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  • This research studies the relationships between dividend payment and the market value of listed firms in the food and drink industry in the period 2010 to 2014 in Vietnam. The research finds empirically applicable factors in corporate finance and the management of stock listings in the stock exchange.

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  • This research aims to examine the determinants of dividend payments of non-financial listed companies in the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE) in the period 2007 to 2012. Using the Pooled Ordinary Least Square and the Fixed effect model (FEM) for panel data, the authors found that in HOSE, the profitability of firms is statistically significant and negatively related to payout ratio (DPR).

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  • In this paper we study a periodic review inventory model with stock dependent demand. When stock on hand is zero, the inventory manager offers a price discount to customers who are willing to backorder their demand. Permissible delay in payments allowed to the inventory manager is also taken into account. Numerical examples are cited to illustrate the model.

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  • This study develops an inventory model for determining an optimal ordering policy for non-deteriorating items and time-dependent holding cost with delayed payments permitted by the supplier under inflation and time-discounting. The discounted cash flows approach is applied to study the problem analysis.

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  • The main purpose of this paper is to modify Goyal’s model to allow the unit selling price and the unit purchasing price not necessarily be equal to reflect the real-life situations. Furthermore, this paper will adopt different payment rule. We assume that the retailer uses sales revenue during the permissible credit period to make payment to the supplier at the end of the credit period.

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  • Exploiting a unique data set containing information about the estimated bribe payments of Ugandan firms, the authors study the relationship between bribe payments, taxes, and firm growth in Uganda for the period 1995-97. Using industry-location averages to circumvent the potential problem of endogeneity, and to deal with issues of measurement error, they find that both the rate of taxation, and the rate of bribery are negatively correlated with firm growth.

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  • Par or Face Value - The amount of money that is paid to the bondholders at maturity. For most bonds this amount is $1,000. It also generally represents the amount of money borrowed by the bond issuer. Coupon Rate - The coupon rate, which is generally fixed, determines the periodic coupon or interest payments. It is expressed as a percentage of the bond's face value. It also represents the interest cost of the bond to the issuer.

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  • Abstract Exploiting a unique data set containing information on the estimated bribe payments of Ugandan firms, we study the relationship between bribery payments, taxes and firm growth over the period 1995-97. Using industry-location averages to circumvent the potential problem of endogeneity, and to deal with issues of measurement error, we find that both the rate of taxation and bribery are negatively correlated with firm growth.

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  • Another important change can be traced to the 1960s and 1970s, when some producers and dealers began testing the possibility of selling rough diamonds through alternative channels instead of the traditional practice of selling through the unified sales channel of De Beers’ CSO (see.Figure.8). In the 1990s major producers began breaking away from the CSO (later transformed into the Diamond Trading Company, or DTC) to start selling their diamonds independently on the global market.

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  • With its focus on cost and third party payment, the regulatory program has also managed to shift the public debate. The historical focus on caring for an individual patient has been subsumed in discussions of pricing, cost con- trol, and the merits of using a variety of delivery systems for expanding the third party payments system to an ever- increasing fraction of the population, legal or not. The collateral damage has been high. People have lost sight of the important role that involved consumers spending their own money play in controlling system costs and quality.

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  • The fixed dollar payments approximate an amount of direct financial injury that borrowers may have suffered as a result of a specific error. The regulators believe that payments of designated amounts for particular types of injury will avoid the need for borrowers to provide proof of the amount of the injury suffered and will avoid the delay and expense associated with an examination of the particular circumstances involved in each borrower’s case. The fixed dollar payments may over compensate borrowers for the harm they suffered in some cases.

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  • The notices we issue at the commencement, agreed change to, and each renewal of your policy show the various payment methods available to you. A change to your policy details (for example change of address, change of car or modifications) may affect the premium you need to pay for the remainder of your period of cover. If a refund of $10 or more is payable, we will send you a cheque or credit your payment card account. Any extra premium needs to be paid by you within 14 days.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "income tax fundamentals" has contents: accounting periods and methods and depreciation; capital gains and losses; withholding, estimated payments, and payroll taxes; partnership taxation; the corporate income tax; tax administration and tax planning.

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  • Chapter 13 - Annuities and sinking funds. The main contents of the chapter consist of the following: Annuities: ordinary annuity and annuity due (find future value), present value of an ordinary annuity (find present value), sinking funds (find periodic payments).

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  • Your Account Summary displays details such as balances, past-due amounts, and any open invoices for that account, as well as the ability to view or print PDFs of your invoices. The Search/Download tab allows you to search invoices and shipments, or download them for your records. Under My Options, you’ll be able to manage account settings, payment preferences, and users. And in the Message Center, you’ll see any pending messages from FedEx. Let’s take a closer look at some of the easy functionality of FedEx Billing Online Plus.

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  • Reversing entries are optional journal entries recorded on the first day of a new accounting period, they reverse the adjustments recorded at the end of the prior period, used to simplify the subsequent cash receipt or payment in a following accounting period. This chapter prepare reversing entries and describe their purpose.

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  • Chapter 8 - Purchasing/Human resources/Payment process: Recording and evaluating expenditure process activities. The goals of this chapter are: Describe the difference between the periodic and perpetual inventory systems and record inventory activities using each system, discuss the difference between the net price and gross price methods for recording inventory and record inventory activities using each method, explain the payroll reporting process and record payroll and payroll taxes,...

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  • Chapter 14 - Planning debt financing. After completing this chapter, students will be able to: Describe and calculate the impact of a periodic payment note payable on the company's budgeted financial statements, discuss and calculate the impact of a lump-sum payment note payable on the company's budgeted financial statements, explain and calculate the impact of a periodic and lump-sum payment note payable on the company's budgeted financial statements.

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  • Chapter 15 - Recording and evaluating capital resource process activities: Financing. In this chapter, the learning objectives are: Explain, record, and report equity financing activities for a corporation; describe, record, and report debt financing activities for a corporation.

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  • Time value of money concepts, specifically future value and present value, are essential in a variety of accounting situations. These concepts and the related computational procedures are the subjects of this chapter. Present values and future values of single amounts and present values and future values of annuities (series of equal periodic payments) are described separately but shown to be interrelated.

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