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  • Inter-patient variability in response to opioids is well known but a comprehensive definition of its pathophysiological mechanism is still lacking and, more importantly, no studies have focused on children.

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  • Urinary tract infection (UTI) is considered as the most common bacterial infectious disease seen among the pediatric patients. Pediatric urinary tract infections are associated with high morbidity and long term complications like renal scaring, hypertension and chronic renal failure The epidemiology of UTI during childhood varies by age, gender and other factors (Bickerton and Ducket, 1985). Most commonly bacteria causes of UTI in children are members of Enterobacteriaceae, particularly uropathogenic strains of E. coli and Klebsiella spp.

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  • Dengue is a vector borne arboviral disease caused by dengue virus, and it is transmitted by Aedes aegypti mosquito. It is endemic in almost all parts of India for the past two decades. Recently there was dengue outbreak in the year 2017 where southern parts of India were most affected. This study is carried out in a tertiary care child and maternity hospital, Puducherry, to study the seroprevalence rate of dengue among antenatal and peadiatric age group during the time period January 2017 to December 2017. NS1Ag ELISA and IgM Microlisa tests were done to diagnose dengue infection.

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  • Blood stream infections (BSI) are a global burden in developing countries. Increased incidence leads to morbidity and mortality in neonates as well as Paediatric age group patients. Blood culture is an effective tool for diagnosis of BSI. Aim is to determine various blood stream pathogens and their antibiotic susceptibility pattern.

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  • Impetigo continues to be an important paediatric skin infection. Staphylococcus aureus is the commonest bacteria associated with Impetigo. Drug resistance particularly to first line oral antibiotics is alarmingly high in Staphylococcus aureus. This study aims to find the bacterial isolates causing impetigo and their susceptibility pattern to drugs particularly Mupirocin. This prospective study was done in patients presenting with impetigo to the dermatology OP of a tertiary care hospital for the period of six months from May 2017 to October 2017.

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  • Coagulase negative staphylococci (CoNS) were generally considered to be contaminants in the past having little clinical significance. Over the past two decades, these organisms have become recognized as important agents of human disease. S. epidermidis is the predominant agent in nosocomial infection, bacteremia, surgical wound and urinary tract infections. Their pathogenic potential is being increasingly understood and also causing problems to clinicians because of their drug resistance.

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  • To investigate the unique features of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in children, we wanted to identify whether there might be a strong correlation between the disease phenotype and its prognosis at various ages in paediatric patients.

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  • Although the pathogenesis of paediatric-onset autoimmune hepatitis (pAIH) remains incompletely understood, genetic variants and environmental factors are known to be involved. Caspase recruitment domain family member 10 (CARD10) is a scaffold protein that participates in a complex pathway activating nuclear factor kappa-B (NFjB) and tumour necrosis factor alpha (TNF-a). This study aimed to investigate the association of CARD10 rs6000782 (g.37928186A > C) and TNF gene promoter rs1799724 (c.-1037C > T) variants with pAIH susceptibility in a cohort of Egyptian children.

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  • Significant flexibility is achieved when combining a non- condensing turbine with a condensing steam turbine, or when a steam turbine supplies controlled pressure steam to more than one process header. This is accomplished with a single- or double-auto extraction condensing steam turbine generator. (See Figure 6.) Figure 9 illustrates a performance map (flow vs. kilowatt output) for a single auto extraction steam turbine generator. This generic performance map applies equally to single-auto non-condensing and to single-auto condensing steam turbine generators.

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  • The evidence base for the insulin secretagogues was more extensive than ascertained for the parent guideline. However, in many of the papers in which they are compared to other drugs they were being used as the comparator therapy rather than the investigated therapy. New evidence did not lead to new conclusions about the role of these drugs in clinical management, either from the point of view of efficacy or safety.

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  • Large Congregations Better Prepared Than Smaller Congregations. However, as with charities, we find that larger congregations are better prepared to manage volunteers than are their smaller counterparts. The largest congregations are the ones with the greatest scope of volunteer use, greatest likelihood to have a paid staff coordinator, and greater overall adoption of recommended management practices. Staff Time Spent Managing Volunteers Related to Adoption of Management Practices.

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  • As the success of Wildfire continued, in June 2003 a new location was opened in Schaumburg, Illinois. Later that summer, LEYE developed a new fast casual concept called Wow Bao, located in the entrance of Chicago’s Water Tower Place shopping center. Wow Bao, specializes in Asian influenced savory steamed buns, nourishing broths, crunchy salads and specialty sodas and teas. In 2004, two more restaurants were opened in Las Vegas, Nevada, Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba! and Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab. Also in October, Lund Food Holdings, Inc.

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  • In regard to 3D modeling, there are three primary operations: addition, subtraction, and intersection. In order to create a boolean object, you first need two other objects. They can be primitves or other meshes. They also need to intersect in 3D space. If you do addition, the resulting object will be the sum of the two initial objects. It will look as if the two were welded. If substration is what you are doing, the second object get subtracted from the first one. A hole in the shape of the second object is created in the first one. All the space that was occupied by both of...

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  • For the first time, this edition of Design Business and Ethics has been consolidated into a single publication, rather than printed as separate brochures in a binder. This new format responds to members’ recom- mendations to minimize the resources used in the publication, both in consideration of the environment and the current economic challenges.

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  • One of the main problems when analysing the impact of remittances on development is the lack of full and reliable information on the volume, destination and use of this economic flow. The lack of information also limits the proposals for action that can be made by the Public Administration. Hence, we should start by improving data collection systems on remittances. On the one hand, we need to have a more precise image of the proportion of their savings that immigrants are sending to their countries of origin and analyse the factors that influence the frequency and volume...

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  • Allocation of scarce resources; land, labour, capital, foreign exchange; present and future consumption, optimum use of taxes and subsidy. Public ownership and planning, relationship between plans and projects selection and investment programme; private sector projects, method of evaluation of private projects, social cost- benefit and switching values, uses and abuses of sensitivity analysis. Accounting prices for traded and non-traded goods, marginal social costs and marginal social benefits, financing of projects, impact of project outputs on production and consumption elsewhere.

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  • The connection between the client and the database server is a key component of the overall architecture of a computing system. The database connection is responsible for supporting all communications between an application and the data it uses. Ora- cle includes a number of features that establish and tune your database connections. The following features relate to the way the Oracle database handles the connection between the client and server machines in a database interaction.

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  • We have learned that the way to know a person fully, is to see that person aesthetically: as trying to put opposites together. The opposites of the world are in us and relate us to everyone and everything else. We have in us the Energy and Repose of reality—a reality with volcanoes and quiet, moonlit lakes. We are Center and Circumference like the solar system, pulled toward the sun yet circling in space. We have Concentration and Expansion like an egg with a chick in it, about to hatch out. We are a study in Sameness and Difference like a snowflake, a six-pointed star like all...

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  • The subjects then used an online system to perform the experimental task. A copy of the text specification with the example diagram was placed in front of the computer for easy reference, and the UML experimental diagrams were presented in random order for each subject. The subjects gave a yes/no response to each presented diagram, indicating whether they thought the diagram matched the specification or not: two keys on the keyboard were used for this input. 16 practice diagrams (randomly selected from the 21 experimental diagrams) were presented first.

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  • I hate the fact that fans who want to do what readers have always done are expected to play in the same system as all these hotshot agents and lawyers. It's just stupid to say that an elementary school classroom should have to talk to a lawyer at a giant global publisher before they put on a play based on one of my books. It's ridiculous to say that people who want to “loan” their electronic copy of my book to a friend need to get a license to do so. Loaning books has been around longer than any publisher on Earth, and it's a...

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