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Pathogenesis of endometriosis

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  • NK cells are one of the major immune cells in endometriosis pathogenesis. While previous clinical studies have shown that helixor A to be an effective treatment for endometriosis, little is known about its mechanism of action, or its relationship with immune cells.

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  • Endometriosis, although not malignant, has clinically demonstrated properties of invasiveness and metastasis. The pathogenesis of endometriosis, however, has not yet been elucidated. The immunological differences between endometriosis and malignant gynecologic tumors were analyzed by assessing C-type lectin receptors, which are associated with innate immunity, and immunoglobulin secretion, which is associated with B cell adaptive immunity, in the peritoneal fluid of these patients.

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  • The feedback from oil prices to economic activity is captured by a reduced-form production function that allows us to separately specify shocks to the output gap (transitory shocks to output), shocks to potential output (permanent shocks to the level of output), and shocks to potential output growth (permanent shocks to the growth rate of output). The richness of this specification helps us to model the complicated interactions of oil price movements and GDP, where both trend and gap decline if oil prices increase.

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  • At the other end of the food chain agricultural practices are going to change. The increased focus on environmental sustainability in society is reflected in the rapid growth for organic agriculture, while the use of modern biotechnology might be offering many new opportunities for agriculture in the EU. The enlargement process and further reforms of the CAP could lead to a drastically changed market and production situation.

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  • From an economic point of view, this development corresponds to experiences already achieved in other markets – the shift from supply-driven markets to demand-driven markets. As food is one of the basic goods, this means that once a basic level of food supply is guaranteed, the consumer develops an increased interest in quality and variety. Through the ability to choose between a broad range of food products, the consumer acceptance of new food is the final criterion for a successful market introduction.

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  • The sense of taste is very similar to the sense of smell. Taste is the sense through which the chemical constituents of a solid are detected and information about them is transmitted to the brain. The molecules are detected by five types of taste buds that are on the tongue and throat; some areas of the tongue are more sensitive to certain basic flavors than others, but the commonly-referenced Tongue Taste Map has been debunked. For example, you can taste bitterness more towards the back of your tongue, but the entire tongue can taste it. The five basic tastes detected...

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  • Feeds can contain both high and low water percentages. Examples of feeds with high water contents are young grass (± 15% DM) and cabbage (

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  • There are only a couple of educational institutions including universities that look into media education, and offer projects and conferences. According to Kumar, media education should lead to democratic communication. He defines media education as a teaching method that uses formal, non-formal, and informal approaches to impart a critical understanding of various media in order to lead to greater responsibility, greater participation in the production of media as well as to a greater interest in the sales and reception of media.

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  • Applications must be sent to the Agency by 16/04/2012 (the postmark will be taken as proof of timely sending). Please read carefully section 13 of this Call for Proposals concerning the procedures for submitting applications. Applicants will be informed in due course of the results of the selection and normally within two weeks of the date of decision by the Commission to grant or not a financial contribution which is expected to be by September 2012. The selection results will be published on the MEDIA website.

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  • Inevitably, a crisis requires the selection and retention of outside advisors such as law firms and accounting firms. About four in 10 companies rely on the CEO or other senior management to select these advisors. Five in 10 companies turn to the entire board to determine the choice or appoint a special committee to make recommendations; less frequently, the lead director makes a recom- mendation to the board. The surveyed directors whose companies had a crisis overwhelmingly believe (88 percent) that having a lead director was helpful in resolving the crisis.

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  • With the recent increase in shareholder activism, companies are increasingly considering roles for lead directors in communicating with shareholders. Although management remains principally responsible for investor relations, having a lead director who can assist in certain types of commu- nications may add a useful voice.

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  • Surveys can help you gather performance information from a variety of sources. Typically, survey questions are geared to the categories established by in the executive job description, though they could also be tied to goals specified in an annual plan. Such areas might include finance, fundraising, community relations, human resources, program performance, planning, and governance.

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  • Outsourcing in the animation industry is one of the more promising business process outsourcing services today with a current world market valued at about US$68.4 billion. This figure is expected to rise to almost US$80 billion by 2010. With a projected 16.5% growth in two years’ time, this displays the extensive opportunity the industry has. The increase in demand may be attributed to the continued production of animation in the entertainment sector which accounts for 74% of total revenues in the global animation industry.

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  • Only 32% infants are exclusively breastfed during the first six months. This is an increase from 13% in 2003. Data from the 2003 and 2008 Kenya Demographic and Health Survey, show that although breastfeeding is a common practice in Kenya, mixed feeding rather than exclusive breastfeeding is practiced. There was a marked decline in exclusive breastfeeding rates between 1993/98 (17%) and 2003 (13%). Some of the contributing factors were confusing messages about breastfeeding in context HIV and AIDS.

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  • The coordination of the assessment was done by the National Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition Steering committee (NMIYCNSC) which is the technical advisory body of the government on maternal, infant and young child nutrition issues. In 2008, a core group comprising of various persons from key departments (Annex 1), compiled a draft WBTI report for Kenya after a number of meetings. In 2012, with the support of IBFAN Africa, the National MIYCN steering committee engaged a consultant (Mr.

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  • During the Identification phase, ideas for projects and other development actions are identified and screened for further study. This involves consultation with the intended beneficiaries of each action, an analysis of the problems they face, and the identification of options to address these problems. A decision can then be made on the relevance of each project idea (both to the intended beneficiaries and to the programming framework), and on which ideas should be further studied during the Formulation phase....

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  • Hooded seals are considerably less abundant than harp seals. The 1990 hooded seal population was estimated between 400,000 and 450,000. The TAC for hooded seals (10,000 seals) is considerably below the replacement yield, which is estimated to be between 24,000 and 34,000 animals, depending on the age composition of the hunt. Genetic work aimed at separating the distinct populations of hooded seals in the Canadian Atlantic region is underway, and satellite tagging of these animals has been undertaken.

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  • The newer meta-analyses did not add significantly to the views expressed in the previous Type 2 diabetes guideline. The findings of the ROSSO study44 and the data from the large Kaiser Permanente cohorts43 added considerable confidence to the view that SMBG was an integral part of effective patient education packages and enabled the effective use of many other therapies and lifestyle interventions. The view in the previous guideline that self-monitoring of plasma glucose is not a stand-alone intervention was endorsed....

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  • The risk of arterial disease and microvascular complications in people with diabetes are known to be related to the extent of hyperglycaemia with time. While the lifestyle, oral agent, and injectable therapies discussed in this guideline can improve blood glucose control, their efficacy is limited, as the underlying pathogenesis of diabetes worsens with time. As symptoms are not a reliable guide to blood glucose control in people on therapy, it is important to have an accurate means of measuring blood glucose control over time, to enable decision-making.

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  • The GDG noted that there was little new evidence to warrant any change to previous views in this field. The major consensus-based recommendations from the UK and USA emphasise sensible practical implementation of nutritional advice for people with Type 2 diabetes. Other relevant NICE guidance should be considered where relevant, including clinical guideline no. 43 on the assessment and management of overweight and obesity in adults and children and clinical guideline no. 48 which gives dietary and lifestyle advice post-MI. Overlap with the NICE/RCP Type 1 diabetes guideline was noted.

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