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  • Our subject for this exercise is this Whistling Kite. All you will need for this exercise are two tubes of paint and two brushes plus a sheet of watercolor paper and a pencil. Materials Indigo Burnt Sienna 1" flat brush #2 liner brush HB lead pencil Watch this demonstration on RealPlayer Step 1 The first step is to loosely draw the basic shapes. The idea is not to carefully .draw every detail then fill it in, but to get a rough guideline for the major shapes. Don't worry about accurate details, but concentrate on accurate proportions. (HB lead pencil) ...

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  • Penguins are everywhere! Wouldn't you want to learn how to draw a cartoon penguin? If there’s one movie guaranteed to be a box office smash, it’s a film featuring penguins. Whether starring in Happy Feet, March of the Penguins or Surf’s Up, these unique birds always manage to break the ice with audiences across the globe. Our little buddy here looks a little sad (maybe he really wants to fly?), but learning how to draw a penguin by following our four easy steps will soon put a smile upon your face! STEP-1: Sketching the Body For our first step in...

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  • Day or night, learning how to draw a cartoon owl will help your creative skills soar! Follow our simple steps to drawing one of the wisest and most intriguing birds on Earth. Twit twoo! Since the days of Ancient Greece, mankind has associated owls with wisdom and mystery. However, there’s nothing mysterious about our step-by-step guide to drawing one of our feathered friends – follow these instructions and you’ll soon be flying high! Owls have featured in a wide range of cartoons and films, from Disney classics right up to the present day Harry Potter epics. And soon, you’ll...

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  • The website is intended as a general purpose guide for amateur and serious d.i.y car body repairers who have access to fairly basic tools. The most expensive item which may be needed for larger repairs is a good spraygun and an air compressor to run it, which will be uneconomic for a “one-off” repair, but perhaps feasible for a keen DIY’er. Small repairs can be painted satisfactorily using aerosol paints, which are usually cellulose paint which has been thinned a little more to work properly at the pressure provided by the canister.

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  • High up under the ceiling near Gate D2 glide the beautiful masters of the air, the birds. These particular birds are created in glass by the Faeroese artist Tróndur Patursson and the Danish master in glass, Per Steen Hebsgaard. Patursson is a highly versatile artist who expresses himself in oils, water colours, sculptures, collages and reliefs, and in recent years has developed a special delight in working with glass.

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  • Some of Arnold's biographers have declared that he was a very vicious boy, and have chiefly illustrated this fact by painting him as a ruthless robber of birds'-nests. But a great many boys who began life by robbing birds'-nests have ended it much more creditably. The astonishing and interesting element in Benedict Arnold's career was what one might term the anomaly and incongruity of his treason. Born at Norwich, Conn., in 1741, he was blessed from his earliest years by wholesome parental influences.

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  • Dadang Christanto is a graduate of the Indonesia Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta. Since 1999, he has taught at the School of Art and Design, University of the Northern Territory. His art explores social and political issues in a wide range of media, including painting, drawing, performance, sculpture and installation. The sunflashes on the encrusted branches of this soaring sculpture suggest the wing movements of roosting metal birds. But the blade shapes are also like hands, lifted heavenwards by the dead tree so that they can touch the sky.

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