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  • The publisher and editors gratef ully acknowledge the contribution of the team who worked on the original Ameri can English edition, particu larly Joanne Dresner and Penny Laporte. Longman Photo Dictionary Copyright © 1987, by Longman Inc.

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  • In a matter of a few short years, the underwater digital camera went from a novelty item to the predominant method for taking underwater pictures. Never before has a technology advanced so rapidly. Thanks to digital, though, underwater photography has evolved into a shootto- edit process. Rather than having to get each image just right as you did when using film, you now have the option of editing the image postcapture.

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  • Other retailers would rather save the time and money spent on trade shows and have sellers with wonderful products contact them directly via email so that they can concentrate on ‘minding the store.’ If you decide to contact retailers directly be sure to send excellent photos and pricing information. All of the retailers we spoke to stressed the importance of the story behind the product. The stories of your products, your producers and the species you are working to conserve are very important in building a relationship with green consumers.

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  • But even with convenient classifications and labels ready to apply, we are still asking the user to become a filing clerk – manually annotating every document, email, photo, or conversation. We have worked on improving the tools, and to a degree they work, but to provide higher coverage of the collection more must be done automatically. The first, easy step is to stop throwing out any potentially useful metadata. Time is probably the most important attribute in our database, yet some photo-editing programs erase the value for date taken.

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  • I. Objectives: - By the end of the lesson, the Ss will be able to listen to a dialogue and read a letter about a house to understand the details. II.Language contents: - Grammar: Simple present tense: Is there ........... ? Are there ...........? - Vocabulary: photo, vegetable, garden. III. Techniques: group works, pair works, ask and answer, write . IV. Teaching aids: lesson plan, textbook, pictures page 72,73 and cassette.

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  • (BQ) Pilates is enjoying a surge in popularity as more people discover the way it improves strength, muscle tone, flexibility, and stamina; relieves joint and back pain; and reduces stress. The method, created by Joseph Pilates, is based on strengthening core muscles while increasing the flexibility of the supporting muscle groups. This book details Pilates' original floor program, with newly revised descriptions and step-by-step photos of the exercises.

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  • Several colleagues and friends informally reviewed my initial proposal and selected chapters. This wonderful group included Nicole Celichowski, Blake Engel, Wendy McKennon, and Rachel Wear. Over the course of writing the book, I reached out to two mailing lists: the Silicon Valley iPhone Developers and IXDA (Interaction Design Association). I appreciate all of the individuals who read and responded to my questions. Also, a big thanks to Michelle Reamy for collaborating with me on user research in the early stages of the book.

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  • Chapter 1 The face of Nicholas Easter was slightly hidden by a display rack filled with slim cordless phones, and he was looking not directly at the hidden camera but somewhere off to the left, perhaps at a customer, or perhaps at a counter where a group of kids hovered over the latest electronic games from Asia. Though taken from a distance of forty yards by a man dodging rather heavy mall foot traffic, the photo was clear and revealed a nice face, clean-shaven with strong features and boyish good looks....

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  • Some social networks have additional features, such as the ability to create groups that share common interests or affiliations, upload or stream live videos, and hold discussions in forums. Geosocial networking co-opts internet mapping services to organize user participation around geographic features and their attributes. There is also a trend for more interoperability between social networks led by technologies such as OpenID and OpenSocial. Lately, mobile social networking has become popular.

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  • Die Autoren bedanken sich bei folgenden Mitwirkenden, die bei der Zusammenstellung des Buches geholfen haben: Ronel Nel von der Gary Player Group für ihre fortwährende unschätzbare Mithilfe; Dennis Bruyns von Compleat Golfer für seine Kenntnisse in der Geschichte des Golfs und seine Auswahl der ~Denkwürdigen Augenblicke~; Bernard Mostert für seine Mithilfe, besonders bei dem Kapilei Ausrüstung; Arne Cederval, dessen guter Schwung und der angenehme Umgang mit ihm die Außenaufnahmen zu einem Vergnügen machten; Andrew Lanning, Peter Milne und John Cummock von Touchline Photos für ihr...

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  • The Platylomia radha species group is proposed within the genus Platylomia Stål, which includes one new species, Platylomia duffelsi sp. nov., from the north Vietnam. Synonymic lists for the four species of Platylomia from Vietnam are provided. A key to the four Platylomia species: P. bocki (Distant), P. duffelsi sp. nov., P. malickyi Beuk, and P. operculata Distant from Vietnam is provided. Photos of the adult, illustrations of the male genitalia, a distribution map and biological data are also given.

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