Ontological commitment

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  • What struck me the most about Davidson when we became colleagues at Stanford in 1966 was the wide scope of his interests and abilities. He taught courses ranging from logic and decision theory to ethics, epistemology, philosophy of science, philosophy of language, history of philosophy (ancient, medieval, and modern), philosophy of music, and philosophy and literature. And he enjoyed it.

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  • Crowther (1993: 3) provides a criticism of accounts that attempt to detail the interaction between agent and environment. He maintains that any description of the ontological reciprocity of agent and context inevitably will be fragmentary and distorted, because pre-reflective reciprocity cannot be captured in words. However that may be, TSC sidesteps the problem by using DST to shed light on the reciprocity of agent and context.

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  • Abstract. A pair of ‘trust maps’ give a fine-grained view of an agent’s accumulated, time-discounted belief that the enactment of commitments by another agent will be in-line with what was promised, and that the observed agent will act in a way that respects the confidentiality of previously passed information. The structure of these maps is defined in terms of a categorisation of utterances and the ontology. Various summary measures are then applied to these maps to give a succinct view of trust....

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