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  • (bq) part 1 book "fundamentals of healthcare finance" has contents: introduction to healthcare finance, healthcare business basics, paying for health services, estimating costs, planning and budgeting, managing financial operations, pricing decisions and profit analysis, estimating costs.

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  • Health services research (HSR) exemplifies some of the greatest hopes and greatest fears for collecting and analyzing computerized personal health information. Information routinely collected in the course of providing and paying for health care can be used by researchers to investigate the relative effectiveness of alternative clinical interventions, of alternative methods of organizing, delivering, and paying for health care, and of a variety of health care policies. Such research may improve the effectiveness and efficiency of health care.

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  • The Manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Fund and its investment portfolio in compliance with the Fund’s constating documents. The Manager monitors and evaluates the performance of the Fund, pays for the investment management services of the investment advisors and provides all related administrative services required by the Fund. As compensation for its services the Manager is entitled to receive a fee payable monthly, calculated at the maximum annual rates included in Note 8(d)....

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  • Developing a reimbursement system for language services in Medicaid/CHIP has been expedited because these large programs have administratively determined reimbursement rules. For this reason, although language services for Medicaid/CHIP populations are reimbursed in Minnesota, no similar reimbursement process is required for commercial health plans, and establishing such a process is more complex because of the way health plans are paid. Currently, the expense of lan- guage services for commercially insured populations falls on providers.

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  • The costs of general checkups and other preventive services were not covered for 3 percent of people with employer-sponsored or private health insurance (Figure 7). This can be considered a measure of underinsurance in the population. These data were obtained by asking certain respondents: “Does this health insurance plan pay for all, most, some, or none of the costs of general checkups and other preventive services?” (The question about coverage of preventive care was asked only for persons with employer-sponsored and other private insurance.

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  • Amporfu Health Economics Review 2011, 1:13 RESEARCH Open Access Private hospital accreditation and inducement of care under the Ghanaian National Insurance Scheme Eugenia Amporfu Abstract The Ghanaian National Health Insurance Scheme pays providers according to the fee for service payment scheme, a method of payment that is likely to encourage inducement of care.

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  • Before meeting Margaret and Mama Lomayani, Maria would go to church and cry all day. But now, “They have given me hope,” she says. Maria braids hair and washes her neighbor’s clothes to earn money, but it is difficult to make ends meet. Mama Lomayani is helping Maria obtain a small loan to buy shampoo and oils to sell and to expand her hair-braiding business. She also hopes to sell jewelry and other small items to her clients. This money will go straight into a bank account to pay for her son’s future school fees.

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  • Widespread lack of health insurance is arguably the most urgent health problem facing Latinas today. Latinas not only have the highest uninsured rate of women from any racial/ethnic group (37%), but the number of uninsured continues to rise and shows no signs of abating. 27 For example, in 1994, 46% of low-income Latinas reported having no health insurance. By 1998, the number of uninsured, low-income Latinas had climbed to 51%.

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  • Affirming further that educational systems and other social services should be involved in the protection and promotion of breastfeeding, and in the appropriate use of complementary foods; Aware that families, communities, women's organizations and other nongovernmental organizations have a special role to play in the protection and promotion of breast-feeding and in ensuring the support needed by pregnant women and mothers of infants and young children, whether breast-feeding or not; Affirming the need for governments, organizations of the United Nations system, nongovernmental org...

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  • Construction firms expect to continue to spend more to provide health care for their employees in 2013, even though the vast majority of firms reported paying more for health care coverage last year. Three-quarters of all firms reported paying more for health care coverage for their employees in 2012, while only 16 percent reported paying the same amount and only 3 percent reported paying less for health care last year. Meanwhile, 77 percent of firms expect to pay more to insure their employees in 2013, while only 12 percent expect to pay the same as they...

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  • The early identification and treatment of toxic stress, including child maltreatment, can lessen the associated long-term negative health and behavioral outcomes. Daycare providers, teachers, and other adults who interact frequently with children should have sufficient knowledge and skills to identify and care for children who have been exposed to traumatic childhood experiences. They should be familiar with support services to meet the needs of children whose problems cannot be adequately addressed by front-line staff.

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  • Currently, Vietnam is one of the countries with the fastest aging population in the world. This has been posing challenges to ensuring social security for the elderly, including proper economic conditions (income), access to social services and healthcare. Most elderly people neither have pensions nor receive social allowances or health insurance cards. Meanwhile, they have high needs for medical examinations and treatment and have to pay more for healthcare.

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  • From 1990 to 2000, Minnesota’s foreign-born population more than doubled (Singer 2004). This change has been accompanied by increasingly active efforts in legislation and private and community collaboratives to provide, fund, and improve the quality of language services in health care settings. A central issue in providing language services is determining how to pay for them. Minnesota is one of a number of states that reimburses Medicaid providers for language services and has in recent years considered methods for funding these services in com- mercial markets as well.

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  • Some companies let you use your life insurance death benefit to pay for specific conditions such as terminal illness or for qualified long-term care expenses such as home health care, assisted living or nursing home care. A life insurance death benefit you use while you are alive is known as an accelerated death benefit. A life insurance policy that uses an accelerated death benefit to pay for long-term care expenses may also be known as a “life/long-term care” policy. It may be an individual or a group life insurance policy.

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  • In addition, the federal government pays administrative expense subsidies to insurance companies as an allowance that is intended to cover their expenses for selling and servicing crop insurance policies. In turn, insurance companies use these subsidies to cover their overhead expenses, such as payroll and rent, and to pay commissions to insurance agencies and agents. Companies also incur expenses associated with verifying—adjusting—the amount of loss claimed. These expenses include, for example, loss adjusters’ compensation and their travel expenses to farmers’ fields.

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  • Debt settlement companies required consumers to pay an up- front fee to join a debt assistance program that would eliminate the debt for a fraction of the amount owed. Many offered to refund the fee if the customer did not save a specified amount of money. Some groups claiming to be non- profit organizations offered debt counseling services targeting consumers with poor credit histories to help them obtain loans and credit cards or settle debts.

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  • There are several ways policies may cover home health care. Some long- term care insurance policies only pay for care in your home from licensed home health agencies. Some also will pay for care from licensed health care providers not from a licensed agency. These include licensed practical nurses; occupational, speech, or physical therapists; or licensed home health care aides. Other policies may pay for services from home health care aides who may not be licensed or are not from licensed agencies. Home health care aides help with personal care.

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  • Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) have enabled millions of people in the world to have biological children who otherwise would not have been able to do so. According to the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology, more than three million babies have been born using ART worldwide in the last 30 years, enabling infertile women and men; single women and men; and lesbian, gay, and transgender couples to form genetically-related families. These new technologies have transformed the way we view reproduction.

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  • If the problem is serious, you have the right to leave if you have given your landlord a seven-day notice. For example, if the landlord fails to comply with the material provisions contained in the lease or in category “1” as described above (maintaining building, housing, and health codes), the tenant may terminate the rental agreement. If the landlord’s failure to comply makes the dwelling unlivable, the tenant will not be liable for rent (Fla. Stat. §83.56(1)(a)). But if you move out and your landlord then sues you for unpaid rent, you will have to pay the rent to...

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  • Members of the Office of Government Relations work with decision-makers at the local, state, and national levels to uphold the hospital’s mission of providing exceptional clinical care, research, and training for pediatric providers. The program has a special interest in, and commitment to, our community health programs, and works hard to develop and sustain systemic solutions to child health concerns like asthma, obesity and mental health.

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