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  • Our panel attempted to develop guidelines that would meet the needs of a person with recent onset spinal cord injury who is in respiratory distress. This document represents the best recommendations that we could provide given the availability of scientific evidence. As chairman of the panel writing these guidelines, my goal was to gather and disseminate the best available knowledge and information about managing the respiratory needs of patients with ventilation problems.

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  • This review was conducted by a team from Johns Hopkins University with expertise in the management of sickle cell disease, clinical trial methodology (including clinical trials of hematological agents), systematic literature review, epidemiological studies, and ethics and adherence research. External technical experts, including academic and clinical experts and representatives of patients and public interest groups, provided input regarding the selection and refinement of the questions to be examined and the relevant literature to be considered.

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  • The Guidelines Review Group of the Yale Center for Medical Informatics used GEM-COGS, 28 the guideline implementability appraisal and extractor software, to ap- praise adherence of the draft guideline to methodologic standards, to improve clarity of recommendations, and to predict potential obstacles to implementation. Panel mem- bers received summary appraisals in March 2007 and mod- ified an advanced draft of the guideline. The final draft practice guideline underwent extensive external peer review. Comments were compiled and re- viewed by the group chairperson.

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  • There is now widespread consensus that the Earth is warming at a rate unprece- dented during post hunter-gatherer human existence. The last decade was the warmest since instrumental records began in the nineteenth century, and con- tained 9 of the 10 warmest years ever recorded. The causes of this change are increasingly well understood.

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  • To reinforce these recommendations and to provide guidance, the New York State Department of Health convened an expert panel of health care professionals who are involved in promoting the health of pregnant women and children. The panel reviewed literature, identified existing interventions, practices and guidelines, assessed issues of concern, and developed recommendations.

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