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  • The immediate reason for the creation of this book has been the advent of Basel II. This has forced many institutions with loan portfolios into building risk models, and, as a consequence, a need has arisen to have these models validated both internally and externally. What is surprising is that there is very little written that could guide consultants in carrying out these validations. This book aims to fill that gap.

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  • PARKSERVICE is a new telemedical application combining home-based support for people with Parkinson’s disease (PD) and a PD-specific walking aid which uses a strategy known as visual cueing. PD is estimated to affect 100-180 per 100,000 of the population (with most surveys favoring the higher estimate) and has an annual incidence of 4-20 per 100,000[1],[2]. Taking a population of approximately 450M citizens this implies 450,000-900,000 people with PD (PWP) in the EU.

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  • The first column of Table 2 (Model 1) shows the results of the maximum likelihood estimate of the logistic model applied to the pool of data from over the five year period studied. The model includes a constant forcing a variable to be left out of each block of characteristics to avoid perfect multicollinearity from occurring. The constant determines the PD of the excluded loans11. The characteristics of the excluded loan are: financial credit, in euros, long term (over five years), without collateral, 1993, construction sector and lent by a bank in a certain region.

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