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  • Exposed to wear and tear, film prints can get scratched during the course of the theatrical run. After each showing, the movie looks slightly worse than it did on opening night. With digital cinema, the movie looks just as good at the end of the theatrical run as it did at the beginning. Flexibility. Digital projectors can display not just films, but also a variety of alternate content including pre-show announcements and closed-circuit live HD entertainment such as concerts, sports and gaming. Versatility. Digital projection systems can support both 2D and 3D presentation.

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  • "A time will come in later years when the Ocean will unloose the bands of things, when the immeasurable earth will lie open, when seafarers will discover new countries, and Thule will no longer be the extreme point among the lands."--Seneca. Unseen and untrodden under their spotless mantle of ice the rigid polar regions slept the profound sleep of death from the earliest dawn of time. Wrapped in his white shroud, the mighty giant stretched his clammy ice-limbs abroad, and dreamed his age-long dreams. Ages passed--deep was the silence....

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  • Yes, I know,” he said. I cringed, waiting for the onslaught of five years of Arthur’s pent-up anger that was sure to follow. In-stead, what I got was a compliment on my performance as NellieLovett in Sweeney Todd. WHAT

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  • Specially for Daniel Funkner Jaws Introduction The boy stopped, and the shark swam below him. Then it turned again. The shark swam up fast. Its mouth opened... Amity is a quiet town near New York. Nothing happens there. One night a young woman goes for a swim in the sea. She doesn't come back. The next morning the police find her dead on the beach. Brody is a good policeman, and he thinks there's a shark near Amity. Young Matt Hooper says it's a Great White shark - the fish they call the 'man-eater'. Brody tries to close the...

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  • Love in your eyes Sitting silent by my side Going on Holding hand Walking through the nights Hold me up Hold me tight Lift me up to touch the sky Teaching me to love with heart Helping me open my mind I can fly I'm

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  • At first she thought she was dreaming. A hotel, here, in the middle of nowhere? Impossible. She closed her eyes and opened them again. Yes, it was true. There it was. A small sign shining in the night

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  • Introduction The boy stopped, and the shark swam below him. Then it turned again. The shark swam up fast. Its mouth opened... Amity is a quiet town near New York. Nothing happens there. One night a young woman goes for a swim in the sea. She doesn't come back. The next morning the police find her dead on the beach. Brody is a good policeman, and he thinks there's a shark near Amity. Young Matt Hooper says it's a Great White shark - the fish they call the 'man-eater'. Brody tries to close the beaches, but the important people in...

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  • Imagine. It’s 6:25 p.m. and you’ve just wrapped up a meeting. You still have several items on your “must-do” list before you can call it a night and a 25-minute commute that used to take as long as 90 minutes in the bad old days of rush-hour traffic. But no worries today. You flick open an app on your phone and request a pick-up at the office; a text confirmation comes back and a few minutes later a car pulls up. “Home,” you say, as you launch a call to your client in Shanghai. The car slips easily into the...

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  • For over three months No. 3 Squadron had been occupied daily in ranging the heavy guns which night after night crept into their allotted positions in front of Albert. On July 1st 1916 the Somme offensive opened with gas and smoke and a bombardment of unprecedented severity. To the pilots and observers in an artillery squadron the beginning of this battle brought a certain relief, for we were rather tired of flying up and down, being shot at continually by fairly accurate and remarkably well hidden anti-aircraft batteries, while we registered endless guns on uninteresting points.

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  • Before a judging event, you should take steps to mentally and physically prepare yourself. Thoroughly familiarize yourself with the style(s) that you will judge if you know what those styles are ahead of time. Sample a few commercial examples and review the style guidelines and brewing procedures for those styles. Also, come to the event prepared to judge. Bring a mechanical pencil, a bottle opener, a flashlight, and any references that you might need to evaluate the beers. Also, make sure to come to the event in the right frame of mind.

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  • I REMEMBER FEELING LIKE SOMEBODY HAD HIT ME over the head with a blunt object. My mouth was wide open. I was stunned into silence. It was the night before the Fiesta Bowl, January 2, 987. Hours before we went out to break heads in the game for the national championship, Penn State’s players and coaches broke bread with Miami’s players and coaches at a barbeque given by bowl organizers. College football, after all, is about sportsmanship. Or so we thought.

