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  • Just as the share ownership structure delineates a firm’s agency problem, it also impacts the firm’s reporting. When an owner effectively controls a firm, he/she also controls the production of the firm’s accounting information and reporting policies. When the controlling owner is entrenched by his/her voting power and there is a large separation of the voting and cash flow rights, the credibility of the accounting information is reduced.

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  • The Indian financial system is changing fast, marked by strong economic growth, more robust markets, and considerably greater efficiency. But to add to its world-class equity markets, and growing banking sector, the country needs to improve its bond markets. While the government and corporate bond markets have grown in size, they remain illiquid. The corporate market, in addition, restricts participants and is largely arbitrage-driven. To meet the needs of its firms and investors, the bond market must therefore evolve.

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  • Seeking for feedback is vital for learning and putting together a good article. This is one of the main reasons why it is recommended for researchers to cooperate closely. This cooperation can mean either writing together, or commenting on the text written by others. From the perspective of effectiveness, it is important to ask for feedback on small increments and as frequently as possible. This way the feedback is more precise and easier to utilise. You should start seeking for comments already at the stage when you only have an initial idea for an article. This can be done,...

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  • We have mainly regarded elderly people’s use of information technology in their daily lives as ICT training of elderly people. We have also discussed the possibilities and limitations that technology raises for information, activity and for better contact with others. The use of ICT in nursing and care of elderly people mainly implies in this connection the use of smart-home technology in houses for old people and people with dementia. This technology involves the use of integrated ICT components.

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  • It is recommended not to fix the extractor directly to the projector since the vibrations created by the rotation of the ventilation system might disturb the micro-mirrors*. It is therefore better to move it further away in the pipe system. Although being moved, the extractor has to remain accessible to ensure its maintenance (cleaning, replacement in case of failure). Please be careful not to circulate air from one lamphouse to another. You might have to equip...

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  • This is why, in the State of the Union address, President Barroso called for new thinking for Europe – to draw the consequences of the challenges we are now facing and that are fundamentally changing our world. There can be no growth without reform and no way of confronting our challenges unless we do it together. The State of the Union speech launched ambitious ideas for the long term framing of the EU – a deep and genuine economic union, based on a political union.

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  • A literature review and web search were undertaken for all studied aspects of forest goods and services – their classification, characterisation, importance, trends, valuation, and the financing mechanisms for their provision. Concerning the classification and characterisation of non-market forest goods and services, various studies on terminology, classification and taxonomy of forest goods and services, as well as on the user groups, ownership structure and public access in the EU, were reviewed. The reviewed studies were mainly focusing on the EU scale (e.g.

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  • Even if an entity otherwise holds a “substantial position” in swaps, it would not qualify as a major swap participant if those positions are held for “hedging or mitigating commercial risk,” among other exceptions. 20 However, the proposed defi nition of “hedging or mitigat- ing commercial risk” would exclude swap positions held for speculative purposes. 21 As most private funds would presumably be deemed to be holding their swap positions for speculative purposes, that exclusion is unlikely to apply to them.

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  • Alump sum price may be called for, or a series of lump sums. This is best suited to easily defined, relatively simple constructions, involving little below-ground work. However, some quite large above-ground constructions are paid for by lump sum. Sometimes a separate section of the bill for pricing allows for the foundation work of a building to be paid for ‘on measure’. In some kinds of civil engineering work the lump sum payment method can pose serious risks upon a contractor, causing him to add a substantial sum to his tender.

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  • Alternatively, a DBMS client can submit DBMS commands that reference SQL stored procedures. These stored procedures translate the request into commands that the SAS servers that are running on the DBMS head node execute. Again, when these SAS jobs reference SAS formats, scoring models, or procedures that run inside the DBMS, they execute on the DBMS data nodes. The capability for SAS servers to run inside the DBMS results in a very powerful and flexible environment. SAS solutions are built on top of these servers.

