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  • LaTeX is a document preparation system and document markup language. It is widely used for the communication and publication of scientific documents in many fields, including mathematics, physics, computer science, statistics, economics, and political science.

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  • Chapter 8 Law of Large Numbers 8.1 Law of Large Numbers for Discrete Random Variables We are now in a position to prove our first fundamental theorem of probability. We have seen that an intuitive way to view the probability of a certain outcome is as the frequency with which that outcome occurs in the long run

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  • We present a first known result of high precision rare word bilingual extraction from comparable corpora, using aligned comparable documents and supervised classification. We incorporate two features, a context-vector similarity and a co-occurrence model between words in aligned documents in a machine learning approach. We test our hypothesis on different pairs of languages and corpora.

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  • d) What are the Provincial Policy Directions, Strategies and Mandates for Enabling all Children to Attain and Sustain Optimal Health and Developmental Potential? Attaining and sustaining optimal health and developmental potential for children is a shared mandate across provincial ministries. For example, the Ministry of Health Promotion (MHP) Healthy Ontarians, Healthy Ontario Strategic Framework document states, “Our fi rst priority will be our children and youth. Behaviours and attitudes developed in childhood last the rest of our lives.

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  • We present a document compression system that uses a hierarchical noisy-channel model of text production. Our compression system first automatically derives the syntactic structure of each sentence and the overall discourse structure of the text given as input. The system then uses a statistical hierarchical model of text production in order to drop non-important syntactic and discourse constituents so as to generate coherent, grammatical document compressions of arbitrary length.

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  • More Topics in Linear Unobserved E¤ects Models This chapter continues our treatment of linear, unobserved e¤ects panel data models. We first cover estimation of models where the strict exogeneity Assumption FE.1 fails but sequential moment conditions hold. A simple approach to consistent estimation involves differencing combined with instrumental variables methods.

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  • Now that we have an appreciation for the evolution of the Internet and the TCP/IP protocol suite, let us turn our attention to the structure of the protocol suite. However, since the TCP/IP protocol suite has a layered structure, we will ®rst examine the ISO Reference Model and the subdivision of its second layer by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) to provide a standardized frame of reference. 2.3 THE ISO REFERENCE MODEL The International Organization for Standardization is an agency of the United Nations headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

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  • Chapter F Linear Spaces The main goal of this chapter is to provide a foundation for our subsequent introduction to linear functional analysis. The latter is a vast subject, and there are many different ways in which one can provide a first pass at it. We mostly adopt a geometric viewpoint in this book.

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  • Chapter 22 Ecological Applications at the Level of Communities and Ecosystems This is the last of the trilogy of chapters dealing with the application of ecological theory. In the first, Chapter 7, we considered how our understanding at the level of individual organisms and of single populations.

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  • In this study we develop an empirical framework to assess the effects of capital inows, monetary policy and nancial innovation on the housing sector. Our rst contribution is to document the effects of monetary policy and capital inows on the housing sector in a broad sample of advanced economies. We estimate a panel vector autoregression (VAR) for 18 OECD countries and identify capital inows and monetary policy shocks with sign restrictions.

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  • Estimating Systems of Equations by OLS and GLS Introduction This chapter begins our analysis of linear systems of equations. The first method of estimation we cover is system ordinary least squares, which is a direct extension of OLS for single equations. In some important special cases the system OLS estimator turns out to have a straightforward

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  • The first five chapters provided a survey of algorithms for logic simulation, fault simulation, and automatic test pattern generation. That was followed by a brief survey of tester architectures and strategies to maximize tester effectiveness while minimizing overall test cost. We now turn our attention to methods for combining the various algorithms and testers in ways that make it possible to achieve quality levels consistent with product requirements and design methodologies.

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  • Our empirical analysis uses two different data sources: the RobertWood Johnson Foundation’s 1997 Employer Health Insurance Survey (EHIS) and MEDSTAT MarketScan commercially insured health claims and eligibility information for 1998–1999. We first use the EHIS data to examine turnover patterns and their relationship to firm and employee characteristics. The EHIS data reveal that small firms are very heterogeneous; the heterogeneity concerns workers’ turnover rates, besides workers’ age distribution and other health-related demographic variables.

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  • In order to validate our design for FeedTree, we have de- veloped a software prototype which follows the design outlined in Section 4. The ftproxy daemon serves as an intermediary for conventional RSS client software; an HTTP request for a given RSS feed is satisfied by ftproxy, which constructs a new ad-hoc RSS document from recent FeedTree messages received for that feed. When subscribing to a new RSS feed, the proxy first checks to see if that feed is already being published through FeedTree.

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  • In this short article, we aim to describe the relevance of Grids in education. As in fact information technology for education builds on that for any organization, we first discuss the implication of Grids and Web services for any organization – we call this an Enterprise to stress the importance of the Enterprise Grids and the different roles of general and specific features in any Grid deployment.

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  • The domain is secondary to our agenda: our main goal is not to build a learning system for furniture design. Rather, flat-pack furniture design provides a test case for system development to investigate design critiquing. It is an interesting domain where students encounter many structural and spatial design issues as they make stable furniture out of flat materials. For this reason, furniture making is often used as an early exercise for first-year design and architecture students.

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  • Everyone loves the news stories about the taxi driverwho delivers a baby for the woman who could not get to the hospital on time. At some point each of us asks ourselves with awe for the first time, “Where did I come from?” It has been said of the body that it is “fearfully and wonderfully made.” How true this is of the reproductive systems on which the survival of our species depends. In this chapter, you will study the systems of the human body responsible for our being here: the male and the female reproduc- tive systems....

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  • Our measurements show that our strategy can be used as a way to disable the communication within the Storm botnet to a large extent. As a side effect, we are able to estimate the size of the Storm botnet, in general a hard task [25]. Our measurements are much more precise than previous measurements [12, 17]. This is because measurements previously were based on passive techniques, e.g., by observing visible network events like the number of spam mails supposedly sent via the bots.

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  • While previouswork focuses on trafc generated by bot- nets, our work is the rst to study botnet traces based on economicmotivation and monetizing activities. Along this direction, we expect a new category of traces can be used to characterize botnets from different perspectives (see Sec- ion 6). Our work takes activities from individual bots and aggregates them into botnets. The aggregation techniques proposed in this paper may generally benet analysis of other traces in this category.

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  • We do some initial processing of the raw-format mes- sages before the next step. The rst is to extract a reli- able sender IP address heuristically for each message. Al- though the message format dictates a chain of relaying IP addresses in each message, a malicious relay can easily al- ter that. Therefore we cannot simply take the rst IP in the chain. Instead, our method is as follows (similar to the one in [5]). First we trust the sender IP reported by Hot- mail in the Received headers, and if the previous relay IP address (before any server from Hotmail) is on our trust list (e.g.

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