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  • Nutritional deficiencies during pregnancy usually lead to intrauterine growth retardation, which is one of the main causes of foetal and infant undernutrition in developing countries. Every year, 30 million newborns, or 23% of 126 million births per year, are affected by intrauterine growth retardation; by contrast, in developed countries the rate is only about 2% (World Health Organization 2000a).

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  • This  products  classification  system  facilitates  rapid  research  about  the  needed  medical  devices. It is also a guarantee of maintaining coherence in the whole list and obtaining a clear  overview of what is needed to set up a reproductive health service.    The  list of products  is  specified by  two  levels of  care:  the  first  level of MNH  care  and  the  referral level. The first level of care for MNH includes normal care that should be offered to  all  women,  including  pregnant  women,  and  babies,  and  the  initial  management  of  complications.

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  • By the year of this Oscar montage, 1990, the cultures of home video viewing and movie taping had taken hold, and while the widespread development of the domestic cinephile would await the phenomenon of DVD collecting as characterized by Barbara Klinger, the accumulative spectatorial pleasures of the Workman montages foretell the dynamic of the contemporary movie collector. According to Klinger this is “a dynamic that occludes the relations the collection has to the outside world, particularly to the social and material conditions of mass production.

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  • Government policies are therefore needed to support the commercialisation of new technologies (R&D tax credits; accelerated depreciation; investment incentives; government support for venture capital funds; and output-stage support such as feed-in tariffs etc.) and to correct market failures through carbon pricing). To create this type of „investment grade‟ policy, such support needs to be „loud‟ (big enough to impact the bottom line), „long‟ (for a sustained period) and „legal‟ (with regulatory frameworks clearly established).

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  • For a more reliable assessment of future performance, the k-fold cross validation [Sto74] is often applied. An advantage of this technique is that all samples in the data set are fully utilized. In a k-fold cross validation, the data is randomly separated into k partitions of equal size. In each of the k runs, (k – 1) partitions are combined to form the training set and the remaining partition is held out as the testing set. This process repeats k times, each time with a different partition of training and testing sets. The average performance of the model...

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  • Allocation of scarce resources; land, labour, capital, foreign exchange; present and future consumption, optimum use of taxes and subsidy. Public ownership and planning, relationship between plans and projects selection and investment programme; private sector projects, method of evaluation of private projects, social cost- benefit and switching values, uses and abuses of sensitivity analysis. Accounting prices for traded and non-traded goods, marginal social costs and marginal social benefits, financing of projects, impact of project outputs on production and consumption elsewhere.

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  • One of the main problems when analysing the impact of remittances on development is the lack of full and reliable information on the volume, destination and use of this economic flow. The lack of information also limits the proposals for action that can be made by the Public Administration. Hence, we should start by improving data collection systems on remittances. On the one hand, we need to have a more precise image of the proportion of their savings that immigrants are sending to their countries of origin and analyse the factors that influence the frequency and volume...

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  • While there are still gaps in understanding pulmonary vasculature, tremendous progress has been made in understanding its functionality, its adaptation to hypoxia, the effects of increased pulmonary vascular resistance on the right ventricular function, and the molecular pathways affected in this process. As a result, there are currently seven therapies for pulmonary arterial hypertension and the field is rapidly moving forward, with several novel molecular targets under development.

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  • Using the panel-data approach of Kónya (2006), which is based on SUR systems and Wald tests with country-specific bootstrap critical values, and two different (weekly and monthly) datasets covering respectively the periods from 7 June 2005 to 21October 2008, and from January 1996 to December 2007, we show strong statistical evidence that the causal relationship is consistently bi-directional for Saudi Arabia. In the other GCC countries, stock market price changes do not Granger cause oil price changes, whereas oil price shocks Granger cause stock price changes.

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  • We show that the main testable implication of the buffer stock model is that the covariance between the wealth gap (the difference between actual and target wealth) and consumption is (strongly) positive. Although we focus on Carroll’s version of the buffer stock model, the test applies equally well to Deaton’s case. In Carroll, buffer stock behavior emerges from the tension between impatience, prudence, and the chance of zero earnings. Impatient individuals would like to anticipate consumption, but the chance of zero future earnings generates a demand for wealth.

