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  • I would like to welcome all of you to the Bank and to thank you for com- ing. It is a particular pleasure to thank our joint partners of this workshop: AFRICATIP, the Red Social, and the NGO-World Bank Committee, and all the others who have supported the event and its preparation. This workshop is billed as a global learning event, and we at the Bank certainly look forward to benefiting from the rich experience that all of you bring from all over the world. I am very pleased to note that this event, proposed as a “workshop,” emphasizes work and that the day following the conclusion...

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  • Laura Graham (2006) recently wrote that anthropologists are obligated to promote human rights and social justice. Her call to action, especially among vulnerable communities, is one felt in many disciplines. We take particular pleasure in the range of fields represented in this volume on cultural heritage and human rights: anthropology and archeology (Hugo Benavides, Jan French, Charles Orser, Anne Pyburn, Helaine Silverman, Laurajane Smith, Larry Zimmerman), architectural and landscape history (D. Fairchild Ruggles), landscape architecture and geography (James L. Wescoat, Jr.

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  • Benign breast disease comprises a wide range of conditions which worry patients, which vex physicians, which are vastly more common than breast cancer, and yet which have to date received relatively little attention in the medical literature. It is therefore a particular pleasure for me to introduce the third edition of Hughes, Mansel & Webster’s Benign Disorders and Diseases of the Breast, a unique and classic work which fully succeeds in addressing this imbalance and builds on the substantial and well-deserved success of the first (1989) and second (2000) editions.

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  • The undersigned, in behalf of the Young People's Institute, hasten to present to you the followingResolutions, together with their personal thanks, for the Lectures you have delivered before them, on the Philosophy of Language. The uncommon degree of interest, pleasure and profit, with which you have been listened to, is conclusive evidence, that whoever possesses taste and talents to comprehend and appreciate the philosophy of language, which you have so successfully cultivated, cannot fail to attain a powerful influence over the minds of his audience. ...

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  • I dedicate this book to all the managers and staff that I have had the pleasure of working with over the last (nearly) 25 years. I have sincere gratitude for the knowledge you have passed to me downwards and upwards (and sideways) and for the experiences I have gained from working with you. This has taught me almost everything I know about the workplace!

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  • Ducks have several advantages over other poultry species, in particular their disease tolerance. They are hardy, excellent foragers and easy to herd, particularly in wetlands where they tend to flock together. In Asia, most duck production is closely associated with wetland rice farming, particularly in the humid and subtropics. An added advantage is that ducks normally lay most of their eggs within the three hours after sunrise (compared with five hours for chickens). This makes it possible for ducks to freely range in the rice fields by day, while being confined by night.

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  • intense / intensive The meanings of intense and intensive overlap considerably, but the two adjectives often have distinctive meanings. When you describe human feeling or activity, intense often suggests a strength or concentration that arises from inner dispositions and is particularly appropriate for describing emotional states: intense pleasure, dislike, loyalty, and so forth. But you use intensive when the strength or concentration of an activity is imposed from without: intensive bombing, intensive training, intensive marketing.

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  • It is with great pleasure that we present this completely revised English edition of our book How Does MRI Work? An Introduction to the Physics and Function of Magnetic Resonance Imaging only two years after publication of the first English edition. We are particularly pleased that our introductory textbook met with great approval in the English-speaking world and not just in the German-speaking countries. This success has been an enormous incentive for us to further improve and update the text. For this reason, we are now presenting a second edition.

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  • For work or recreation, business or pleasure – whatever the reason, all sorts of people spend a great deal of time in hotels and guest houses, restaurants and bars. Whether the experience is a positive one depends on a lot of factors. But visual impact is high on the list. Outside our normal environment our senses are particularly alert, ready to register and store unfamiliar and positive new impressions. This is an automatic human response – one that paves the way for an appreciation of surroundings crafted for aesthetic appeal....

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  • This article will discuss the interweaving of that erotic pleasure in film, its meaning, and in particular the central place of the image of woman. It is said that analysing pleasure, or beauty, destroys it. That is the intention of this article. The satisfaction and reinforcement of the ego that represent the high point of film history hitherto must be attacked. Not in favour of a reconstructed new pleasure, which cannot exist in the abstract, nor of intellectualised unpleasure, but to make way for a total negation of the ease and plenitude of the narrative fiction film.

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  • By the year of this Oscar montage, 1990, the cultures of home video viewing and movie taping had taken hold, and while the widespread development of the domestic cinephile would await the phenomenon of DVD collecting as characterized by Barbara Klinger, the accumulative spectatorial pleasures of the Workman montages foretell the dynamic of the contemporary movie collector. According to Klinger this is “a dynamic that occludes the relations the collection has to the outside world, particularly to the social and material conditions of mass production.

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  • This book is based on the Machette Lectures, delivered at the University of Ohio, Athens OH in March 1998. It gives me great pleasure to acknowledge the generous support of the Machette Foundation for the lecture series and its subsequent publication. I am particularly grateful to the Philosophy Department of Ohio University at Athens OH for invit- ing me and for providing such a rewarding and stimulating environment in which to do philosophy. My special thanks to James Petrik, Donald Borchert and Albert Mosley for managing the executive side of the visit so efficiently....

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  • It was with great pleasure that I accepted the invitation to introduce this publication, authored by my friends and colleagues Fabio Martino, Enzo Silvestri, Walter Grassi and Giacomo Garlaschi. The volume focuses on the impact of ultrasound in the musculoskeletal field, with particular reference to pathology in a rheumatological context.

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  • Witasek's aesthetics may therefore be seen also as a contribution to the Gestaltist tradition of aesthetic value-theory, from Ehrenfels and Rausch to Robert Nozick. 6 Here, however, I shall be interested not in this value-theoretical aspect of Witasek's work but rather in the implications of his ideas for the understanding of the structures of aesthetic experience.

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  • In regard to the relatively trivial examples of aesthetic objects treated so far, our pleasure rested in each case on an intuitive presentation of something external (on the presentation of `physical phenomena' in Brentano's sense). We have now, however, reached a point where we must turn inward and consider the feelings of higher order aesthetic pleasure which are provoked by our presentations of mental, and particular emotional, phenomena themselves.

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