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  • Paradoxically, skin is both a primary barrier to systemic absorption of topically exposed chemicals and a portal to systemic delivery of transdermal medicaments. Knowledge of the factors that determine both extent and rate of chemical flux across the skin is an important component of both toxicology and pharmacology studies. The aim of this book is to provide current approaches and techniques by which dermal absorption may be quantitated utilizing end points relative to these two disciplines.

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  • Penetrating the lesion: Fixing the lesion with one hand, grasp the syringe with the needle attached (with or without syringe holder) by the dominant hand and introduce through the skin into the lesion, carefully and swiftly. The angle and depth of entry varies with the type of lesion. For small lesions, aspiration of central portion is indicated. For larger lesions that may have necrosis, cystic change or hemorrhage in the center, aspiration may be done from the periphery. If pus or necrotic material alone is aspirated from larger lesions, FNA can be repeated immediately from the periphery.

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  • In North Africa, microfinance enjoys one of the most favourable environments for growth, due to low market penetration rates combined with generally shallow government intervention6 . The region is mostly free of competition and high financing costs that bog down the industry in more mature mar- kets. Microfinance institutions face lower hurdles and can more easily attain profits, all while respond- ing to the needs of the lower segment of the microfinance market. However, the microfinance industry in North Africa is slowly starting to show signs of maturity.

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  • Optical fiber communications was initially developed for the voice phone system. The feverish level of activity that we have experienced since the late 1990s, though, was caused primarily by the rapidly rising demand for Internet connectivity. The Internet has been growing at unprecedented rates. Moreover, because it is versatile and penetrates deeply into the economy, it is affecting all of society, and therefore has attracted inordinate amounts of public attention.

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  • In order to evaluate the ability of the cell-penetrating a-helical amphipathic model peptide KLALKLALKALK AALKLA-NH2 (MAP) to deliver peptide nucleic acids (PNAs) into mammalian cells, MAP was covalently linked to the 12-mer PNA 5¢-GGAGCAGGAAAG-3¢ directed against themRNAof the nociceptin/orphaninFQ receptor. The cellular uptake of both the naked PNA and its MAP-conjugate was studied by means of capillary electrophoresis combined with laser-induced fluorescence detection, confo-cal laser scanningmicroscopyandfluorescence-activatedcell sorting. ...

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  • Ultra wideband (UWB) radar systems were first developed as a military tool due to their enhanced capability to penetrate through obstacles and ultra high precision ranging at the centimeter level. Recently, UWB technology has been focused on consumer electronics and communications.

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  • Although much of its discovery process is descriptive and qualitative, chemistry is fundamentally a quantitative science. It serves a wide range of human needs, activities, and concerns. The mathematical sciences provide the language for quantitative science, and this language is growing in many directions as computational science in general continues its rapid expansion. A timely opportunity now exists to strengthen and increase the beneficial impacts of chemistry by enhancing the interaction between chemistry and the mathematical sciences.

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  • Increased environmental concerns and fuel costs have made a significant impact on transportation technology, as a result of which advanced vehicles with enhanced fuel economy and less emission have started to penetrate the market and have gained popularity.

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  • Osteomyelitis, an infection of bone, is caused most commonly by pyogenic bacteria and mycobacteria. As a useful framework for evaluating a patient and planning treatment, cases are classified on the basis of the causative agent; the route by which organisms gain access to bone; the duration of infection; the anatomic location of infection; and the local and systemic host factors that have a bearing on pathogenesis and outcome. Pathogenesis and Pathology Microorganisms enter bone by hematogenous dissemination, by spread from a contiguous focus of infection, or by a penetrating wound.

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  • Gastric Adenocarcinoma: Treatment Complete surgical removal of the tumor with resection of adjacent lymph nodes offers the only chance for cure. However, this is possible in less than a third of patients. A subtotal gastrectomy is the treatment of choice for patients with distal carcinomas, while total or near-total gastrectomies are required for more proximal tumors. The inclusion of extended lymph node dissection in these procedures appears to confer an added risk for complications without enhancing survival.

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  • In recent years, many researches have been developing towards biocompatible improvement and cellular penetrating ability of dendrimers in order to use in diagnosis and treatment therapy for several type of cancer. In this study, to enhance biocompatibility, drug loading efficiency and cellular uptake of the polyamidoamine dendrimer, the dendrimer generation 3.0 (G 3.0) was conjugated with hexanoyl chloride and targeted with acid folic (G3.0-C6-FA).

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