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  • Organic farming is a modern way of agriculture management, not using any chemical treatments which have negative effects on the environment, human health or animal health. It produces organic foodstuffs, and at the same time enhances the living conditions of animals. It contributes to environmental protection and helps biodiversity to increase. Organic farming does not mean going ‘back’ to traditional (old) methods of farming. Many of the farming methods used in the past are still useful today.

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  • This paper presents a method to develop a class of variable memory Markov models that have higher memory capacity than traditional (uniform memory) Markov models. The structure of the variable memory models is induced from a manually annotated corpus through a decision tree learning algorithm. A series of comparative experiments show the resulting models outperform uniform memory Markov models in a part-of-speech tagging task.

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  • There can be little doubt that organized disaster behaviors are an inherent trait among people throughout the world and throughout history. In the past, organized disaster behaviors were primarily in reaction to life-threatening events arising in the natural environment. These reactions reflected our adaptive ability in an often chaotic natural world to initiate organized social survival skills. They have stood us in good stead for millennia. Today, we face disasters of our own making.

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  • Synthetic organic selenium compounds such as 2-phenyl-1,2-benziso-selenazol-3(2H)-one may show glutathione peroxidase-like antioxidant activity. Recently, we synthesized new organic selenium compounds that are thought to be effective antioxidants.

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  • A comprehensive study of the hydration mechanism of an enzyme in non-aqueous media was done using molecular dynamics simulations in five organic solvents with different polarities, namely, hexane, 3-pentanone, diisopropyl ether, ethanol, and acetonitrile.

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  • The occurrence of DNA double-strand breaks in the nucleus provokes in its structural organization a large-scale alteration whose molecular basis is still mostly unclear. Here, we show that double-strand breaks trigger pref-erential assembly of nucleoproteins in human cellular fractions and that they mediate the separation of large protein–DNA aggregates from aque-ous solution.

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  • Activation of the superoxide-producing NADPH oxidase Nox1 requires both the organizer protein Noxo1 and the activator protein Noxa1. Here we describe an alternative splicing form of Noxo1, Noxo1c, which is expressed in the testis and fetal brain.

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  • Enzyme catalysis in low water containing organic solvents is finding an increasing number of applications in diverse areas.This review focuses on some aspects which have not been reviewed elsewhere.Different strategies for obtaining higher activity and stability in such media are described.In this context, the damaging role of lyophilization and the means of overcoming such effects are discussed.Ultrasoni-cation and microwave assistance are two emerging approa-ches for enhancing reaction rates in low water media.

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  • The ability of yeasts to grow in the presence of weak organic acid preservatives is an important cause of food spoilage. Many of the determinants of acetate resistance inSac-charomyces cerevisiae differ from the determinants of resistance to the more lipophilic sorbate and benzoate. Interestingly,we show in this study that hypersensitivity to both acetate and sorbate results when the cells have auxo-trophic requirements for aromatic amino acids.

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  • Prolamellar bodies (PLB) contain two photochemically active forms of the enzyme protochlorophyllide oxidoreductase POR-PChlide640 and POR-PChlide650 (the spectral forms of POR-Chlide complexes with absorption maxima at the indicated wavelengths). Resuspension of maize PLB in media with a pH below 6.8 leads to a rapid conversion of POR-PChlide650 to POR-PChlide640 and a dramatic re-organization of the PLB membrane system. In the absence of excess NADPH, the absorption maximum of the POR complex undergoes a further shift to about 635 nm....

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  • The organization of Arabidopsis thaliana photosystem II (PSII) and its associated light-harvesting antenna (LHCII) was studied in isolated PSII–LHCII supercomplexes and native membrane-bound crystals by transmission electron microscopy and image analysis. Over 4000 single-particle projections of PSII– LHCII supercomplexes were analyzed. In comparison to spinach supercomplexes [Boekema, E.J., van Roon, H., van Breemen, J.F.L. & Dekker, J.P. (1999) Eur. J. Biochem.

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  • Chapter 10 discusses basic principles of organizing and describes both traditional and contemporary organizational structures in detail. The chapter includes a discussion of organic versus mechanistic structures and when each is more effective. Chapter 10 also provides a description of the virtual network organization form.

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  • Life grows almost everywhere on earth, including in extreme environments and under harsh conditions. Organisms adapted to high temperatures are called thermophiles (growth temperature 45–75C) and hyperthermophiles (growth temperature ‡80C). Proteins from such organisms usually show extreme thermal stability, despite having folded structures very similar to their mesostable counterparts.

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  • Protamine-like proteins constitute a group of sperm nuclear basic proteins that have been shown to be related to somatic linker histones (histone H1 family). Like protamines, they usually replace the chromatin somatic his-tone complement during spermiogenesis; hence their name. Several of these proteins have been characterized to date in invertebrate organisms, but information about their occurrence and characterization in vertebrates is still lacking.

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  • Nacre organic matrix has been conventionally classified as both water-soluble and water-insoluble,basedonits solubility in aqueous solutions after decalcificationwith acid or EDTA. Some characteristics (aspartic acid-rich, silk-fibroin-like content) were specifically attributed to either one or the other. The comparative study on the technique of extraction (extraction with water alone vs. demineralization with EDTA) presented here, seems to reveal that this gen-erally accepted classification may need to be reconsidered....

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  • This studywas designed to yield data on the supramolecular organization of the phycobilisome apparatus from Synechocystis, and the possible effects of environmental stress on this arrangement. Phycobilisomes were dissociated ina low ionic strength solutionandaquantitative estimation of the protein components present in each subcomplex was obtained using liquid chromatography coupled on-line with a mass spectrometer equipped with an electrospray ion source (ESI-MS).

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  • What is organizing as a management function? What are the traditional organization structures? What are the newer types of organization structures? How are organizational designs changing the workplace?

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  • This book gives you a proven method to help ensure your company’s success. Organizations fail to accomplish their goals for one simple reason: The management story being told is incomplete, inaccurate, and incongruent. This book cuts past the traditional problems of planning and provides management with a documented method of building a simplified business plan that works. You’ll learn how to tell a story that is inclusive of employees and empowers them to participate in the company success....

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  • This book stems from the author’s experience with a variety of problems on the fate, distribution, and toxicity of organic compounds in the aquatic environment. It became increasingly clear that the procedures for investigating these problems crossed the traditional boundaries of organic and analytical chemistry, microbiology, and biology, and after many years this resulted in the idea of selecting the relevant aspects of these and writing the present book

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  • In a slow economy, companies no longer have the luxury of business as usual. Organizations must try to prevent quality issues, quickly identify and solve problems if they do occur, and drive down costs by increasing efficiencies. Six Sigma has proven its value in all these areas, and it is already in use at many large manufacturing companies.

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