Output control methods

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  • This paper presents the design of a DC – AC 3 phase 2 stages converter using programmable controllers which is performed on PSIM simulation software. The idea of this strategy is to present a method of controlling a large capacity DC-AC 3-phase AC voltage converter, with 380±20 VAC voltage output and 50Hz frequency, which is used for areas that need 3-phase electricity from the solar power system.

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  • Color quality is one of the important criteria in determining the output of a product in the textile industry. However, the color testing process in some current dyeing factories is still largely dependent on human factors. These traditional methods often lead to difficulties and complexity in the operation and management of production information.

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  • The paper presents research on the calculation method of designing optimal current control problem sets to improve the quality of inverter systems used in industrial machine control with loads of, three phase AC asynchronous motors. System kinetics to evaluate control methods. The main goal of adopting the optimal control method of the energy flow to the converter and the three phase inverter is to regulate the output current.

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  • "Ebook Analog interfacing to embedded microprocessors" present system design; digital-to-analog converters; sensors; time-based measurements; output control methods; solenoids, relays, and other analog outputs; high-precision applications; standard interfaces...

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  • "Ebook Analog interfacing to embedded microprocessor systems" present system design; analog-to-digital converters; sensors; time-based measurements; output control methods; solenoids, relays, and other analog outputs; electromagnetic interference; high-precision applications; standard interfaces; analog toolbox.

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  • This paper focuses on the design of an L1 adaptive controller for a variable speed wind turbines on a permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) to maximize the wind power exploited in the presence of parameters uncertainties and wind speed turbulences. This control method based on the class of state feedback state for multiinput multi-output (MIMO) system can be applied to the current control and speed control of the system.

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  • Plant protection is an important part of crop cultivation, in which chemical method is most effective to control insecticide in comparison to other methods. Chemicals are usually spread on plant through sprayer and duster. Duster is mostly used for dense foliage crops to kill insect using insecticides in form dust powder having particles size (1-10μm). Indian farmers mostly use belly mounted hand rotary duster for dusting. It is traditional method of dusting which have many limitations.

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  • In this paper, the authors propose a novel adaptive multilayer T-S fuzzy controller (AMTFC) with a optimize soft computing algorithm for a class of robust control uncertain nonlinear SISO systems. First, a new multilayer T-S fuzzy was created by combined multiple simple T-S fuzzy model with a sum function in the output. The multi-layer fuzzy model used in nonlinear identification has many advantages over conventional fuzzy models, but it cannot be created by the writer's experience or the trial and error method. It can only be created using an optimization algorithm.

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  • This paper proposes a Model Predictive Control (MPC) method used for DC-AC converter applications to connect the electrical systems in industry. DC-AC inverters used to convert DC power into AC power for supplying to an AC load. Parameters are controlled in output voltage value or current value, corresponding to voltage source inverter (VSI) inverter and current source inverter (VSC) [1]. DC-AC converter phase three is the main part of the three-phase inverter.

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  • In this paper, the observer-based output feedback sliding mode control (SMC) problem is investigated for discrete delayed nonlinear systems subject to packet losses under the event-triggered strategy.

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  • This paper presents an investigation on the performance of ZnO nanorod (ZNR)-based piezoelectric nanogenerators (PENGs). ZNRs on the ZnO seed layer coated double-sided flexible polyethylene terephthalate (PET) at different molar concentrations (0.01, 0.05 and 0.1 M) were synthesized by controlling the aspect ratio (length/diameter) of ZNRs, that are closely related to the piezoelectric output potential voltage using a simple hydrothermal method.

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  • Customer satisfaction terminology applied in the project problem and solution method has been increasingly important in construction industry. The method presented is using design phase of project life cycle as the study case. The interaction process or input and output method developed is a process of combining a project life cycle and a customer-oriented process. The internal and external customers were introduced to define the strategic objectives and next phase objectives. The method has ascertained the customer requirements through the design phase of project life cycle.

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  • In order to obtain maximum power output of wind turbine systems, it is necessary to control the wind turbine such as pitch angles and torques by several methods. In this paper, the radial basic function (RBF) neural network is used to control the variability of blade pitch angles.

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  • Lesson Power system operation and control - Chapter 2: Economic dispatch and solution methods present the content input output characteristic, incremental cost curve, piece wise linear approximations, the economic dispatch problem...

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  • Chapter 2 - Fundamental concepts of the AIS. This chapter presents the following content: The interrelationships of business processes and the AIS, types of accounting information systems, client-server computing, cloud computing, accounting software market segments, input methods used in business processes, the processing of accounting data, outputs from the AIS related to business processes, documenting processes and systems, ethical considerations at the foundation of accounting information systems.

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  • In this research, we lay out a model to estimate the effect of rainfall by simulating the actual physical processes of the rain drops forming on the surface of the blades of a vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT), thereby determining optimal wetness, then power and performance respectively. This could have an effect on the control strategy necessary for designing and controlling wind turbine.

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  • The combination of the kernel trick and the least-mean-square (LMS) algorithm provides an interesting sample by sample update for an adaptive equalizer in reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces (RKHS), which is named here the KLMS. This paper shows that in the finite training data case, the KLMS algorithm is well-posed in RKHS without the addition of an extra regularization term to penalize solution norms.

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  • A lower computer control system of tractor automatic navigation based on double-antennas Beidou satellite is developed, including the controller unit, bipolar output unit, RS232 bus communication unit, a switch reset unit and the power conversion unit.

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  • In order to optimize the electric energy quality of HVDC access point, a modular multilevel selective harmonic elimination pulse-width modulation (MSHE-PWM) method is proposed. On the basis of keeping the minimum action frequency of the power device, MSHE-PWM method can meet the requirement for accurately eliminating low-order harmonics in the output PWM waveform.

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  • While construction of the Aswan High Dam (AHD) has stopped concurrent flooding events, River Nile is still subject to low intensity flood waves resulting from controlled release of water from the dam reservoir. Analysis of flow released from New Naga-Hammadi Barrage, which is located at 3460 km downstream AHD indicated an increase in magnitude of flood released from the barrage in the past 10 years. A 2D numerical mobile bed model is utilized to investigate the possible morphological changes in the downstream of Naga-Hammadi Barrage from possible higher flood releases.

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