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  • Value added healthy instant foods are the requirements of modern society and also are becoming popular day by day. These foods are convenient to use and time saving. Dosa is a popular vegetarian fermented South Indian breakfast food item made from parboiled rice, black gram dhal, fenugreek seeds, edible oil and salt. In the present study the attempts were made to standardize instant kodo millet dosa mix by incorporation of kodo millet flours with parboiled rice at different incorporation levels at 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% and control 100% with rice flour.

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  • In this study, determination of minimum fluidisation velocity of rice, effects of temperature on drying rate and puffing quality of pre-conditioned rice were investigated. The experiments were conducted on two varieties of rice namely parboiled Polished rice namely medium and long.

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  • Ready to eat extruded snacks were formulated by the flours of parboiled rice, bitter-gourd water chestnut and skim milk powder. The effects of extrusion processing parameters such as feed moisture (8-16 %, wb), blend ratio (3-15 %), barrel temperature (120-200 °C), die head temperature (160-240 °C) and screw speed (100-140 rpm) on the textural properties (i.e. crispness, hardness and cutting strength) of extruded snacks were investigated by response surface methodology using CCRD design.

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  • The present study was carried out to investigate the impact of iron, zinc and calcium fortification in rice through parboiling technique on its physicochemical properties. Rough rice were fortified in four different treatments where treatment 1 and 2 involved soaking and steaming at different temperature and duration, whereas, treatment 3 and 4 included germination as a part of fortification in addition to soaking and steaming. The results revealed significant differences in physical and cooking properties of fortified rice among the treatments.

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