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  • Brian Douthit's poetry has been compared to Wordsworth, Frost, Shelley, Byron and many others. In terms of art, it has been described as a "word-Picasso" or "sublime Monet." Readers often say they feel serene or even breathless after reading his pieces. Whatever the reaction, all seem to agree his poetry is beautiful and eloquent, and in a class of its own. You too may experience the addictive compulsion to read them over and over again and be lifted to a new dimension by his extraordinary grasp of language and by the amazing talent and artistry contained within these pages....

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  • No one ever said that mastering the art of presentation was easy. That’s true. Others have said good presenters are natural presenters. That’s not true. A simple aim for this short guide to mastering the art of presentation is to prove this point. Everyone can present with flair, style and success. Everyone can be effective. Yes, it requires an understanding of good presenting practice and some adherence to guidelines…although these are not rigid rules. Good presenting will come more naturally to you with time and experience.

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  • “Golf . . . is a sport in which the whole American family can participate--fathers and mothers, sons and daughters alike. It offers healthy respite from daily toil, refreshment of body and mind.” --President Dwight D. Eisenhower On January 24, 1953, four days after his inauguration, the New York Times reported that President Dwight D. Eisenhower had been spotted on the White House lawn practicing his short irons in the direction of the Washington Monument.

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  • There is something unusually exquisite about this composition. You will discover at a glance perfect balance, repose—line, everywhere, yet with it infinite grace and a winning charm. One can imagine a tea tray brought in, a table placed and those two attractive chairs drawn together so that my lady and a friend may chat over the tea cups. The mirror is an Italian Louis XVI. The sconces, table and chairs, French. The vases, Italian, all antiques. A becoming mellow light comes through the shade of deep cream Italian parchment paper with Louis XVI decorations. It should be said that...

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  • I think it was Gibb the Younger who said, ‘It’s only words but words are all I have to take your heart away.’ Words were certainly all I had when asked earlier this year to take the stand at Unilever House and address a body of men and women who call themselves ‘26’. So called after the number of letters in the alphabet, 26 is made up of people who write for a living. Otherwise they look and act like perfectly normal human beings.

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  • If you don’t get your action quite right the first time (which is perfectly normal when you’re starting out), you can go back and edit it; though, honestly, it’s usually easier to start over from scratch. That said, the Actions panel’s menu has a few commands that can help you whip misbehaving actions into shape

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  • HERBERT bowed with a muted clank—indicating he probably needed oiling somewhere—and presented Alice with a perfect martini on a silver tray. He stood holding the tray, a white, permanent porcelain smile on his smooth metal face, as Alice sipped the drink and grimaced. "It's a good martini, Herbert," said Alice. "Thank you. But, dammit, I wish you didn't have that everlasting smile!" "I am very sorry, Miss Alice, but I am unable to alter myself in any way," replied Herbert in his polite, hollow voice. He retired to a corner and stood impassively, still holding the tray. Herbert had found...

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  • Some adaptation of the Greek dress, the most perfect of known costumes has been suggested as meeting all needs. The simple Chyton would be pretty enough for young and finely moulded women, but for the many it would be too trying and monotonous. Robust and lovely as is the pure English type, the race is too mixed as I have said to endure one costume; long-limbed and short- limbed, the small waisted and the heavily built, could not be equally set off by such a dress, any more than fair and dark can submit to one colour. The Greek pallium,...

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  • Renowned businessman, political figure and philanthropist, Thomas J. Watson, Jr. once said, “I believe the real difference between success and failure in a corporation can be very often traced to the question of how well the organization brings out the great energies and talents of its people.” This quote is a perfect illustration of how important employee development is to organizations’ success. A company may hire the smartest or best-fit employees, but if those employees aren’t developed or given opportunities to grow, the company isn’t reaching maximum success....

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  • GRETA January 18, Earth Time I WISH Max would treat me like a woman. An hour ago, at dinner, John Armitage proposed a toast, especially for my benefit. He loves to play the gallant. Big man, silver mane, very blue eyes, a porcelain smile. The head of WSC, the perfect example of the politician-scientist. "To the colony," he announced, raising his glass. "May Epsilon love them and keep them. May it only be transmittal trouble." "Amen," Max said. We drank. Taylor Bishop put down his glass precisely. Bishop is a gray little man with a diffident voice that belies his...

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  • " Mr. Spardleton looked at me and then at Susan, and Susan looked at him and then at me in that sober wide-eyed way she has, and then they looked at each other and smiled. I guess they realized that I had said something pretty funny. Mr. Spardleton said, "I understand why you think of the situation in terms of brides, but I always think of it in terms of a proud father who sees nothing but perfection in his newborn son." "Yes," I said, "that's a good way to put it, too.

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  • On September 9, 1990, Bruce Graham, a playwright, watched from home as his Philadelphia Eagles opened the season against the New York Giants. Watching with him that Sunday night was his high school drama teacher, Sandy Stefanowicz, who wore her special helmet earrings. She was the only woman Bruce allowed in his Eagles viewing circle. He was afraid, Sandy said, that someone might talk about fabric or shopping. Sandy sat in a rocking chair holding Bruce’s daughter Kendall, who was eight days old.

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  • Rick was ready to explode, and she hadn’t started taking her clothes off yet. “Turn around in a circle,” he said to the hologram. She turned slowly, gracefully, her black heels making no sound on the hardwood floor. She looked exactly like his coworker Melissa. Exactly. He took a few steps toward her, then a few more, until he was looking into her green eyes from a foot away. From close up you could notice just the slightest graininess to the image. Otherwise she looked perfectly real. He realized he’d forgotten the window blinds.

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