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  • When I Œrst started using OpenBSD sometime in 1999, it certainly wasn't because I wanted to write a book about it. All I needed was a stable server for my home network, something I could conŒgure and forget about. I tried all obvious suspects: FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and four or Œve different Linux distributions, My choice was OpenBSD, because it installed without problems, was easy to conŒgure, and did not have the infuriating problems with NFS that plagued me on Linux at that time.

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  • You can find a wide variety of firewalls available on the market today. Some are open source, such as Linux's IPTables, OpenBSD's pf

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  • OpenBSD's stateful packet filter, PF, offers an amazing feature set and support across the major BSD platforms. Like most firewall software though, unlocking PF's full potential takes a good teacher. Peter N.M. Hansteen's PF website and conference tutorials have helped thousands of users build the networks they need using PF. The Book of PF is the product of Hansteen's knowledge and experience, teaching good practices as well as bare facts and software options.

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