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  • In a world where ownership is divorced from control, characterised by economic and geo-political uncertainty, our companion text Portfolio Theory and Financial Analyses (PTFA henceforth) began with the following question. We then observed that if investors are rational and capital markets are efficient with a large number of constituents,economic variables (such as share prices and returns) should be random, which simplifies matters.

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  • Once a company issues shares (common stock) and receives the proceeds, it has no direct involvement with their subsequent transactions on the capital market, or the price at which they are traded. These are matters for negotiation between existing shareholders and prospective investors, based on their own financial agenda.

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  • Currently, resource allocation to applications in state- of-the-art platforms occurs through different perfor- mance optimization loops, run independently at dif- ferent levels of the software stack, such as, at the database server, operating system and storage server, in the consolidated storage environment shown in Figure 1. Each local controller typically optimizes its own local goals, e.g., hit-ratio, disk throughput, etc., oblivious to application-level goals.

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  • The TrueNet® Fiber Connectivity portfolio is a diverse family of products designed to operate at optimum performance with each other. This solution is supported by the most comprehensive and thorough warranty in the industry: the TrueNet Zero Bit-Error Warranty. The warranty guarantees that the structured cabling system will remain error free for a full 5 years and includes a 20-year optical performance and free of defect warranty.

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