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  • In this paper, we investigate the effect of physical capital on economic growth using sectoral data for Vietnam. A common problem with this topic is the nonexistence of capital data. Hence, we introduce a new method to obtain the coefficient of capital growth without the need to obtain capital data, we offer theoretical and policy implications for capital growth and economic development in Vietnam.

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  • The role of interest rate in the determination of investment and, hence economic growth, has been a matter of controversy over a long period of time. Yet, what constitutes an appropriate interest rate policy still remains to be a puzzling question. Until the early 1970s, the main line of argument was that because the interest rate represents the cost of capital, low interest rates will encourage the acquisition of physical capital (investment) and promotes economic growth. Thus, during that era, the policy of low real interest rate was adopted by ...

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  • The umbrella term Social Sciences and Humanities refers to a plurality of fields outside the Natural or Physical Sciences. Disciplines as different as anthropology, archeology, architecture, art, cultural studies, economics, education, geography and environmental studies, history, law, languages and linguistics, political science, philosophy, psychology, sociology or translation studies, all share the concern for human relations and socio-cultural practices.

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  • Chong and Koh’s (2003) results were similar: they showed that stock prices, economic activities, real interest rates and real money balances in Malaysia were linked in the long run both in the pre- and post capital control sub periods. Mukherjee and Naka (1995) applied Johansen’s (1998) VECM to analyze the relationship between the Japanese Stock Market and exchange rate, inflation, money supply, real economic activity, long-term government bond rate, and call money rate.

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  • Growth in wireless services is increasing the number of copper and fiber cables that must be managed – causing an increased workload for reconfigurations and maintenance. Meeting the challenge of increasing profits in the face of fewer capital and operating resources to manage this steadily growing and more complex wireless network infrastructure requires improvements in operational efficiency from Network Operations.

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  • Recent imperfect capital market theories (e.g., Bernanke and Gertler (1989), Gertler and Gilchrist (1994), Kiyotaki and Moore (1997)) predict that changing credit market conditions can have very di®erent e®ects on small and large ¯rms' risk. Agency costs induced by asymmetry in the infor- mation held by ¯rms and their creditors make it necessary for ¯rms to use collateral when borrowing in the credit markets. Small ¯rms, it is argued, typically do not have nearly as much collateral as large ¯rms and will not have the same ability to raise external funds.

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  • However, before private investors will commit large amounts of capital to this sector there must be transparent, long-term and certain regulations governing carbon emissions, renewable energy and energy efficiency (see Deutsche Bank‟s TLC framework). 17 Such investments will only be made if investors are able to earn adequate risk-adjusted returns and if appropriate market structures are in place to access this capital.

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  • However, predictability should not be mistaken for permanence. In the case of policies targeting investment in physical capital, it is important to „sunset‟ many of the policies. With time the financial market will price risk efficiently (assuming policy regimes do not generate shocks continuously) and learning benefits will be exhausted.

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  • The capital-maintenance definition of income is briefly summarized by Pigou: From the joint work of the whole mass of productive factors there comes an (annual) in-flowing stream of output. This is gross real income. When what is required to maintain capital intact is subtracted from this there is left net real income.' This definition makes absolutely no reference to financial liabilities. One could argue that, to be consistent with the accounting treatment of physical assets under this concept, the firm's short position on bonds should be handled with a LIFO-type procedure.

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  • Ecosystem accounts are being developed as part of the System of Environmental-Economic Accounts which aims at supplementing the UN System of National Accounts with information on the environment and natural capital. The purpose is to broaden the scope of the variables taken into account in policymaking in order to improve understanding of the interdependence and interactions between the economy and the environment.

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  • When the majority is very large compared to the minority - in the United States whites are nine times as numerous and have much more human and physical capital per capita than blacks - market discrimination by the majority hardly lowers their incomes, but may greatly reduce the incomes of the minority. However, when minority members are a sizable fraction of the total, discrimination by the majority injures them as well.

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  • The second industry effect analyzed in our paper takes account of the fact that the human capital of an independent executive can be proxied by the performance of the company where the non-executive director is employed as an executive director. One particular issue with relating director quality to firm performance is that the latter may be influenced by a variety of factors beyond managerial control, such as an overall economic downturn or industry shock. Firm performance is therefore a very noisy measure of director quality. ...

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "The statistical mechanics of financial markets" has contents: Introduction, basic information on capital markets, basic information on capital markets, the black–scholes theory of option prices, scaling in financial data and in physics.

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  • To the extent that earnings and book values are some of the factors used to weight stocks in the portfolio, FI will systematically overweight “value” stocks and underweight “growth” stocks. Moreover, to the extent that FI attempts to underweight stocks with (temporarily) high market capitalizations, there will be a tendency for an FI portfolio to contain smaller-capitalization stocks compared with a cap-weighted index. According to Eugene Fama and Kenneth French (2007), RAFI is a “triumph of marketing, and not of new ideas.

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  • When the value of a firm is increasing, common stocks provide a substantial payoff to stock holders in the form of capital appreciation and at times dividend payments. Common stock holders thus have a leveraged investment in the value of the firm. Bond holders, however, have a de-levered investment in the value of a firm, as they do not get rewarded when firm value increases, but are still guaranteed payment when the stock price declines. Declining firm value impinges on bond holders only after the firm value has substantially decreased to...

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  • In today’s knowledge-based global marketplace, human capital has replaced physical capital as the source of competitive advantage. A key result of the confluence of technology and the Internet Economy is the need for better, faster and smarter workers. The reality of a 4% unemployment rate in the U.S., the “free agent” mindset of the most talented workers, and the fact that only 21% of the U.S. adult population has a college degree is making this task more difficult than ever before.

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  • Roger Eugene Maras (he changed his name to Maris in 1955) was born on September 10, 1934, in Hibbing, Minnesota, a small mining town in the northeast region of the state. People once called Hibbing the “Iron Capital of the World” because of the large amounts of iron ore discovered there. Roger’s ancestors came to Hibbing in the early 1900s from Croatia, which is east of Italy across the Adriatic Sea. Around 1910, Roger’s grandfather, Steve Maras, left Croatia for the United States. Once in Hibbing, Steve worked for his brother, who had already come from Croatia, at a saloon.

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  • On October 22, 1929, a headline in the New York Times read: “Fisher says prices of stocks are low.” Two days later, the stock market crashed. Fisher based his projection on strong earnings reports, fewer industrial disputes, and evidence of high investment in R&D and other intangible capital. But, because the market fell dramatically, many analysts concluded that he had been wrong in his assessment that stocks were undervalued in October 1929.

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  • Dual Eligible SNPs are especially relevant to health centers because health center patients are more likely to be low income and qualify for Medicaid as well as Medicare. These plans receive higher capitation rates than Medicare-only plans because Medicaid recipients have higher levels of disease problems and complicating socio-economic factors and thus are considered by CMS to be of higher risk. Not only do dual eligible patients have more chronic disease problems but they are also more likely to have functional disabilities as well.

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