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  • Abstract. This book has no equal. The priceless treasures of elementary geometry are nowhere else exposed in so complete and at the same time transparent form. The short solutions take barely 1.5 − 2 times more space than the formulations, while still remaining complete, with no gaps whatsoever, although many of the problems are quite difficult. Only this enabled the author to squeeze about 2000 problems on plane geometry in the book of volume of ca 600 pages thus embracing practically all the known problems and theorems of elementary geometry.....

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  • Field experiment was conducted during 2011 and 2012 to evaluate the efficacy of chemical insecticides and plant botanicals for the management of Yellow Mosaic Virus of Mungbean transmitted by the vector whitefly (Bemisia tabaci). It was noted that disease incidence could not be escaped however, the percentage of incidence were different from each other over control plot. Among the five plant origin products with different doses tested for spraying, Neem @ 0.2% showed lowest incidence (10.49%) and severity (9.58%). Among three insecticides the significant lowest incidence (8.

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  • In the case of Writing and Speaking, however, the small increases in the mean scores did not reflect a significant improvement. For Writing, the sample mean of 6.33 (SD = .64) was not significantly different from 6.21, t(39) = -0.95, p .05. Likewise, for Speaking, the sample mean of 6.66 (SD = .78) was not significantly different from 6.50, t(39) = -1.25, p .05. The results of the paired sample t-test conducted on the Overall score did, however, indicate an improvement. The sample mean of 7.01 (SD = .49) was significantly different from 6.71, t(39) = -3.86, p...

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  • Edible oils are mainly vegetable oils which have been subjected to several processes to removed undesirable constituents. In order to make them suitable for human consumption, most edible oils are subjected to refining processes, such as neutralization, bleaching and deodorization. Among edible oils, only virgin olive oil (a natural juice obtained by olive pressing), can be consumed without refining. Edible oils are characterized by a wide range of physical and chemical prop-erties, since their composition depend on the type of oil (Rossell1991).

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  • A plant nutrient is a chemical element that is essential for plant growth and reproduction. Essential element is a term often used to identify a plant nutrient. The term nutrient implies essentiality, so it is redundant to call these elements essential nutrients. Commonly, for an element to be a nutrient, it must fit certain criteria. The principal criterion is that the element must be required for a plant to complete its life cycle. The second criterion is that no other element substitutes fully for the element being considered as a nutrient.

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  • We investigated the changes in the oxidative stress response of yeast cells suffering mitochondrial dysfunction that could impair their viability. First, we demonstrated that cells with this dysfunction rely exclusively on cytosolic thioredoxin peroxidase I (cTPxI) and its reductant sulfiredoxin, among other antioxidant enzymes tested, to protect them against H2O2 -induced death.

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  • The CASP experiment has been run every other year since 1994. Its objec-tive is to subject the available structure prediction methods to a blind test. This is a short report of the highlights of its last edition. ‘Men who wish to know about the world must learn about it in its partic-ular details’ (Heraclitus of Ephesus, 535–475bc).

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  • The present investigation was carried out to find faster chemical methods to determine genetic purity in ten pigeon pea varieties. The faster methods are Ferrous Sulphate test, Sodium hydroxide test, peroxidase test, seedling growth response to GA3, kinetin and 2- 4D. Histogram using pixel luminance in ferrous sulphate test based on the grey scale produces values ranging from 17377 to 90616 which can be used to distinguish pigeon pea varieties. Similarly, sodium hydroxide test produced six coloured palette based on RGB values can distinguish varieties in pigeon pea.

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  • The present study was undertaken with an objective to determine the degree of association and magnitude of direct and indirect effects between grain yield and other yield components, physico-chemical & nutritional quality traits. Character association studies revealed that panicle length and test weight showed significant positive correlation while days to 50% flowering, alkali spreading value and L/B ratio exhibited significant negative relationship with grain yield/plant.

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  • Sheath rot disease of rice is an emerging disease of rice inflicting severe yield losses. Chemical pesticides are exclusively used for the management of the disease and application of these chemicals over a long period may result in development of resistance, concerns about pesticide residue risk, health and environmental pollution and health hazards which demands for a sustainable means of disease management. The present investigation was carried out to evaluate the efficacy of few microbial antagonist viz. Trichoderma harzianum, T. asperellum, T. viride, T. pseudokoningii, T.

