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  • As populations increase and countries industrialize, the world’s demand for energy increases. Our supply of petroleum and gas is limited, but the photovoltaic cell offers a solution to the problem of a future energy shortage. This cell is already an important source of energy. In fact, it seems almost like magic. The photovoltaic cell changes sunlight directly into energy. Solar energy – energy from the sun – is clean, easily available, inexhaustible, and free, if the equipment is available....

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  • This chapter reviews some of the basic magnitudes of solar radiation and some of the basics of PSpice. A brief description of a photovoltaic system is followed by definitions of spectral irradiance, irradiance and solar radiation. Basic commands and syntax of the sentences most commonly used in this book are shortly summarized and used to write PSpice files for the AM1 SG and AM0 sun spectra, which are used to plot the values of the spectral irradiance as a function of the wavelength and compare them with a black body radiation.

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  • Photovoltaic engineering is a multidisciplinary speciality deeply rooted in physics for solar cell theory and technology, and heavily relying on electrical and electpolrlli;c engineering for system design and analysis. The conception, design and analysis of photovoltaic systems are important tasks oh requiring the help of computers to perform fast and accurate computations or simuhfim. Today’s engineers and professionals working in the field and also students of dSa& technical disciplines know how to use computers and are familiar with r~nning .rpeckaliz& software.

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  • This paper proposes the Finite control set Model Predictive Control (FCS-MPC) with delay compensation for three-phase threelevel T-Type NPC inverter (T-Type NPC) of grid-connected photovoltaic systems (PV). The proposed FCS-MPC controls the objectives: current tracking control, DC-link capacitor voltage balance, the reduction of switching frequency to ensure issues of the power quality and improve the efficiency of grid-connected of PV system.

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  • Since the penetration level of Photovoltaic (PV) system continuously increases, the negative impact caused by the fluctuation of PV power output needs to to be carefully managed. This paper proposes a coordinated control algorithm based on a discrete wavelet transform to eliminate both short-term and long-term fluctuations by using hybrid energy storage system (HESS). While the short-term fluctuation is mitigated by using an electric double-layer capacitor (EDLC), the longterm one is reduced by the support of a Li-ion battery.

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  • This paper presents a control strategy based on fuzzy logic to inject efficiently the active power from a three-phase grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) system into the local grid with supporting regulation for the frequency of grid voltage. In which the control strategy consists of three main modules as follows.

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  • This paper presents a generalized design method for controllers of a multi-loop control scheme applying for grid-connected photovoltaic systems using a single-phase cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverter. The simulation results were carried out by Matlab/Simpower Systems to validate the proposed method under different operating conditions of PV.

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  • After the absorption of the photons, during the photovoltaic conversion process, one part of the radiation remains unabsorbed causing the cell to overheat and thus a drop in efficiency. The purpose of this study is to explore the effect of junction temperature, geographic coordinates as well as the season on the electrical performance of the photovoltaic cell.

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  • This paper presents preliminary results of actual measured and simulated performances of a first year 806.52 kWp grid connected photovoltaic power plant located at Assa, southern Morocco (28.63°N - 9.47°W). The PV system consists of 8 AICHI on-grid PV inverters, 100 kVA each and 3432 SHARP Brand 235 kWp modules. The plant is divided into two groups of 4 inverters, each inverter is supplied by a PV field consisting of 33 strings of 13 seriesconnected modules facing south at a fixed tilt of 20°.The data presented in this study were monitored during the first year of operation of the plant.

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  • One of the most recent optimization techniques applied to the optimal design of photovoltaic system to supply an isolated load demand is the Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm (ABC). The proposed methodology is applied to optimize the cost of the PV system including photovoltaic, a battery bank, a battery charger controller, and inverter. Two objective functions are proposed: the first one is the PV module output power which is to be maximized and the second one is the life cycle cost (LCC) which is to be minimized.

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  • The environment awareness and increase demand for energy along with remarkable progress of inexhaustible energy technologies, has given up new opportunities for utilization of renewable energy resources. Since the beginning of this era, people have been allured by the sun that is the ultimate source of energy. The power received by Earth is many times larger than the present rate of all the energy consumption. Photovoltaic technology is one of excellent ways to use the solar power. There is an immense increase in solar power technologies.

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  • A solar photovoltaic insect light trap was developed consisted of 10 Wp SPV panel, 12 V; 7 Ah lead acid battery, charge controller, dusk to down electrical circuit and adjustable stand. As per design calculations the trap was fabricated in the workshop. The performance of solar photovoltaic insect light trap was taken in the farmer’s cotton crop field Vazegaon, Dist. Akola (Maharashtra), for finding out the efficiency of the developed solar insect light trap and insect trapping during night hours.

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  • Brazil has relevant regional differences in social, economic, and geographical terms, and the technological development of each region is affected by the dynamics of this inequality. The objective of this paper is to measure the degree of relationship between socioeconomic and geographic variables, with the level of insertion of residential photovoltaic (PV) generation technology in each federative unit in Brazil.

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  • The agriculture sector nowadays in Palestine relies mostly on conventional energy sources and traditional irrigation ways. Considering some factors such as high costs of fossil fuels and providing new electrical network, especially to remote areas and where grid electricity is either inaccessible or expensive to expand, therefore a solar photovoltaic (PV) powered irrigation system can be a practical choice for irrigating.

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  • This article reports photovoltaic and optical properties of composite films 5,10,15,20-tetraphenylporphyrin (TPP) with the addition of phosphor’s complex oxide (Y0.9Eu0.05Bi0.05VO4) prepared by the spin-coating method on the surface of indium tin oxide (ITO) plates.

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  • In order to know the degree of relevance or significant contribution of this practice bank in the learning of autonomous photovoltaic solar systems, a questionnaire was applied - a survey of a finite population of 25 students who had taken the subject of Alternative Energies in the period 2019- 1, from the Santo Tomás University, Tunja. The results obtained allowed us to determine that all students agree that this laboratory equipment is relevant and meaningful for their learning, so that the theoretical knowledge obtained in class is complemented by laboratory practice.

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  • The main objective of the present work is the characterization of the performance of a monocrystalline solar panel with a cooling system. Experiments have been developed with two heat sinks with the aim to avoid a decrease on the performance of the photovoltaic panels, which brings a higher energy production. Results show that the photovoltaic panel that uses the heat sink has a better performance than the panel that does not use the heatsink.

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  • This research article presents the design and optimization of a photovoltaic solar trailer, in which the implementation of a robust system of greater capacity is carried out with which a greater area of coverage can be covered, when irrigation is needed in a large-scale crop.

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  • Solar photovoltaic water pumping system is becoming an important alternative for reducing the usage of fossil fuels and electricity to a large extent. The performance of the photovoltaic (PV) water pumping system situated at Central Farm of AEC&RI, Kumulur, Tamil Nadu (Latitude: 10.93N, Longitude: 79.82E) had been studied. A 5hp DC motor with 3750W (15 panels of each 250W) had been used for a discharge of 20 m head. The system was tested for its performance in terms of variation in discharge due to change in solar output power.

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  • Overall structure of electrical power system is in the process of changing. For incremental growth, it is moving away from fossil fuels - major source of energy in the world today - to renewable energy resources that are more environmentally friendly and sustainable [1].

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