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  • The physical basis of color exists in the interaction of light with matter, both outside and inside the eye. The sensation of color depends on physiological activity in the visual system that begins with the absorption of light in photoreceptors located in the retina of the eye and ends with patterns of biochemical activity in the brain. Perceived color can be described by the color names white, gray, black, yellow, orange, brown, red, green, blue, purple, and pink. These 11 basic color terms have unambiguous referents in all fully developed languages.

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  • Color plays an essential role in our day-to-day lives. From birth we are taught to react to colors logically or emotionally. Colors have meaning, which vary from culture to culture and continent to continent. It governs and controls traffic, triggers strong emotions, and is used to describe moods. Light, perceived by the human eye, is the product of electromagnetic waves in a small range of wavelengths. Different wavelengths are perceived as different colors.

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  • Aesthetics — Basics*1 Introduction 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 2.8 2.

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  • Given all these changes, we think itmakes sense to speak of an evolution for Hollywood film, one that increasingly makes presentational aspects of film either closer to what we perceive in the natural world (color, surrounding sound, enlarged images, etc) or aspects that capitalize on what has been discovered to be perceptually and cognitively acceptable (cuts, shot-reverse-shot composition and point-of-view editing, the optics of cameramovements without feedback fromeyemovements, etc).

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  • The African American community, including environmental justice advocates, is perceived as less influential when it comes to environmental issues. Mainstream organizations are often reluctant to collaborate, share, acknowledge and integrate the perspectives of People of Color. That all parties would benefit from such collaboration is clear.

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