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  • Series and parallel connections are simple to define in electrical terms, but underlying these basic concepts is a wealth of detail. The battery voltage determines the number of series connections and can have a significant effect on battery safety and reliability.

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  • This paper describes a word and phrase alignment approach based on a dependency analysis of French/English parallel corpora, referred to as alignment by “syntax-based propagation.” Both corpora are analysed with a deep and robust dependency parser. Starting with an anchor pair consisting of two words that are translations of one another within aligned sentences, the alignment link is propagated to syntactically connected words.

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  • Dictionary lookup is a computational activity that can be greatly accelerated when performed on large amounts of text by a parallel computer such as the Connection Machine T M Computer (CM). Several algorithms for parallel dictionary lookup are discussed, including one that allows the CM to lookup words at a rate 450 times that of lookup on a Symbolics 3600 Lisp Machine.

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  • In vision, it is sometimes possible to design networks from a task analysis of ~he problem, aided by the homogeneity of the domain. For example, Sejnowski & Hinton (1986) designed a network that can separate figure from ground for shapes with incomplete bounding contours. Constructing a network is much more difficult in an inhomogeneous domain like natural language. This problem has been partially overcome by the discovery of powerful learning algorithms that allow the strengths of connection in a network to be shaped by experience; ...

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  • Chương 1 - Các kiến trúc song song. Nội dung trình bày trong chương 1 gồm có: Tổng quan về tính toán song song, các kiến trúc song song đồng bộ, các kiến trúc song song không đồng bộ, tổ chức các bộ vi xử lý, các mảng bộ vi xử lý (processor arrays), máy tính nhiều bộ vi xử lý (multiprocessor), hệ thống nhiều máy tính (Multicomputers), giới thiệu về máy tính CM-200 (Connection Machine 200 by Thinking Machine Corp).

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  • While the publisher and author have used their best efforts in preparing this book, they make no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents of this book and specifically disclaim any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

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  • Computers make use of relatively short parallel connections between interior components, but use a serial bus to convert signals for most external communications.In a parallel connection, it is wrong to assume that the 8 bits leaving the sender at the same time arrive at the receiver at the same time. Rather, some of the bits get there later than others. This is known as clock skew.

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  • Parallel: In parallel transmission all bits in a single character are transmitted simultaneously. Data travels in parallel (simultaneously) within a PC over the data bus (bundle of data lines). Similarly we can transmit data between two PCs in parallel. That is all data lines (normally 8) from one PC are connected to the other PC. Parallel transmission is primarily limited to transmission of data within a computer, between computers and between a computer and a printer. It is fast compared to serial transmission but limited to shorter distances. ...

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  • Serial Connection And Parallel Connection Figure 1 shows the most basic and commonly used circuits for driving light-emitting diodes. In Figure 1(A), a constant voltage source (VCC ) is connected through a current limiting resistor (R) to an LED so that it is supplied with forward current (IF). The IF current flowing through the LED is expressed as IF = (V CC - VF)/R, providing a radiant flux proportional to the IF. The forward voltage (V F) of the LED is dependent on the value of IF, but it is approximated by a constant voltage when setting R. Figures 1(B) and...

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  • We have built a “production” system and an advanced research prototype. The production system uses the commercial Java Message Service (SonicMQ) and has been used very successfully to build a synchronous collaboration environment applied to distance education. The publish/subscribe mechanism is powerful but this comes at some performance cost and so it is important that it satisfies the reasonably stringent constraints of synchronous collaboration.

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  • Norton Ghost protects your data from computer disasters. The intuitive Windows interface lets you create backup images of your hard disk or selected partitions. You can clone directly between two computers using a network, USB, or parallel connection.

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  • Pro Engineer is a 3D-CAD software for designing graphics for the motion simulation in mechanical design, mechatronics, mechanical power, automation ...Create a new assembly called valve_cam. Uncheck Use default template. The New File Options dialog box appears. Create a new datum plane through the axis of top hole of the shaft_mount. This datum plane should be parallel with ASM_TOP. Create a pin connection between rocker arm and shaft mount.