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  • Trichoderma spp. are tolerant and compatible with fungicides, biofertilizers and other bio pesticides. Integrating fungicide resistant antagonists with suitable fungicide treatment has importance in the frame work of integrated disease management. Incorporation of natural products provides a viable solution to the environmental problems caused by synthetic pesticides. Identification of these compounds and their further testing may be an effective approach to minimize the use of hazardous chemicals

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  • Various alkaline, semichemical, organosolv and other methods have been developed for non-wood pulping but many of them are tested only in laboratory environments. Paper I reviews in more detail the recent developments in the chemical and chemi-mechanical non-wood pulping processes and the advantages and disadvantages of these systems. No remarkable breakthrough has occurred in recent decades in the field of non-wood pulping, excluding the Chempolis and CIMV process development.

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  • We used t-tests with robust standard errors (to account for clustering caused by multiple nutrient comparisons within studies) to test the null hypothesis of no evidence of a difference between organically and conventionally produced food in content of nutrients and other substances. P-values were calculated to determine the significance of observed differences; p-values of less than 0.05 were used as a basis for evidence of significant differences between organically and conventionally produced foodstuffs.

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  • The first Environmental Health Criteria (EHC) monograph, on mercury, was published in 1976 and since that time an ever-increasing number of assessments of chemical and of physical agents have been produced. In addition, many EHC monographs have been devoted to evaluating toxicological methodology, e.g. for genetic, neurotoxic, teratogenic and nephrotoxic agents. Other publications have been concerned with epidemiological guidelines, evaluation of short-term tests for carcinogens, biomarkers, effects on the elderly and so forth....

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  • One of the most popular organic pesticides, neem, is toxic to non-target species including crustaceans and tadpoles. Neem has been shown to cause the brain disease toxic encephalopathy in children. In mice, it causes chromosomal abnormalities in bone marrow cells and damages the DNA of sperm . Are there any other problems with organic pesticides? We really do not know simply because they are not regulated like the “synthetic” ones. Many organic products have never been tested for safety, but they are used under the guise that they are “natural” and are therefore not “chemicals”....

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  • Field data are being integrated into well-developed and tested models to better understand and characterize aerosol pollution in Mexico City. The spatial, temporal, size, and chemical characteristics of specific emissions sources are needed to allow their contributions to PM concentrations to be distinguished from each other and to provide accurate inputs to air quality models.

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  • Results from this laboratory can be used for a discussion of the biological consequences of pollution and will provide students with an appreciation for how dilution influences a chemical's biological effect. While endocrine disrupters are currently a 'hot topic,' other pollutants could also be tested. We tested some heavy metals (which are a perennial concern) and had some very interesting growth abnormalities show up. Chemical pollutants are not the only parameters that may influence sponge growth.

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  • Some limitations are imposed by incompatibilities of barrier material with chemical agents. Chemical resistant gloves, suits, etc. are rated on the ability to prevent contact with special types of chemicals. This performance is usually rated in terms of "breakthrough times", that is how long it takes for a particular chemical to pass through a particular barrier material under test conditions. This kind of information should be obtained from manufacturers (or from other reputable sources of technical information such as NIOSH, OSHA, etc.

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  • This framework will provide not only a rigorous testing and restriction procedure for all chemicals on the European market, but also provide a highly valuable centralised information source which could be used by public purchasers. However, it will take some years before the system will be fully operational and comprehensive. In relation to volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, even though no standard regulation exists for furniture, there is a Directive for the reduction of industrial emissions of VOCs, Directive 1999/13/EC, amended by Directive 2004/42/EC.

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  • Each test was conducted using 3 replications. It was necessary to conduct additional experimentation when analyzing for alcohol-toluene extractive content and holocellulose content. The alcohol-toluene test is the starting material for many of the other experiments. Both the lignin and holocellulose content test are performed with extractive-free bamboo that is derived from the alcohol-toluene extractive test. Additionally, holocellulose is a necessary preparatory stage in order to determine the alpha-cellulose content.

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