Parallel lines

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  • In parallel projection, all lines of sight are parallel, the object is positioned at infinity and viewed from multiple points on an imaginary line parallel to the object. The 3-D object is transformed into a 2-D representation or a plane of projection that is an imaginary flat plane upon which the image created by the lines of sight is projected.

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  • Transmission Line and and Waveguide presents general solutions for TEM, TE, and TM waves; parallel plate waveguide; rectangular waveguide; circular waveguide; coaxial line; surface waves on a grounded dielectric sheet; stripline; microstrip line; the transverse resonant technique; wave velocities and dispersio.

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  • This paper presents a new approach to bitext correspondence problem (BCP) of noisy bilingual corpora based on image processing (IP) techniques. By using one of several ways of estimating the lexical translation probability (LTP) between pairs of source and target words, we can turn a bitext into a discrete gray-level image. We contend that the BCP, when seen in this light, bears a striking resemblance to the line detection problem in IP.

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  • Projection methods are developed along two lines: perspective and parallel. Projection theory comprises the principles used to represent graphically 3-D objects and structures on 2-D media Drawing more than one face of an object by moving your line of sight relative to the object helps in understanding the 3-D form. A line of sight is an imaginary ray of light between an observer's eye and the object.

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  • A resource grammar is a standard library for the GF grammar formalism. It raises the abstraction level of writing domainspecific grammars by taking care of the general grammatical rules of a language. GF resource grammars have been built in parallel for eleven languages and share a common interface, which simplifies multilingual applications. We reflect on our experience with the Russian resource grammar trying to answer the questions: how well Russian fits into the common interface and where the line between languageindependent and language-specific should be drawn. ...

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  • This paper presents a new load sharing control between paralleled three-phase inverters in an islanded-microgrid based on the line impedance estimation online by the use of the Kalman filter.

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  • Parallel: In parallel transmission all bits in a single character are transmitted simultaneously. Data travels in parallel (simultaneously) within a PC over the data bus (bundle of data lines). Similarly we can transmit data between two PCs in parallel. That is all data lines (normally 8) from one PC are connected to the other PC. Parallel transmission is primarily limited to transmission of data within a computer, between computers and between a computer and a printer. It is fast compared to serial transmission but limited to shorter distances. ...

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  • AFTER some fourteen years of teaching in American colleges and universities the author finds that the average high school graduate has not developed in himself a mathematical type of reasoning. lie therefore hopes that this treatment may in some measure accomplish this purpose. The first few chapters are devoted to a thorough review of high school algebra, for the author is convinced that most college freshmen need considerable drill on the fundamental processes of algebra before attempting a very extensive study of mathematics....

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  • Mould Line Gas Springs and Spring Plungers for Mould Making For all applications where lift movements are required parallel to mould opening, it is possible to use gas springs. The FIBRO Mould Line gas spring (FML), which was specially developed for mould making, is characterised by its high force, its small size, a long service life of at least 1,000,000 strokes and a constant operating temperature of 120°C. Of course, the FML gas springs are approved as per the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EG...

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  • The chapter describes how to create one-, two-, and threeview sketches with traditional tools and CAD. Also described are standard practices for representing edges, curves, holes, tangencies, and fillets and rounds. The foundation of multiviews is orthographic projection, based on parallel lines of sight and mutually perpendicular views. Also introduced in this chapter are visualization techniques that can be used to help create and interpret multiviews.

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  • When you begin making a cut, watch what the blade does carefully. The idea, of course, is that it follows a parallel line to the face against the fence. Push slowly, and let the blade cut at a slow, even rate. Don't force it or you can cause the blade to buckle. If the blade is sharp the cut will proceed smoothly, if it is not it won't, and there are no two ways about it. This is the most wood your band saw will handle at one time and a sharp blade is essential. After the cut has progressed...

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  • With its origins in the theories of continuous distributions of dislocations and of metal plasticity, inhomogeneity theory is a rich and vibrant field of research. The recognition of the important role played by configurational or material forces in phenomena such as growth and remodelling is perhaps its greatest present-day impetus. While some excellent comprehensive works approaching the subject from different angles have been published, the objective of this monograph is to present a point of view that emphasizes the differentialgeometric aspects of inhomogeneity theory.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học Minireview cung cấp cho các bạn kiến thức về ngành y đề tài: Parallel RNAi screens across different cell lines identify generic and cell type-specific regulators of actin organization and cell morphology...

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  • Why a book on injectable fillers? Astonishingly, there are few books on this subject. Furthermore, during the last decade we have seen a tremendous increase in the number of filler materials and a parallel increase in our knowledge about them. Treatments have become more subtle and now include more indications. The task of this book is therefore twofold. First, to give an overview on the most common biodegradable and nonbiodegradable fillers and to give parallely some advice about how to approach new fillers, which are often accompanied by marketing myths rather than good scientific data.

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  • Hộp thoại Set Buiding View Options. Trong hộp thoại Set Buiding View Options chọn Auto Area Mesh và Aplly to All Windows. Chọn hai điểm như hình vẽ, chọn Edit Edit Grid Data Add Grid at Selected Points thoại Add Grid Lines at Selected Point, trong hộp thoại chọn Parallel to Y

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  • On one of the given lines take segment AB and construct its midpoint, M (cf. Problem 8.74). Let A1 and M1 be the intersection points of lines PA and PM with the second of the given lines, Q the intersection point of lines BM1 and MA1. It is easy to verify that line PQ is parallel to the given lines. In the case when point P does not lie on line AB, we can make use of the solution of Problem 3.36. If point P lies on line AB, then we can first drop perpendiculars l1 and l2 from some other points...

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  • Extremum (create an extremum element (point, edge, or face), which is at the minimum or maximum distance on a curve, a surface, or a pad, according to given directions. )Projection (project one or more elements onto a support. The projection can be normal to surface or along a specified direction.)Combine Curves (create a curve resulting from the intersection of the extrusion of two curves. )

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  • Lowpass and Bandpass Filters Conventional microstrip lowpass and bandpass filters such as stepped-impedance filters, open-stub filters, semilumped element filters, end- and parallel-coupled half-wavelength resonator filters, hairpin-line filters, interdigital and combline filters, pseudocombline filters, and stub-line filters are widely used in many RF/microwave applications. It is the purpose of this chapter to present the designs of these filters with instructive design examples.

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  • Fixed beam arrays are usually either linear arrays or assemblies of linear arrays to make a planar array. Thus the linear array is a basic building block. When the array elements are in series along a transmission line, the array is termed “series.” Similarly, when the elements are in parallel with a feed line or network, the array is termed “shunt.” A further division of series feeds is into resonant or standing wave feeds, and travelling wave feeds. Shunt feeds are generally of corporate type, or distributed. Each of these types is discussed below. ...

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  • Whether one angle is larger (greater in degree measure) than another Whether two lines are parallel or perpendicular Whether two triangles are the same shape or size Whether one segment of a pie chart is larger than another segment Rely instead on the numbers and the textual information provided in the question and in the two statements.

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