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  • WHO’S INFLUENCING WHOM? A STUDY OF THE INFLUENCE OF THE CEO AND THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS ON ORGANIZATIONAL STRATEGY The more importance that parents attach to school effectiveness, the more likely we are to observe equilibria in which wealthy students attend more effective schools than do lower-income students. Moreover, if parental concern for peer group is not too large, the model predicts that this equilibrium effectiveness sorting will tend to be more complete in high-choice markets, those with many small school districts, than in markets with more centralized governance....

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  • This study refers to influence strategies that a participant in a buying center may use to influence others, thereby, affecting the purchasing decision outcomes and their effectiveness. This study mainly uses a qualitative method to validate its hypothesis. In addition, although this study examines the organizational buying of the online marketing services, its findings will provide an insight into the influencing of purchasing decision outcomes for both professional services and general purchasing decisions.

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  • Community health centers in partnership with skilled nursing facilities build on an existing continuum of care and create caring and competent communities. Partnerships with skilled nursing facilities can be financially rewarding, improve organizational reputations, and enhance the overall capabilities of the health center and its staff. Beyond partnering with SNFs some health centers may also choose to own and operate a SNF in their community.

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  • Organizational diagnosis assessment and intervention proposes a case study regarding the diagnostic analysis in a plant department the hard rolling mill. The intervention is motivated by the modifications at the staff’s level due to an imminent restructuring process, also related to the technological refurbishment and to the creation of new branche.

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  • It also outlines analytic developments that could help convert raw data into information useful for decisionmakers. The research reported here was sponsored by the Air Education and Training Command (AETC/CV) and HQ Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff, Personnel (AF/DP) and conducted within the Manpower, Personnel, and Training Program of RAND Project AIR FORCE (PAF) at the RAND Corporation. Earlier, PAF explored the requirements of a technical training schoolhouse model to address pipeline capacity.

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  • Chapter 1 - What is organizational behavior? After reading this chapter, you should be able to answer the following questions: What is the definition of "organizational behavior" (OB)? What are the two primary outcomes in studies of OB? What factors affect the two primary OB outcomes? Why might firms that are good at OB tend to be more profitable? What is the role of theory in the scientific method? How are correlations interpreted?

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  • This chapter presents the following content: Define the study and practice of organizational communication, establish the prevalence of misunderstandings, discuss the changing nature of organizations, present the realities of a diverse workforce, identify ethical organizational frameworks, introduction of three important constructs.

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  • Intra-organizational knowledge transfer and firm Performance: An empirical study of Vietnam’s information technology companies. The purpose of this paper is to contribute to the limited previous research on intra-organizational knowledge transfer, by examining the impact of particular organizational factors (IT systems, organizational culture, organizational structure and incentive systems).

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  • Students with different majors are the studied subjects. Reviewing the literature and conducting an empirical survey shows some noteworthy points. Firstly, not much can be found on professional ethics in Vietnam, in terms of academic studies and instructions (i.e. codes of conduct) for occupations. Secondly, from students’ perspectives, individual ethical standards do not play any role in their awareness of professional ethics. As a consequence, a systematic educational program of professional ethics requires priority significantly.

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  • This article showed the research results of factors affecting business strategy implementation. The typical research at Garco 10 with sample includes 83 managers at multi levels: company, department, division and production unit level. The result demontrates all of 5 factors: Strategy Planning, Organizational Culture, Personnel, Communication and Leadership have a positively affect company's business strategy implementation.

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  • The object of this paper is to apply such a model within a Romanian organization. More specifically we extended the well known Six Box Model to include, besides the six variables (purpose, structure, rewards, mechanisms, relation and leadership), other interest variables such as external environment and organizational performance in order to evaluate the organizational performance based on employees’ perceptions.

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  • Strategic knowledge management, innovation and firm performance: An empirical study in Vietnamese firms. The main purpose of this paper is to test the relationship between strategic knowledge management, innovation and firm performance in the Vietnamese context. Our results show that strategic knowledge management significantly enhances innovation and organizational performance.

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  • Corporate image in the context of organizational transformation: An integrative theoretical model. Contemporary researchers often study the concepts of corporate image and organizational transformation from different perspectives: the first in marketing and the second in management. Yet there are opportunities to link these two concepts in the field of marketing

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  • Organizational learning in higher education institutions: A case study of a public university in Vietnam. The purpose of this paper is to contribute to the limited previous research on organizational learning in higher education by examining the impact of employee participation on the organizational learning process and the relationship between.

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  • This part of the book is concerned with the inter-related issues of how BP and signals intelligence were made over the course of WW2. The focus is primarily upon various forms of organizational structuring, broadly conceived, and the emphasis on ‘making’ indicates that, in line with the general approach outlined in the introduction to the book, I will seek to explore some of the processes of ‘organizing’ which lie beneath the production of ‘organization’.

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  • Many studies have related overall satisfaction with some product or service to satisfaction with specific aspects of the product or service (Oliver 1980, 1993; Parsuraman, Berry, and Zeithaml 1988, 1991; Anderson and Sullivan 1993; Garbarino and Johnson 1999; DeWulf, Odekerken-Schröder, and Iacobucci 2001). Customers may explain their satisfaction with a product or service in terms of specific aspects such as the product attributes, price, customer service, or a combination of these various features.

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  • Active in the area attacked by a large. The last chapter presents a simulation study collective behavior in disaster. I would like to express my special thanks to Mr. Igor Babic, Ivana Lorkovic her, and she Ivana ZEC. Last but not least, I want to thank the entire staff of Intech - Open Access Publishing, especially Mr. Igor Babic, professional support and technical support in all steps of the process that led to the realization of this book.

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  • Presenting case studies involving Rwanda, Nepal, Australia, Japan, and Mexico, including "real-time" policy and administrative questions, this versatile reference/text provides a wide perspective on national and international environmental problems and policies, featuring discussions with a regional emphasis as well as global significance.

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  • A common approach to adjusting for seasonal and long-term trends is to use semiparametric models which incorporate a smooth function of time. The use of nonparametric smoothing in time series models of air pollution and health was suggested in Schwartz (1994a), where generalized additive Poisson models were used with LOESS smooths of time, temperature, dewpoint temperature and PM10. This approach can be thought of as regressing residuals from the smoothed dependent variable on residuals from the smoothed regressors.

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  • Key planning considerations for federal agencies include recognizing that the transition is already under way, because IPv6-capable software and equipment already exists in agency networks. Other important agency planning considerations include developing inventories and assessing risks; creating business cases that identify organizational needs and goals; establishing policies and enforcement mechanisms; determining costs; and identifying timelines and methods for transition.

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