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  • Algorithms (ISSN 1999-4893; CODEN: ALGOCH), an open access journal of computer science, theory, methods and interdisciplinary applications, data and information systems, software engineering, artificial intelligence, automation and control systems, is published online quarterly by MDPI.

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  • It is highly likely that by augmenting the amount of funding available to banks, securitization activity had a significant and positive impact on credit growth during the years prior to the credit crisis (Loutskina and Strahan, 2009, Altunbas et al., 2009). In a number of countries experiencing a period credit growth, securitization activity probably strengthened the feedback effect between increases in housing prices and the credit expansion.

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  • Given the considerable variation in deposit insurance arrangements and the relatively large number of banking crises, it is possible to use this panel to test whether the nature of the deposit insurance system has a significant impact on the probability of a banking crisis once other factors are controlled for. We carry out these tests using the multivariate logit econometric model developed in our previous work on the determinants of banking crises (Demirg†e-Kunt and Detragiache, 1998).

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  • The Review uses the results from one particular model, PAGE2002, to illustrate how the estimates derived from these integrated assessment models change in response to updated scientific evidence on the probabilities attached to degrees of temperature rise. The choice of model was guided by our desire to analyse risks explicitly - this is one of the very few models that would allow that exercise. Further, its underlying assumptions span the range of previous studies.

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  • Once the decision is made on exactly how much of the panel is to be replaced, measure exactly where you want to make a joint across the pillars, and mark it accordingly on the vehicle and also the new panel. The same process of finding, noting and removing spotwelds applies as for front wings. Most will have been hidden by window and door seals, probably with some more obvious welds around rear lamp clusters and boot panel joints. Lower edges of wheelarches are usually spotwelded along the lipped flange, but some models may simply be glued. Before attempting to cut...

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  • The annual IRS cross-sections are stratified samples, with the probability of inclusion rising steeply with total income. 6 Variables includemost of the values from the 1040 tax form and associated schedules, as well as data from Social Security records, such as the age and gender of each individual represented on the return. 7 The 1987 cross-sectional sample of about 88,000 returns is the base year of the panel. The panel was constructed by matching, in each subsequent year, the full population of tax returns that appeared in the 1987 sample.

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