests that engaging in mentally stimulating tasks may improve brain health and cognitive abilities. Using computer search engines to find information on the Internet has become a frequent daily activity of people at any age, including middleaged and older adults.

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  • The results of the IS audit are reported to the management of the organisation, the person responsible for IS audits, and the IT Security Officer (see section 4.9) and integrated into the ISMS process. A clearly defined procedure should be available for this purpose that is stated in a guideline for examining and improving the security process (see [BSI2]). Requirements for eliminating deficiencies and improving quality are the result of the evaluation of the IS audit report. The IT Security Officer derives the corresponding follow-up activities from these requirements.

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  • An additional impact of the CHBP experience has been to reflect on the structure of training of residents rotating through the child and adolescent psychiatry unit. With increased emphasis on a fixed duration in child and adolescent psychiatry along with focused learning and supervision sessions, it is expected that the quality of training will significantly improve in the long term.

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