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  • Malware-type clickbots infect machines in order to achieve IP diversity, and their traffic may or may not be as easily iden- tifiable as that generated by for-sale clickbots. Clickbot.A is a malware-type clickbot, and is identified as a trojan by some anti-virus packages. The result of a VirusTOTAL scan, which runs various anti-virus scanners, on the Clickbot.A binary pro- duced the results shown in Table 1 in the Appendix, as noted by SANS handler Swa Frantzen [2]. Many of the popular virus scanners includingMcAfee, Sophos, and Symantec did not detect that Clickbot.

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  • This situation comes from our earliest history and continues to the present day. From a short history of mathematics education in this country by Alan Tucker we have the following remarks: “The country’s first colleges, created to train ministers, taught no mathematics or science. There was no training for teachers and theirs was one of the lowest ranked professions in early America. “Some founding fathers argued that a voting citizenry needed a deeper education. For example, George Washington wrote, ‘The science of figures. . .

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  • The above table provides an overview of the number of deposit accounts held by deposit-taking finan- cial institutions in selected African countries. The data reveals that particularly savings banks (postal financial services) and microfinance institutions in Subsaharan Africa add significantly to the supply of banking accounts by conventional banks. In addition as Koigi, Kihwele and Wright, noted (p.

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  • It was the English poet W. H Auden who said many have lived without love, none without water: A sentiment that underlines the half way point of the new decade for action under the simple but poignant theme ‘Water is Life’. The challenge of water in the 21st century is one of both quantity and quality. This publication is about the quality dimension of that equation, highlighting the links between clean water and public health and the health of the wider environment. The fact is that, often as a result of mismanagement, much of the water that is available in developing but...

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  • LSI’s CAM content is based upon the unique and proprietary Alternative Health Grid Matrix Technology. The uniqueness of this matrix is the horizontal human anatomy; each organ is virtually integrated horizontally from one single button to each of the 15 alternative healing modalities. In addition, each modality is supported by references from leading medical literature, not eastern philosophy. LSI has taken the above system and then using the body-organ to disease-organ architecture, has created a duplicable, repeatable engine for every other modality.

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  • Social media has not provided a big payoff yet, but small businesses that use it remain optimistic it will in the next 12 months. More than half (57 percent) believe they will make a profit from social media in the next 12 months; this optimism is slightly higher (though not significantly so) than six months ago when it was 45 percent. Portable devices help small businesses participate in social media. A third of owners who use social media (34 percent) use a portable device to participate in social media activities for their business. This is similar...

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  • The move to the Piers also allows us to expand our entry to more than 2,700 dogs, the largest entry in 15 years. This makes the show more competitive – as if it wasn’t enough so already – and makes it more fun for more exhibitors and for the spectators, too. We have also added competition in the classes for the opportunity to win points towards an AKC conformation championship; the chance to win Grand Championship points for Select Dog and Select Bitch; and the addition of the Reserve Best In Show award. So again, welcome to Westminster 2013. There are...

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  • The first-half decline was led by falling local and national revenues, down 6% to $6.98 billion and 11% to $1.4 billion, respectively. These figures are in line with recent survey results showing advertisers are cutting back on spending during the economic slowdown; traditional media like newspapers, radio, and magazines are taking some of the biggest hits. Continuing another trend, radio stations in smaller markets performed much better than counterparts in midsized and larger markets, according to Jim Boyle, a radio analyst with CL King and Associates.

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  • If more than one person purchases this insurance, each is a joint policyholder . Each joint policyholder gives authority to each other joint policyholder to make any changes to this policy including cancelling this policy or removing a joint policyholder. Just Car may agree to any change without notice to any person other than the joint policyholder requesting the change. Evidence of ownership When you make a claim, we may ask you to provide evidence of ownership and value of property.

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  • Despite evidence to the contrary, chemical industry critics of epidemiologic studies linking pesticides to major diseases argue that they are of limited value because of their reliance on records and study participants’ memory, among other issues. In fact, the correlation of patterns of chemical use with an effect is difficult to establish in epidemiology and therefore may underestimate hazard effects. When a correlation is established it raises serious concern.

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