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  • VOLTAGE REGULATION A voltage regulator circuit automatically maintains the output voltage of a power supply constant, regardless of - a change in the load - a change in the source voltage ZENER DIODES The simplest of all voltage regulators is the zener diode voltage regulator. A zener diode is a special diode that p is optimized for operation in the g breakdown region. ZENER DIODE CIRCUIT The zener diode is typically connected reverse biased, in parallel with the load. Resistor Rs limits current to zener.

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  • CONTENTS CONTENTS 1066 C H A P T E R n A Textbook of Machine Design 29 Helical Gears 1. 2. 3. 4. Introduction. Terms used in Helical Gears. Face Width of Helical Gears. Formative or Equivalent Number of Teeth for Helical Gears. 5. Proportions for Helical Gears. 6. Strength of Helical Gears. Introduction 29.1 Introduction A helical gear has teeth in form of helix around the gear. Two such gears may be used to connect two parallel shafts in place of spur gears. The helixes may be right handed on one gear and left handed on the other.

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  • DC-AC Conversion Basic DC-AC Converter Connections (Square-Wave Operation) • Control of the Output Voltage • Harmonics in the Output Voltage • Filtering of Output Voltage • Practical Realization of Basic Connections • Special Realizations (Application of Resonant Converter Techniques) István Nagy Budapest University of Technology and Economics Dariusz Czarkowski Polytechnic University, Brooklyn 5.3 Resonant Converters Survey of Second-Order Resonant Circuits • Load Resonant Converters • Resonant Switch Converters • Resonant DC-Link Converters with ZVS Michael E.

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  • where Z = impedance, W; R = resistance, W; L = inductance, H; XL = inductive reactance, W; XC = capacitive reactance, W; and q = phase angle, degrees, by which current leads voltage in a capacitive circuit or lags voltage in an inductive circuit (0° indicates an in-phase condition). Resonant Frequency When an inductor and capacitor are connected in series or parallel, they form a resonant circuit. The resonant frequency can be determined from the equation

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  • 3.1 Theory and Principles Harold Moore 3.2 Power Transformers H. Jin Sim and Scott H. Digby 3.3 Distribution Transformers Dudley L. Galloway 3.4 Underground Distribution Transformers Dan Mulkey 3.5 Dry Type Transformers Paulette A. Payne 3.6 Step-Voltage Regulators Craig A. Colopy 3.7 Reactors Richard Dudley, Antonio Castanheira, and Michael Sharp 3.8 Instrument Transformers Randy Mullikin and Anthony J. Jonnatti 3.9 Transformer Connections Dan D. Perco 3.10 LTC Control and Transformer Paralleling James H. Harlow 3.11 Loading Power Transformers Robert F. Tillman, Jr. 3.

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  • Terms used in Helical Gears. Face Width of Helical Gears. Formative or Equivalent Number of Teeth for Helical Gears. 5. Proportions for Helical Gears. 6. Strength of Helical Gears. Introduction 29.1 Introduction A helical gear has teeth in form of helix around the gear. Two such gears may be used to connect two parallel shafts in place of spur gears. The helixes may be right handed on one gear and left handed on the other. The pitch surfaces are cylindrical as in spur gearing, but the teeth instead of being parallel to the axis, wind around the cylinders helically like screw threads....

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  • CHAPTER 12 FASTENING, LATCHING, CLAMPING, AND CHUCKING DEVICES REMOTELY CONTROLLED LATCH This simple mechanism engages and disengages parallel plates carrying couplings and connectors. Fig. 1 The latch operation sequence is shown for locking in steps (a) through (c) and for unlocking in steps (d) through (f). A new latch mates two parallel plates in one continuous motion (see Fig. 1). On the Space Shuttle, the latch connects (and disconnects) plates carrying 20 fluid couplings and electrical connectors.

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  • The Altivar 71 range of variable speed drives is able to respond to the most exacting requirements thanks to its different types of motor control and numerous onboard functions.

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