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  • The book includes collection of theoretical papers dealing with the species problem, which is among most fundamental issues in biology.

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  • This book gives a comprehensive overview of HIV and AIDS including NeuroAIDS, as well as general concepts of pathology, immunity and immunopathology, diagnosis, treatment, epidemiology and etiology to current clinical recommendations in management of HIV/AIDS including NeuroAIDS, highlighting the ongoing issues, recent advances and future directions in diagnostic approaches and therapeutic strategies.

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  • This paper analyses the current situation in Vietnam before the ongoing social degeneration, giving explanations for the inadequate consequences, drawing some conclusions, and suggesting practical measures to deal with pressing issues, remedy problems in public opinion as well as take proper control over conflicts in order to ensure healthy development and social security in Vietnam.

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  • Water quality is one of the key factors affecting the environmental health of the Mekong river system. As the livelihoods of most of the 60 million people who live in the Lower Mekong Basin (LMB) wholly or partly depend on aquatic resources, the environmental health of the river is a major concern to the governments of the countries in the basin. In 1985, the Mekong River Commission (MRC) established the Water Quality Monitoring Network (WQMN) to provide an ongoing record of the water quality of the river, its major tributaries, and the Mekong Delta.

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  • As a result of the gloomy economic climate in Europe brought about by the ongoing crisis affecting all enterprises (particularly SMEs) in France, the French government has recently decided to create different poles of innovation and research associated to the activities of enterprises. The objective is to propose new ideas for helping these enterprises to be more efficient and able to resist the threat to their existence from globalisation. One of the difficulties of these enterprises is that they find it difficult to penetrate the European market and export their products.

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  • Thus, the study of mutual funds in emerging markets is overdue for those who need a fuller understanding of their investment conditions. In addition, this would allow an out-of- sample test to challenge existing asset pricing models and lead to the development of new empirical models. This study seeks to shed light on mutual fund investment in emerging markets and specifically focuses on three issues: performance, determinants of performance and the role of liquidity on performance and performance measure.

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  • We also noted that NOP officials need to address ongoing issues with California’s State Organic Program (SOP). The Act allows any State to apply to the Secretary to implement a program for regulating organic products produced and handled within that State. The State must have compliance, mediation, and appeal procedures that meet NOP regulations to become an SOP. When officials of the California Department of Food and Agriculture applied to have an approved SOP, they did not have the required compliance and enforcement procedures in place.

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  • To accurately estimate energy savings attributable to the ENERGY STAR program, and target future efforts, current data are needed on the extent to which each type of office equipment is turned off or successfully enters low power mode when idle. Combined with measurements of the energy used in each power state, we can estimate typical unit energy consumption (UEC), which, combined with number of units currently in use, provides an estimate of total energy use, and program savings (Webber, Brown et al. 2002). In our ongoing technical support of ...

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  • To inform the development of Ministers’ High Level Output Specification (HLOS), and to provide support to the wider industry and its supply chain going forward, ATOC has been working with partners to develop a high- level rolling stock strategy. This approach has been welcomed and supported in the recent Command Paper as an important mechanism to support the delivery of improved value for money throughout the rail sector.

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  • The guidance contains recommendations about the conduct of the audit committee’s relationship with the board, with the executive management and internal and external auditors. However, the most important features of this relationship cannot be put into a code of practice: a frank, open working relationship and a high level of mutual respect are essential, particularly between the audit committee chairman and the board chairman, the chief executive and the finance director.

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  • One ongoing issue in translational informatics is patient privacy and the security of data. An approach that has been pursued using semantic technologies is to encode data access rules and then check all data accesses against these policies [39]. For exam- ple,apolicycangiveahospitalbillingspecialist access to data about procedures per- formed at the hospital for the purpose of insurance billing. Then, when procedure data is requested, the requester would need to show that they were a billing specialist and provide the purpose for which they want to access the data.

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  • Funding is insufficient to have staff dedicated solely to investigation of communicable disease reports. Our communicable disease nurse also serves as the immunization coordinator, family planning coordinator, clinic supervisor, and assists with direct client services in the clinic. The other clinic nurse, who serves as back-up investigator, is also the family planning nurse and works half time in the Mental Health Department.

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  • Public health services in Hungary fall within the remit of the central government, in particular the Ministry of National Resources, which provides these services through the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service (NPHMOS). The NPHMOS is responsible for public health; social medicine and health administration; supervising health service delivery; monitoring and evaluating sanitary conditions, epidemiological issues and changes in the population’s health status; and for health promotion and prevention....

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  • Performance Measurement: Accelerating Improvement is the first in a new series of reports by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), representing the latest phase of the ongoing IOM effort on health care quality. This report introduces a framework and implementation strategy for translating public and professional concerns about performance and accountability into measures of health care quality.

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  • Preface Security has been a human concern since the dawn of time. With the rise of the digital society, information security has rapidly grown to an area of serious study and ongoing research. While much research has focused on the technical aspects of computer security, far less attention has been given to the management issues of information risk and the economic concerns facing firms and nations.

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  • hel78340_ch03.qxd 9/27/01 CHAPTER 3 MANAGING OPERATING FUNDS. We now turn to the key issues surrounding the flow of funds through a business, that is, how to properly manage, on an ongoing basis, cash inflows and funding requirements for day-to-day operations.

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  • Since 1904, ESAB has been a pioneer in the welding and cutting business. By continuously improving and developing our products and methods, we meet the challenges of technological advance in every sector we operate in. Our focus on quality issues has always been strong. Quality is an ongoing process that is at the heart of all our production processes and facilities worldwide. With world leadership comes worldwide applications experience and expertise.

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  • The 21st century promises no shortage of technological advances that will permit people to rethink how they used to go about tasks long a part of life, from doing laundry to desigining a typeface. Mark Batty Publisher proudly announces the first two titles in an ongoing series that will track, respond to and engage with the issues and possibilities of 21st century graphic design and typography, culling information from the sources that create,

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  • In  the  past,  environmental  goods  and  services were  seen  as  having  limited  economic  importance.  Now, environmental issues and activities pervade every aspect of our economic life and performance  and  are  subject  to  challenging  national  and  international  targets,  strict  monitoring  regimes  and  ongoing  discussion  and  debate  in  the  media.  As  understanding  of  environmental  challenges  has  grown, so too has appreciation of the size of the market and the associated business opportunities.

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  • Economic literature often discusses that in the area of access to finance for SMEs, a market imperfection/failure is not only present during a deep recession but also on an ongoing basis as a fundamental structural issue. The reasons for the market failure relate to insufficient supply of capital (debt or equity) and inadequacies on the demand side.

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