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  • Agriculture is the mainstay sector of the country‟s economy. Now a day‟s various technologies, innovative ideas have ensured the development of agriculture. The farmers are not following the newer as well as innovative practices because of the lack of interest, lack of awareness and lack of training on the particular technology. Every agricultural Extension Scientists try to reduce the farmer‟s problem, even though lacks are there, to transfer the technology from the lab to land. Krishi Vigyan Kendra is India‟s innovative institution to transfer the technology at the grass root level.

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  • - of the third edition, while maintaining an emphasis on nutrition and, in particular, the effects of processing on the nutritive value of the products as compared with that of the raw cereals. However, some new material has been introduced, notably sections dealing with extrusion cooking and the use of cereals for animal feed, and the section on industrial uses for cereals has been considerably enlarged. A change in the fourth edition, which readers of earlier editions will notice, is the order in which the material is presented.

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  • Ten years ago, when we first began treading in the murky waters of ‘‘smart’’ materials and micro-systems, we had little information to guide us. Although there had already been rapid expansion in these technologies in the science and engineering fields, particularly in regard to sensor development, their entry into the design arena was, at best, idiosyncratic.

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  • The employer-employee Relationship: A phenomenological Study of Retention and the Information Technology Worker In University of California data, I find evidence that observable background characteristics—particularly those describing the composition of the school, rather than the individual’s own background—are strong predictors of both SAT scores and collegiate performance, and that much of the SAT’s apparent predictive power derives from its association with these background characteristics.

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  • THE PRINCIPAL purpose of the fourth edition is to update the material - including the statistics - of the third edition, while maintaining an emphasis on nutrition and, in particular, the effects of processing on the nutritive value of the products as compared with that of the raw cereals. However, some new material has been introduced, notably sections dealing with extrusion cooking and the use of cereals for animal feed, and the section on industrial uses for cereals has been considerably enlarged....

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  • This book covers the most recent advances concerning the ability to overcome connectivity limitations and extend the link capacity of vehicular systems. Ranging from the advances on radio access technologies to intelligent mechanisms deployed to enhance cooperative communications, cognitive radio and multiple antenna systems have been given particular highlight.

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  • By 2050, Chinese and global agriculture are expected to enter a new era of development. Global population increase and economic development, particularly in developing countries, will lead to greater human demand for food and fiber. The demand for multifunctional agriculture will also increase as the worsening global energy crisis induces the rise of the biomass energy industry. Demand growth, diversification and market expansion provide unlimited reverie for the future development of agriculture.

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  • This document is one of several white papers that summarize readily available information on control techniques and measures to mitigate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from specific industrial sectors.

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  • while generally positive, differed markedly. Results illustrate how mobile wireless ICT can meet the unique needs of action teams and the particular importance of technical factors, functionality, and implementation processes in deploying a technology to support rapid information access, communication, and coordination. We expect that these findings will generalize beyond action teams as more mobile workers in a variety of domains adopt wireless handheld technologies.

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  • Intra-organizational knowledge transfer and firm Performance: An empirical study of Vietnam’s information technology companies. The purpose of this paper is to contribute to the limited previous research on intra-organizational knowledge transfer, by examining the impact of particular organizational factors (IT systems, organizational culture, organizational structure and incentive systems).

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  • This report summarizes work performed during a quick-response analytic effort in support of the 2001 Army Science Board (ASB) Summer Study on Objective Force Soldier, along with subsequent efforts in related areas. The work used high-resolution constructive simulation to examine key aspects of “objective soldier,” with the modeling taking place in the 2015–2020 time frame.

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  • In 2020, areas of particular importance for technology trends will include biotechnology, nanotechnology, materials technology, and information technology. The authors of this report assessed a sample of 29 countries across the spectrum of scientific advancement (low to high) with respect to their ability to acquire and implement 16 key technology applications (e.g., cheap solar energy, rural wireless communications, genetically modified crops). The study

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  • Chapter 6: Project cost management. This chapter describes important concepts in project cost management, particularly planning cost management, creating good estimates, and using earned value management (EVM) to assist in cost control.

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  • This article focuses on the Chinese experience in the management of S&T programs, with particular emphasis on the national technology innovation program which mainly relied on the management experience of the ATP, TIP, and SBIR/STTR programs of the United States. The article then makes recommendations with a system of solutions for improvement of S&T management, in general and the system of S&T programs, in particular with the view to further enhancing the efficiency of S&T operation in our country.

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  • This paper is focused on study of actual status of technological innovations in agri-sylviculture product processing sector in Red River Delta Region (North Vietnam Delta Region) and also assessment of effects of policies towards promotion of technological innovations in enterprises in general and SMEs in particular in agrisylviculture product processing sector.

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  • This paper provides also policy makers, scientists and businessmen with a global and new visions to S&T development process to achieve green and sustainable growth. In the declining context of environment, natural resources and impacts from climate changes, the green growth has become an avoidable trend in the world. It becomes a huge challenge for all the nations, particularly for developing countries including Vietnam.

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  • This study is particularly interested in what motivates lecturers to try emerging technologies – those teaching and learning technologies that are new, or are used in new ways, or in new contexts to change teaching practices. This paper analyses the responses of university lecturers in South Africa, who use emerging technologies in their teaching, to a national survey which asked what motivates their practice. The rationales that lecturers use to explain their practices include a mix of pedagogic concerns, pragmatism and external imperatives.

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  • The notion of Task/Technology Fit (TTF) posits that as the degree of overlap increases between the task domain, and the ways in which the capabilities of an information system (IS) are suited to activities within that domain, performance gains experienced via use of the IS should also increase. This research proposes an expanded TTF model that is applicable to the context of Knowledge Management (KM) and Knowledge Management Systems (KMS).

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  • The present article describes the significance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for the rural development. It is based on the perception survey about ICT, suggesting that ICT can be very beneficial and powerful tool for facilitating rural development, particularly in the sectors of e-commerce, e-health, e-government services and the most important e-education, training, information and expertise exchange, experience sharing, communication and society engagement. Overall, ICT is an effective tool for the different dimension of rural development.

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  • The evaluation of impact of ATMA involve measuring the relationship between farmers’ knowledge, extent of skill with the adoption of better practices or farm technologies, utilization of inputs and ultimately increase farm productivity and profitability and the related improvement in farm.

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