Oxidation processes

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  • The current book consists of eighteen chapters divided into three sections. Section I includes nine topics in characterization techniques and evaluation of advanced ceramics dealing with newly developed photothermal, ultrasonic and ion spattering techniques, the neutron irradiation and the properties of ceramics, the existence of a polytypic multi-structured boron carbide, the oxygen isotope exchange between gases and nanoscale oxides and the evaluation of perovskite structures ceramics for sensors and ultrasonic applications....

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  • (a) Substrate covered with silicon dioxide barrier layer (b) Positive photoresist applied to wafer surface (c) Mask in close proximity to surface (d) Substrate following resist exposure and development (e) Substrate after etching of oxide layer (f) Oxide barrier on surface after resist removal (g) View of substrate with silicon dioxide pattern on the surface. • Each mask step requires many individual process steps • Number of masks is a common measure of overall process complexity

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  • For many years, the plates of leadracid batteries have been produced from leady oxide, a mixture of finely divided lead Ž‘free-lead’. and lead monoxide. Although this material is generally satisfactory, it suffers from the disadvantages that it is variable in composition and requires complicated and lengthy processing after pasting to remove the residual free-lead. Plates made from leady oxide also require cycling before they achieve their full performance, and this can result in either depressed initial capacity or additional processing cost. ...

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  • Sorption is a process by which chemicals or organisms become attached to soils and/or the geologic rock material (aquifer solids) and removed from the water. Often the sorption process is reversible and solutes desorb and hence dissolved-solute plumes are retarded, rather than solutes being permanently retained by the solids. Cation exchange is the interchange between cations in solution and cations on the surfaces of clay particles or organic colloids. Filtration is a process that affects particulate contaminants (e.g.

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  • The range of chemical products is enormous and these products contribute greatly to the quality of our lives. The manufacturing processes of chemicals also lead to vast amounts of wastes, and the reduction or elimination of these wastes is now our central issue.

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  • Numerous top-down kinetic models have been constructed to describe the cell cycle. These models have typically been constructed, validated and ana-lyzed using model species (molecular intermediates and proteins) and phe-notypic observations, and therefore do not focus on the individual model processes (reaction steps).

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  • Recently statistical knowledge has become an important requirement and occupies a prominent position in the exercise of various professions. In the real world, the processes have a large volume of data and are naturally multivariate and as such, require a proper treatment. For these conditions it is difficult or practically impossible to use methods of univariate statistics. The wide application of multivariate techniques and the need to spread them more fully in the academic and the business justify the creation of this book....

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  • Part 1 Ensuring product safety, quality analysis part 2, part 3 Improving quality in the supply chain,... are the main contents of the in three parts "Ebook Safety and quality issues in fish processing". Each reference peers

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  • Analysis of the molecular properties of proteins extracted from organisms living under extreme conditions often highlights peculiar features. We investigated by UV-visible spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography the oxidation pro-cess, promoted by air or ferricyanide, of five hemoglobins extracted from Antarctic fishes (Notothenioidei).

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  • Chitosan oligomers were prepared by oxidative degradation of chitosan (with hydrogen peroxide) under microwave irradiation. This is convenient, friendly and effective method to prepare chitosan oligomers. By 1 H-NMR, IR spectrum, the structure of the products was identified and keeps the same as of chitosan. By LC-MS analysis, it proved that chitosan was decomposed to five fractions, the smallest one about D- glucosamine 3 units (at least).

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  • The Biodiplomacy Initiative at UNU-IAS has been carrying out analysis of the opportunities, challenges and options for international governance of cloning. This study builds upon an earlier working paper on governance options for cloning submitted to parties at one of the UN meetings discussing the Declaration and critically examines the international process for development of measures to regulate cloning, from the perspectives of bioethics and national and international law. It is divided into four sections.

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  • Adenine nucleotide translocases (ANTs) are multitask proteins involved in several aspects of cell metabolism, as well as in the regulation of cell death⁄survival processes. We investigated the role played by ANT isoforms 1 and 2 in the growth of a human glioblastoma cell line (ADF cells). The silencing of ANT2 isoform, by small interfering RNA, did not produce sig-nificant changes in ADF cell viability.

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  • Homocysteine (Hcy) is anonprotein-forming sulphur amino acid that plays an important role in remethylation and trans-sulphuration processes. In recent years, it has been suggested that increased levels of plasma Hcy may play a role in the pathogenesis of various diseases, particularly at the cardiovascular level. The pathogenic mechanism of hyperhomocysteinemia, however, has not been clarified.

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  • Aging is accompanied by gradual cellular dysfunction associated with an accumulation of damaged proteins, particularly via oxidative processes. This cellular dysfunction has been attributed, at least in part, to impair-ment of mitochondrial function as this organelle is both a major source of oxidants and a target for their damaging effects, which can result in a reduction of energy production, thereby compromising cell function.

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  • High-quality quantitative data generated under standardized conditions is critical for understanding dynamic cellular processes. We report strategies for error reduction, and algorithms for automated data processing and for establishing the widely used techniques of immunoprecipitation and immu-noblotting as highly precise methods for the quantification of protein levels and modifications.

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  • Trong quá trình nhuộm thì có đến 12-15% tổng lượng thuốc nhuộm không phản ứng gắn màu, thất thoát theo nước thải sau nhuộm. Và phương pháp để xử lý nguồn nước ô nhiễm này là sử dụng quá trình oxi hóa nâng cao (Advanced oxidation processes : AOPs) nhằm oxy hóa hoàn toàn các hợp chất hữu cơ của thuốc nhuộm thành CO2 và H2O. Trong các phương pháp oxi hóa bậc cao thì chu trình Fenton sử dụng xúc tác dị thể cho thấy những ưu thế vượt trội so với các phương pháp khác.

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  • Nước thải công nghiệp dệt nhuộm có độ kiềm, độ màu và hàm lượng các chất hữu cơ, tổng chất rắn rất cao do sử dụng rất nhiều loại hóa chất trong quy trình công nghệ. Trong đó, độ màu là một trong các thành phân khó xử lý nhất. Bài báo trình bày các kết quả nghiên cứu xử lý màu và COD khó phân hủy sinh học (COD trơ) của nước thải dệt nhuộm khu công nghiệp dệt may Phố Nối (Hưng Yên) bằng các quá trình oxy hóa nâng cao (Advanced Oxidation Processes - AOPs) trên cơ...

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  • It gives me immense pleasure in introducing the book "Nanomaterials" based on state of the art of un-doped and doped semiconductor metal oxide nanostructures, state of the art of nano-composites as well as applied polymers, and their various potential applications. This deals with nano-technological aspects of the synthesis, growth, development, and potential applications of semiconductor nanostructure metal oxides.

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  • Đứng trước các yêu cầu ngày một khắt khe về tiêu chuẩn nước thải công nghiệp trong khi thành phần các hợp chất hiện diện trong nước thải ngày càng phức tạp hơn, khó xử lý hơn, các quá trình oxy hóa nâng cao (Advanced Oxidation Processes - AOPs) nói chung và quá trình Fenton nói riêng đã và đang dần trở nên phổ biến hơn.

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  • Most solar modules used in photovoltaics are currently produced from crystalline and polycrystalline silicon wafers, the representatives of so-called first generation of solar cells. This type of devices are among the most efficient but at the same time the most expensive since they require the highest purity silicon and involve a lot of stages of complicated processes in their manufacture.

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