Pervasive problems

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  • More than 93 percent of car thefts occur in metropolitan areas where motor vehicle theft remains a pervasive problem. Western states, in particular, experience high rates of motor vehicle theft, while nationally a car or truck was stolen every 28.8 seconds in 2007. The FBI Uniform Crime Reports released in September 2008 estimate 1.1 million motor vehicle thefts in 2007, with an estimated value of $7.4 billion.

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  • The most fundamental issue connected to credit scoring is the level of accuracy of the information that forms the basis for the scores. Regardless of whether lending and pricing decisions are made by a manual or automated review of a consumer’ s credit, the potential for inaccuracies in credit reports to result in loan denials or higher borrowing costs is a cause for concern. Several organizations have conducted studies and surveys to quantify the pervasiveness of credit report errors, with widely ranging findings regarding how many credit reports contain errors (from 0.

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  • Commercial appropriation of personality is not a new phenomenon, although debate concerning its status and mode of legal regulation is becoming increasingly topical. The practice of using celebrities and ordinary individuals with no obvious public profile to help sell a vast range of goods and services flourishes.

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  • The development of robust accuracy assessment methods for the validation of spatial data represents a difficult challenge for the geospatial science community. The importance and timeliness of this issue are related directly to the dramatic escalation in the development and application of spatial data throughout the latter 20th century. This trend, which is expected to continue, will become increasingly pervasive and continue to revolutionize future decision-making processes.

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  • Computational Grids [1] have emerged as a distributed computing infrastructure for providing pervasive, ubiquitous access to a diverse set of resources ranging from highperformance computers (HPC), tertiary storage systems, large-scale visualization systems, expensive and unique instruments including telescopes and accelerators. One of the primary motivations for building Grids is to enable large-scale scientific research projects to better utilize distributed, heterogeneous resources to solve a particular problem or set of problems....

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  • Optimization has become pervasive in medicine. The application of computing to medical applications has opened many challenging issues and problems for both the medical computing field and the mathematical community. Mathematical techniques (continuous and discrete) are playing a key role with increasing importance in understanding several fundamental problems in medicine. Naturally, optimization is a fundamentally important tool due to the limitation of the resources involved and the need for better decision making....

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  • Football is often referred to as the ‘‘global game’’ and is all-pervasive across most parts of the world. Indeed, countless people play the game, talk about it, and generally organise their leisure time around it. Alongside this, football has progressed from being a ritual and a celebration to become an amateur sport, a professional sport, and now, increasingly, a commercial sport. This means that football in many countries now faces a distinctive set of challenges.

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  • Sensor networks and pervasive computing systems intimately combine computation, communication and interactions with the physical world, thus increasing the complexity of the development effort, violating communication protocol layering, and making traditional network diagnostics and debugging less effective at catching problems. Tighter coupling between communication, computation, and interaction with the physical world is likely to be an increasing trend in emerging edge networks and pervasive systems.

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  • Some 60 years after physicists helped to initiate the molecular-biology revolution that has produced so many medical miracles, biophysics is a growing dis- cipline worldwide. Yet in spite of the spectacular ad- vances in understanding the cell’s molecular machinery, something as widespread and pervasive as cancer re- mains a stubborn and growing medical problem. As the population ages, so the burden of cancer on society and on the economy is set to worsen.

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  • Drawing appropriate defeasible inferences has been proven to be one of the most pervasive puzzles of natural language processing and a recurrent problem in pragmatics. This paper provides a theoretical framework, called stratified logic, that can accommodate defeasible pragmatic inferences. The framework yields an algorithm that computes the conversational, conventional, scalar, clausal, and normal state implicatures; and the presuppositions that are associated with utterances. The algorithm applies equally to simple and complex utterances and sequences of utterances. ...

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  • Here we address the problem of mapping phrase meanings into their conceptual representations. Figurative phrases are pervasive in human communication, yet they are difficult to explain theoretically. In fact, the ability to handle idiosyncratic behavior of phrases should be a criterion for any theory of lexical representation. Due to the huge number of such phrases in the English language, phrase representation must be amenable to parsing, generation, and also to learning.

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