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  • The need to train those who will be responsible for the O&M is an important institutional issue. Sometimes those responsible may be in the community, sometimes they may be a private contractor, or sometimes they may be in the ministry. User training is needed, par- ticularly in water supply and sanitation. Sanitation education has not always been provided and is very important. If the operator is going to be the sectoral agency, sometimes basic budgetary reforms need to be addressed.

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  • Our main data are proprietary Öles covering 2003-2010 from one of the ten large Greek banks, which together account for eighty percent of the market share. The bank has tens of thousands of customers, with branches across the country. The dataset is the universe of applications for consumer credit products and mortgages, both approved and rejected. Consumer credit products include term loans, credit lines, credit cards, overdraft facilities, appliance loans, and reÖnancings. Our dataset includes every piece of hard information that the bank uses in its credit scoring model.

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  • An important factor to consider when taking out a loan is whether the loan is secured or unsecured. Examples of secured loans are personal loans (secured on wages), car loans (secured on the car) and mortgage loans (secured on the property). Examples of unsecured loans are credit card balances and overdrafts. Having a secured loan is usually cheaper than an unsecured loan.  Repayment Methods Most personal loans in Bahrain are amortised. The amortisation payment (installment) includes repayment of part of the principal and the month’s interest for the loan.

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  • There are two key ways banks fund their lending activity to SMEs; through deposit taking from their customers and, where the lending requirements exceed the value of the deposit base, through borrowings from wholesale money markets. When providing Loans or Overdrafts to SME’s, banks tend to quote an interest rate made up of a ‘cost of funds’ using a market reference rate, plus a margin. With regard to the ‘cost of funds’ it is clear from the explanation below these reference rates no longer reflect the true cost of funds to the banks.

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  • As part of the ING Direct Consumer Savings Monitor quarterly tracking, we ask survey recipients to record their current level of outstanding unsecured debts from credit cards, overdrafts, personal loans and hire-purchase agreements. Outstanding debts refer to those remaining after bills have been paid (so credit paid off in full each month would not be included). Using this data we produce a mean average. In tracking debt levels, the mean average gives a better indication of average debt levels among UK people than the median.

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