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Organize your wealth

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  • We must first acknowledge George S. Clason’s ageless compilation of The Richest Man in Babylon as the wonderful philosophical basis for the Money Mastery principles. The essence of paying oneself, dealing forthrightly with debt, and seeking financial mentors is what this book is built upon

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  • So what does this mean for outreach? Diseases and chronic conditions that are prevalent in white, middle class populations are sometimes even more common among non-white, low income communities. Disparities in wealth are often paralleled by disparities in health. The need for advocacy, support and information services that are offered by patient support organizations like yours is likely to be greatest in the very communities that such organizations find hard to reach. An important note: Disparities in health among communities are not always negative ones.

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  • Your lender is be a valuable part of your investment team. Home mortgage consultants should be trained to interview you in a way that gets them a clear understanding of your goals, so they can make recommendations that help you further your wealth-building potential. Working together, they can help you explore your options and tailor solutions to meet your individual investment criteria. You can fund your investment in a number of ways, so it’s important to understand all your options and select the one that best suits your budget needs and financial goals.

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