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  • 30. This .................. for his behavior. a. amounts b. accounts c. arrives d. approaches b 31. My nephew was.............. because he worked poorly. a. conspired b. expelled c. interfered d. extradited b 32. I heard someone .................. the window. a. opened b. opens c. opening d. to open c 33. .................. she came into home last night is still a mystery to us. a. How b. Although c. While d. Since a 34. The woman was accused .................. stealing the bag. a. with b. to c. about d. of d 35. John will be watching his sister anxiously .............. she...

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  • Jähn et al. Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research 2010, 5:32 TECHNICAL NOTE Technical Note Open Access A rapid method for the generation of uniform acellular bone explants: a technical note Katharina Jähn1,2, Volker Braunstein3, Pamela I Furlong1, Angharad E Simpson1, R Geoff Richards1,2 and Martin J Stoddart*1 Abstract Background: Bone graft studies lack standardized controls. We aim to present a quick and reliable method for the intra-operative generation of acellular bone explants.

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  • "Wake up, boys! Wake up! Tumble out, there! Quick! Big Reuben's into the pig-pen again!" Our bedroom door was banged wide open, and my father stood before us--a startling apparition--dressed only in his night-shirt and a pair of boots, carrying a stable-lantern in one hand and a rifle in the other. "What is it?" cried Joe, as he bounced out of bed; and, "Where is it?" cried I, both of us half dazed by the sudden awakening. "It's Big Reuben raiding the pig-pen again! Can't you hear 'em squealing? Come on at once! Bring the eight-bore, Joe; and you, Phil, get the torch and the revolver....

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  • The three-quarter moon, hanging low in the night sky, turned even tamed and placid farmland into a mysterious landscape of silver light and shadows. Each blade of grass, toasted golden brown by two months of summer heat, had a thin black replica stretching out behind it. The bushes along the fence bottom, highways for those too timid to brave the open fields, rustled once and then were silent as some nocturnal creature went about its business.

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  • On September 9, 1990, Bruce Graham, a playwright, watched from home as his Philadelphia Eagles opened the season against the New York Giants. Watching with him that Sunday night was his high school drama teacher, Sandy Stefanowicz, who wore her special helmet earrings. She was the only woman Bruce allowed in his Eagles viewing circle. He was afraid, Sandy said, that someone might talk about fabric or shopping. Sandy sat in a rocking chair holding Bruce’s daughter Kendall, who was eight days old.

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  • Many animals respond to a hot environment by resorting to an increased respiration rate and in some cases to open-mouth panting. Respiration rates in the camel increase very little with increase in ambient heat load and the respiratory route, probably, is a very minor source of water loss. In addition, camels are able to exhale unsaturated air under some conditions. The combination of cooling and desaturation can result in saving 60% of the water that would be present in fully saturated air exhaled at body temperature.

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  • My passion started at school where the languages I was taught – French, English, and Latin – had long lasting consequences on my life. At 17, I met a brilliant and attractive French teenager who is now my wife; English would prove useful for reading and writing in medicine; and Latin opened my eyes to the world of words. One week before my 13th birthday, I used my new Christmas voice-recorder to register word lists from our school manual: rosa – die Rose; insula – die Insel; bestia – das Tier.

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  • We were both of us not a little stiff as the result of sleeping out in the open all that night, for even in Grand Canary the dew-fall and the comparative chill of darkness are not to be trifled with. For myself on these occasions I like a bit of a run as an early refresher. But here on this rough ground in the middle of the island there were not three yards of level to be found, and so as Coppinger proceeded to go through some sort of dumb-bell exercises with a couple of lumps of bristly lava, I followed his example. Coppinger has done a...

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  • Ronnie couldn't remember the exact month he started having his nightmares only that it was after the killing began and before his Dad had gone to war. Nights blurred into days, days into nights and sleep deprivation had muddled his find. Fuddled his mind. Damn, he couldn't think straight anymore. He lay down in his bed, staring at the ceiling, like a corpse with its eyes wide open. He wondered if this was how Clifford Montgomery had looked underneath the lid at his funeral service. His mother had told him not to go but he had snuck in anyway,...

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