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  • The Progress Microfinance investment by the EIB is part of EIB Group’s long term financing role seeking to increase value added and catalyse funds in support of small companies. Progress Microfinance illustrates the enhanced cooperation between the EU and the EIB Group through innovative risk sharing structures with subordinated capital from the European Union, allowing higher leverage on the Community budget and subsequently greater market impact and providing value added to a still emerging market through more effective and efficient use of scarce budgetary funds. ...

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  • The concept of fungibility of aid resources highlights the fact that donor funded projects can simply allow partner governments to re-direct their own financial resources to other purposes (assuming that govern- ments would have spent their own money on the project(s) even if the donor funding was not available). For example, donor funding of Euro 100m to the Health Sector of a particular country could allow the partner government to then use (or ‘divert’) Euro 100m of its own resources (which it otherwise would have had to allocate to Health) to fund other uses (e.g.

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  • The activities in this document aim to outline the various stages in the teaching of writing that a teacher needs to consider. No-one would advocate giving a learner an empty sheet of paper and a title and telling them to write a story or a report, except in an examination for which they had been fully prepared. The fear of that empty page is very real to many learners who have no idea how to begin the process and feel they are devoid of ideas and expertise; they can become demoralised, lose confidence and be put off writing for life unless they are explicitly taught strategies to cope....

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  • Thus, the study of mutual funds in emerging markets is overdue for those who need a fuller understanding of their investment conditions. In addition, this would allow an out-of- sample test to challenge existing asset pricing models and lead to the development of new empirical models. This study seeks to shed light on mutual fund investment in emerging markets and specifically focuses on three issues: performance, determinants of performance and the role of liquidity on performance and performance measure.

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  • Traditionally, large distribution networks were developed by the Life Insurance Corporation of India and the Unit Trust of India for their own products. The LIC model involved engaging deeply with distributors and agents, by educating and equipping them to sell. Agents were well-compensated and penetration was deep. In return, the agents worked exclusively with LIC and did not sell other products. Unlike this, the mutual fund distribution network evolved in an open architecture mode.

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  • If a proven process is not available, it will be necessary to develop a process for use on the project which conforms to the stage, step, task construct. Once this has been done, it is necessary to estimate the resources, both client and technical, required for the project. This should be expressed by resource type or role (e.g., Client Accounts Clerk, Systems Analyst, Analyst Programmer) rather than by individual. It should cover all personnel resources required, both full and part time.

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  • Upstream and downstream linkages contribute to ME’s innovativeness. However, most of the technological progress is based on the industry’s own R&D capabilities and its broad knowledge of process technologies. One of the outstanding examples in this respect has been the so-called Compact Strip Production (CSP). Developed by a European firm at the end of the 1980s, this technology enables steel works to invest in a capital and energy saving process. It has been based upon the integration of steps that have been carried out separately in former times.

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  • The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (“Dodd-Frank”), 1 which was signed into law on July 21, 2010, fundamentally changes a number of areas affecting private funds, including the regulation of swaps, a new restriction on the ability of banking entities to sponsor or invest in private funds (the “Volcker Rule”), and new reporting requirements for fund managers.

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  • Event performance characteristics provide a metric against which most enterprises can judge a SIEM system. The true value of a SIEM platform, however, will be in terms of Mean Time To Remediate (MTTR) or other metrics that can show the ability of rapid incident response to miti- gate risk and minimize operational and financial impact. In our second set of benchmarks for storage and analysis, we have addressed the ability of SIEM to react within a reasonable MTTR rate to incidents that require automatic or manual intervention....

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  • The essay portion of the test requires students to read a brief passage in which an argument is made or a position is taken. Students are asked to analyze and explain the ideas presented in the passage, and then take a position that they support by providing reasons and examples from their own experience, observations, or reading. Because the writing assignment requires students to analyze the passage’s ideas in developing their own position on the subject, it integrates the critical reading and expository writing skills that are essential to college-level work.

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  • Database systems are a key component behind many of today’s computer systems. As a consequence, it is crucial that database systems provide correct and contin- uous service despite unpredictable circumstances, such as software bugs or attacks. This paper presents the de- sign of Byzantium, a Byzantine fault-tolerant database replication middleware that provides snapshot isolation (SI) semantics. SI is very popular because it allows in- creased concurrency when compared to serializability, while providing similar behavior for typical workloads.

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  • An increase in the price of a supply-substitute reduces the supply of a good (by making the alternative good more attractive to suppliers), and similarly, a decrease in the price of a supply complement reduces the supply of a good. By making the by-product less valuable, the returns to investing in a good are reduced. Thus, an increase in the price of DVD-R discs (used for recording DVDs) discourages investment in the manufacture of CD-Rs, which are a substitute in supply, leading to a decrease in the supply of CD-Rs. This tends to increase the price of...

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  • π π A major publishing and training company uses social media for recruitment by posting interviews of employees on YouTube: “It gets a lot of attention and it is an easy, inexpensive way of getting the message out about the kind of company we are,” says the director of communications. The company also uses Twitter and Facebook for marketing and generating PR about new books and other products, and has launched internal blogs to keep employees connected to each other. π π A large U.S.

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  • Since its inception in 1997, DOE’s Carbon Sequestration Program – managed within FE and implemented by NETL – has been developing both core and supporting technologies through which CCS can become an effective and economically viable option for reducing CO2 emissions from coal-based power plants (NETL, 2007a).

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  • There has been ongoing concern that some regulations, rules, and government policies place a disproportionate burden on small businesses and entrepreneurs. For this reason, small businesses often receive special regulatory treatment, such as exemptions from legislation or extended deadlines for

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  • This work is required for households to function, and for children and elders to be cared for, but is not counted as economically valuable. 19 According to Statistics Canada, if Canadian womenís unpaid work were valued monetarily, it would be worth between $234 and $374 billion dollars per year. 20 The 2001 Canadian Census statistics on unpaid work of women and men ages 15 and over finds that 19% of women in Winnipeg do 30 hours or more of unpaid housework, compared to 7% of men; 17% do 30 hours or more unpaid childcare, compared to 8% of men;...

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  • Suppose that p is a statement that is logically true. What is its truth set? Now p is logically true if and only if it is true in every logically possible case, so that the truth set of p must be U. Similarly, if p is logically false, then it is false for every logically possible case, so that its truth set is the empty set ∅. Finally, let us consider the implication relation. Recall that p im- plies p if and only if the conditional p → q is logically true. But p → q is logically true if and only if its truth set is...

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  • Ongoing board orientation is needed in order to maintain the culture of trust. When the board is kept informed of an issue all along, it will more likely trust and respect the executive director’s recommendations or actions because it understands the background and rationale. Ongoing orientation, instead of an annual one-time event, is needed in order to maintain the culture of trust and respect. One board chair described annual orientation this way. “It’s like going away to church camp and getting saved. And then you come back to your old evil ways.

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  • The primary form of funding for both the Flemish and French-language public broadcasters is government appropriations that are established between the broadcaster and ruling government via a “management contract.” These contracts (created every five years) set forth funding levels for the length of the contract and tie that funding to a variety of performance criteria (D’Haenens et al. 2009). Objectives are established in four broad areas — services (e.g.

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  • To conserve spectrum in critical frequency bands, the Department may encourage appropriate radio systems to be developed in alternate frequency bands and the use of existing networks to their maximum capacity. Emphasis also will continue to be placed on efficient spectrum utilization and conservation techniques, if viable, as a requirement for existing and new services. Priority will be considered for technologies and systems which are more spectrum efficient.

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