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  • Organic farming is an alternative agricultural system it is a useful farming system for the improvement of soil health and microbial properties. The experiments were conducted during 2016-17 in vertisols under the organic and inorganic farming system at farmer’s field of Indore and Ujjain District.

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  • There is currently no independent authoritative statement on the nature and importance of differences in content of nutrients and other nutritionally relevant substances (nutrients and other substances) in organically and conventionally produced foodstuffs. This systematic review of the available published literature was designed to seek to determine the size and relevance to health of any differences in content of nutrients and other substances in organically and conventionally produced crops and livestock products.

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  • The systematic review search process identified 162 relevant articles published, with an English abstract, in peer-reviewed journals since 1st January 1958 until 29th February 2008. A total of 3558 comparisons of content of nutrients and other substances in organically and conventionally produced foodstuffs were extracted for analysis.

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  • Many recent studies from around the world have compared organic and conventional farming systems in terms of soil properties. Microbial biomass and enzyme activity were compared in vineyard soils managed by organic and conventional practices under Mediterranean conditions during the growing.

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  • The present study was conducted to assess the effect of organic and conventional management practices on micronutrient content in different textured soils of Haryana. Fifty surface (0-15 cm) soil samples were collected from different villages located at 11 districts of Haryana. The texture of soil varied from sand to clay loam.

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  • Mycoflora population from soil of organic and conventional fields was investigated at different plots. The fungi were isolated by using soil dilution method. Total of six genera were obtained from 10 soil samples. On the basis of cultural and microscopic characteristics, the isolated strains were identified as Aspergillus sp. Penicillium sp., Alternaria sp., Fusarium sp., Cladosporium sp. and Gliocladium sp. Aspergillus species showed the highest percentage among the six genera.

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  • The experiment was conducted to assess Microbial biomass carbon and Nitrogen on 84 days organic and conventional incubated soils in Nadia district of West Bengal. Soil microbial biomass carbon & nitrogen is determined by Chloroform Fumigation Extraction method (FE) followed by Kjeldal Digestion method. The results depicted that, microbial biomass carbon and nitrogen was more in organic soil of Phulia and Gayeshpur district rather than conventional method.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về bệnh học thý y được đăng trên tạp chí Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica cung cấp cho các bạn kiến thức về bệnh thú y đề tài: Resistance to penicillin of Staphylococcus aureus isolates from cows with high somatic cell counts in organic and conventional dairy herds in Denmark...

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  • This Investigation was undertaken in the wetlands farm of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore during Thaladi season to study the ecology of birds and insects in inorganic and organic rice ecosystem, with special reference to the species abundance, diversity, richness, evenness and similarity indices. This study revealed that organic cultivation supports bird diversity and beneficial insects. However, the bird menace during maturity stage is an issue to be managed in an ecofriendly way.

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  • Soil health indicators such as soil physico-chemical properties, total bacterial count, microbial enzyme activities were monitored at different crop growth stages (such as before ploughing, after transplantation (0 DAT), max tillering (45 DAT), flowering (60 DAT) and maturity (90 DAT) of rice variety Pusa Basmati 1. The treatment comprises green manure Sesbania rostrata and inorganic fertilizers for organic and conventional respectively. Moreover, field was cultivated with rice variety Pusa Basmati I.

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  • Traffic moves slowly in Kathmandu’s ancient and narrow city streets and distances travelled are relatively short. Currently, there are 3,500 three-wheeled vehicles, tempos, clogging Kathmandu’s streets. These three-wheelers are the most common form of public transportation in the Kathmandu Valley. They account for 25 percent of all vehicular traffic in the city and contribute over 60 percent of vehicular emissions.

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  • No evidence of a difference in content of nutrients and other substances between organically and conventionally produced crops and livestock products was detected for the majority of nutrients assessed in this review suggesting that organically and conventionally produced crops and livestock products are broadly comparable in their nutrient content.

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  • The overlap between regulations on germ-line genetic intervention and reproductive cloning is refl ected in Opinion 54 of The French National Consultative Ethics Committee in 199717 where it cited Art.16-4 of the civil code, which prohibits genetic modifi cation of descendants as an implicit ban on reproductive cloning. Another example is the Law on Healthcare in Georgia18 , which states ‘Human cloning through the use of genetic engineering methods shall be prohibited’.

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  • Currently there is uncertainty about the degree of difference in nutrient composition between conventionally and organically produced foodstuffs. Organic foodstuffs are those that are produced according to specified standards which, among other things, control the use of chemicals and medicines in crop and animal production, and emphasise protection of the environment. Recently published non-systematic reviews comparing nutrient composition of organically and conventionally produced foods have come to contrasting conclusions.

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  • The list of pharmaceutical products in the Pharmaceutical Appendix (Appendix) to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTS) has grown substantially since 1995. As a result of the first update, 496 items were added to the Appendix. The second update introduced an additional 642 items. The third update added 1,298 items. The current update includes 381 drugs identified by their international nonproprietary names (INNs), 17 prefixes and suffixes to identify derivatives of the INNs, and 354 chemical intermediates.

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  • of flat metal planes, theoretically capable of indefinite projection. Linear striations on the surface of the planes allow for the enjoyment of both spatial and temporal experiences simultaneously, while suggesting the possibility of infinite continuity. The Putnam Collection Pevsner, with its handsome black granite pedestal designed by the sculptor, serves additionally as a memorial to the Danish scientist and humanist Niels Bohr (1885-1962), who had longstanding personal and professional ties with colleagues in the Department of Physics at Princeton.

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  • The only impact evaluations the IDB has are beneficiary evaluations; that is, the IDB asks the beneficiaries in the communities how they evalu- ate what they received: Was it working correctly? Did they like it? Was the choice an adequate one? Was the project sustainable? The IDB study summarized about 800 project visits in various countries in which this sort of beneficiary evaluation was done, and in general, the beneficiary evaluations are quite positive. School projects have the highest evalua- tions even if a few schools that were built are not operating.

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  • Analysis was conducted on nutrients or nutrient groups for which numeric data were provided in at least 10 of the 137 crop studies identified by the review. In analysis including all studies (independent of quality), no evidence of a difference in content was detected between organically and conventionally produced crops for the following nutrients and other substances: vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, total soluble solids, titratable acidity, copper, iron, nitrates, manganese, ash, specific proteins, sodium, plant non-digestible carbohydrates, β-carotene and sulphur.

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  • In the modified gambling task, subjects selected cards from one of two decks to earn cash. The cards were pre-organized so that one deck (A) had an overall loss of $2.50 every ten cards and the other deck (B) had an overall gain of $2.50 every ten cards. All the cards in deck A gave a $1.00 on every turn but were occasionally accompanied with losses, $7.50 for example (for a net loss of $6.50). The other deck B gave a smaller gain for each card, +$0.50 but had smaller occasional losses. Subjects did not know the composition...

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  • We used t-tests with robust standard errors (to account for clustering caused by multiple nutrient comparisons within studies) to test the null hypothesis of no evidence of a difference between organically and conventionally produced food in content of nutrients and other substances. P-values were calculated to determine the significance of observed differences; p-values of less than 0.05 were used as a basis for evidence of significant differences between organically and conventionally produced foodstuffs.

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