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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Elsevier's integrated review immunology and microbiology with student consult online access" presentation of content: Introduction to immunity and immune systems, cells and organs of the immune system, humoral immunity, innate immunity, adaptive immune response and hypersensitivity,...and other contents.

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  • Automatic sentiment classification has been extensively studied and applied in recent years. However, sentiment is expressed differently in different domains, and annotating corpora for every possible domain of interest is impractical. We investigate domain adaptation for sentiment classifiers, focusing on online reviews for different types of products.

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  • This paper presents a new load sharing control between paralleled three-phase inverters in an islanded-microgrid based on the line impedance estimation online by the use of the Kalman filter.

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  • The digital economy—defined by the changing characteristics of information, computing, and communications—is now the preeminent driver of economic growth and social change. With a better understanding of these fundamental transformations, we can make wiser decisions—whether we are investing in research, products, or services, or are adapting our laws and policies to the realities of a new age.

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  • The current control problems present natural trend of increasing its complexity due to performance criteria that is becoming more sophisticated. The necessity of practicers and engineers in dealing with complex dynamic systems has motivated the design of controllers, whose structures are based on multiobjective constraints, knowledge from expert, uncertainties, nonlinearities, parameters that vary with time, time delay conditions, multivariable systems, and others.

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  • Getting back to 2003, I was still a top producer in sales but simply wanted a change. I’d been selling for too long and had no desire at all to get into sales management. I’ve always had a strong entrepreneurial drive and decided to put my prospecting system in writing and have a try at selling it online. I sat at my computer from a Friday afternoon through Sunday evening with no sleep at all and put my system on paper. Over the next week I recorded two full-length audio CDs to go...

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  • In the Arab Region, digital migration is still in its very early years, but nevertheless is being driven by the high proportion of young demographic in many Arab countries. With 55% of the Arab Region population under the age of 252 , this segment is expected to drive the growth of digital media. Since international players have been experimenting with online content and business models for some time, the Arab Region now has the opportunity to learn from the mistakes and successes of the European, North American and Asian media markets to really drive growth....

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  • A relatively new development is the use of social media marketing. eMarketer estimates that social-media marketing will account for 10% or $2.9 billion, in online advertising spending. Social media marketing is a broad category of advertising spending, including advertising using social networks, virtual worlds, user-generated product reviews, blogger endorsements, RSS feeds of content and social news sites, podcasts, games, and consumer generated advertising.

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  • Seeking Innovative Ways to Eliminate the Pay Gap. The Department of Labor, in conjunction with the National Equal Pay Task Force, issued an “Equal Pay App Challenge.” This challenge invites software developers to use publicly available data and resources to create applications that accomplish at least one of the following goals: provide greater access to pay data broken down by gender, race, and ethnicity; provide interactive tools for early career coaching; help inform negotiations; and promote online mentoring.

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  • The 20 learning weeks are organized in distinct modules that each focus on a specific aspect and / or level of Business Engineering or underlying disciplines, respectively. Initially, the entire program was developed independently from other Executive MBA programs and comprised one four-week and 14 one-week modules. Since selected modules of the Executive MBA in Business Engineering are identical with modules of other Executive MBA programs, a program structure comprising ‘general’ and ‘spe- cific’ modules was adopted.

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  • Most of the development of online financial services has been reactive, doing the minimum amount of work to try and frustrate the attacks which are observed. It has also been quite piecemeal and uncoordinated. Almost all of the defences have a simple attacker model which only considers those attacks which their prospective target has experienced in the wild. Some of these systems manage to achieve their (fairly limited) goals, but many of them are only partially effective at best.

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  • We find that there is no uniformly superior technique as each carries risks in different areas. For instance IP address blocking carries a risk of over blocking, whilst URL blocking is limited in the scope of content it can block effectively. Over-blocking occurs where a block is imprecise, so legitimate content is blocked alongside infringing content. If blocking is to be implemented, we consider DNS blocking to be the technique which could be implemented with least delay.

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  • We present a joint model for Chinese word segmentation and new word detection. We present high dimensional new features, including word-based features and enriched edge (label-transition) features, for the joint modeling. As we know, training a word segmentation system on large-scale datasets is already costly.

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  • In this paper, Lagrange formula is employed with the purpose of modelling both the kinematics and dynamics of a nonholonomic wheeled mobile robot (WMR) subject to unknown wheel slips, model uncertainties such as unstructured unmodelled dynamic components, and unknown external disturbances such as unknown external forces. Afterwards, an adaptive tracking controller based on a radial basis function neural network (RBFNN) with an online weight tuning algorithm is proposed for tracking a predefined trajectory.

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  • This paper presents an online bearing damage identifying method named ASBDIM based on ANFIS (Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System), Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA) and sparse filtering. This is an online estimating process operated via two phases, offline and online one. In the offline period, by using SSA and sparse filtering, a database signed Off DaB is built whose inputs are features extracted from the measured data stream typed big data, while its outputs are values encoding the surveyed bearing damage statuses.

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  • This paper addresses the problem of blind separation of non stationary signals. We introduce an online separating algorithm for estimation of independent source signals using the assumption of non-stationarity of sources. As a separating model, we apply a self-organizing neural network with lateral connections, and define a contrast function based on correlation of the network outputs. A separating algorithm for adaptation of the network weights is derived using the state-space model of the network dynamics, and the extended Kalman filter.

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  • Tài liệu tiếng anh về kĩ thuật chụp ảnh đẹp. "Joe D Miles of ImageCapture is one of the photographers with Online Weddings and he uses digital cameras on assignment. He aims to capture spontaneous images that create an accurate portrayal of the wedding day. His approach is to be amicable, fi tting in with and adapting to the occasion."

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  • A Class of Normalised Algorithms for Online Training of Recurrent Neural Networks A normalised version of the real-time recurrent learning (RTRL) algorithm is introduced. This has been achieved via local linearisation of the RTRL around the current point in the state space of the network. Such an algorithm provides an adaptive learning rate normalised by the L2 norm of the gradient vector at the output neuron. The analysis is general and also covers simpler cases of feedforward networks and linear FIR filters...

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  • USING PHP TO MANAGE FILES Figure 7-1. PHP makes light work of creating a drop-down menu of images in a specific folder. When incorporated into an online form, the filename of the selected image appears in the $_POST array identified by the name attribute of the element—in this case, $_POST['pix']. That s all there is to it! You can compare your code with imagelist_02.php in the ch07 folder. PHP Solution 7-4: Creating a generic file selector The previous PHP solution relies on an understanding of regular expressions.

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  • Considering data on the database online questions and check for errors from the original paper copies are stored in HUAF and NIAH. Two. Travel to each selected farm (24 TTH, 30 in QT) - To audit the previous question and used to make any adaptations necessary - Take a digital picture and upload photos to online databases - Create a floor plan diagram and uploading inventory database online

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