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  • The Climate Change Act 2008 set out targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGEs) 2. At present it is estimated that 18-20% of GHGEs in the UK come from the food chain. In response to climate change, WWF-UK’s One Planet Food Programme (2009-12) set goals to reduce GHGEs from the consumption and production of food destined for the UK by at least 25% by 2020 and by 70% by 2050 (based on 1990 emission levels). This will require changes to both the supply side (food production) and the demand side (food consumption) within the food supply chain. As part of...

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  • Over the years, the EITC has played different tax policy, labor market, and antipoverty roles. In section 3.2, we review the political history of the EITC, its rules, and its goals, and we provide a broad set of program sta- tistics that summarize its growth and coverage. Various goals of the pro- gram occasionally come into conflict. For example, when the EITC was in- creased as part of the 1993 budget bill, it was singled out as an important antipoverty program that has positive (relative to alternatives) labor mar- ket incentives.

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  • Water quality risks are often overlooked but may have significant financial implications. The quality of process water is critical in many industrial production systems, and contaminated water supply may require additional investment and operational costs for pre-treatment. In cases where current high quality source water precludes the need for pre-treatment, degradation of supply can necessitate costly capital expenditures for treatment technology.

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  • Significant flexibility is achieved when combining a non- condensing turbine with a condensing steam turbine, or when a steam turbine supplies controlled pressure steam to more than one process header. This is accomplished with a single- or double-auto extraction condensing steam turbine generator. (See Figure 6.) Figure 9 illustrates a performance map (flow vs. kilowatt output) for a single auto extraction steam turbine generator. This generic performance map applies equally to single-auto non-condensing and to single-auto condensing steam turbine generators.

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  • In addition to banks, other financial institutions issue significant amounts of preferred stocks. For example, in 2007 Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae raised $13 billion through two preferred stocks offerings. Similar to banks, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have capital requirements that make preferred stocks an attractive source of capital. The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), which regulates Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, requires them to maintain a level of “core capital,” comprised of common stock, retained earnings, and perpetual, non-cumulative preferred stock.

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  • In Figure 1, we plot the ratio of economy-wide after-tax corporate profits to GNP. These data are available in the Survey of Current Business National Income and Product Accounts (NIPA) for 1929 and after (U.S. Commerce 1929—2000). Prior to 1929, we apply the methodology of the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) to construct our own measures of after-tax corporate profits. (See U.S. Commerce 1985 and our Data Appendix for details.) The results are in Table 1. In 1929, the BEA reports after-tax profits equal to 8.8 percent of GNP.

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  • Parents with Parkinson’s agree that you shouldn’t try to hide what you’re going through from your family. Doing so can backfire on you. “It used to be that when I’d have my ‘off’ periods, I would go into my room rather than subject my family to it,” says Joan S. “That was a big mistake, because they needed to see what I was going through in order to understand.” Greg H. has had two successful rounds of DBS surgery since his diagnosis in 1990.

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  • In any case, we offer one additional combined specification that completely avoids concerns about cross-sectional dependence in returns. Specifically, we provide results for a portfolio, where each daily return is an equally weighted average of the corresponding daily returns for the G-7 stock indexes. Not surprisingly, the mean daily returns are very similar to those for the pooled results, with a nearly identical difference in returns of 0.033 percent. The t-statistic for the difference is 2.18, which is significant at the 0.03 level.

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  • Coagulase negative staphylococci (CoNS) were generally considered to be contaminants in the past having little clinical significance. Over the past two decades, these organisms have become recognized as important agents of human disease. S. epidermidis is the predominant agent in nosocomial infection, bacteremia, surgical wound and urinary tract infections. Their pathogenic potential is being increasingly understood and also causing problems to clinicians because of their drug resistance.

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  • Adaptive immune responses (it takes them days to respond to a primary invasion) such as infection by any pathogen, lead to production of antibodies and cell-mediated responses which recognize foreign pathogens and destroy them as a function of specific immune cell types. The response to a second round of infection is often more rapid than to the primary infection because of the activation of memory B and T cells.

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