Optimal tracking controller

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  • The paper introduces an algorithm to design a feedback controller, which guarantees the tracking of time varying bilinear system outputs for desired values in the presence of input constraint. The proposed controller employs the ideas of receding horizon principle and constrained optimal control.

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  • Bài báo giới thiệu một phương pháp đơn giản để điều khiển cho một rôbôt 2 chân 10 bậc tự do với một dáng đi ổn định và giống người sử dụng một cấu hình phần cứng đơn giản. Rôbôt 2 chân được mô hình như một con lắc ngược 3 chiều. Dáng đi của rôbôt được tạo bởi hệ thống điều khiển bám điểm mômen không (ZMP) của rôbôt 2 chân theo quỹ đạo là đường zigzac theo lòng bàn chân của rôbôt.

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  • This paper addresses an optimal cooperative tracking control method with disturbance rejection in the presence of no knowledge of internal dynamics for multi-nonholonomic mobile robot (NMR) systems. Unlike most existing methods, our method integrates kinematic and dynamic controllers into one using adaptive dynamic programming techniques based on the concept of differential game theory and neural networks, and is therefore entirely optimal.

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  • The paper proposes a nonlinear control method, which can be applied to output tracking control a wide range of various perturbed nonlinear objects. This output feedback controller is established based on piecewise quadratic optimizing subjected to input constraints for state feedback control and then combined with an appropriate EKF or UKF for system state observation.

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  • Receding horizon control is a common control concept dealing with control approaches, where their parameters are updated frequently along the time axis by using process informations in the past. Various methods of receding horizon control have been proposed, under which also optimization based receding horizon control methods, that is often known as model predictive control (MPC).

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  • In this paper, the target-tracking problem of a 3-axis camera gimbal mounted on a flying vehicle is considered. In order to keep the camera’s line of sight continuously pointing to a moving target, an optimal controller using LQR control techniques is applied. The motion equations of the gimbal system are derived by the Lagrangian approach considering the vehicle motion.

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  • This paper introduces an optimal autopilot design technique based on the constrained optimization. The tracking performance is formed analytically as the design objective. The open-loop crossover frequency and the maximum demand of the actuator fin-deflection rate are introduced as analytical inequality constraints.

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  • In this paper, output tracking properties of an optimal receding horizon control algorithm for a thick slab heating furnace are verified in a closely real environment. This control algorithm was already developed by the authors earlier. The verification is carried out using Simscape libraries to model and simulate the thermal transmission inside a thick slab in a heating furnace.

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