Physical constants

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  • Duplication of this material for student in-class use or for examination purposes is permitted without written approval. Approved by the Interprovincial Power Engineering Curriculum Committee and the Provincial Chief Inspectors' Association's Committee for the standardization of Power Engineer's Examinations n Canada.

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  • It is our everyday experience that materials in the solid, liquid, and gas phases are equally present in the world around us.1 Nevertheless it is the physics of solids that has acquired a privileged status in the vast field of research into the physical properties of macroscopic bodies. The reason for this is that while investigating liquids and real gases, let alone materials in so-called mesomorphic phases can yield a lot of new and interesting results, it is the processes taking place in solids that have, in the first place, led to a great many fundamentally new concepts.

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  •  We knew that the concepts of mechanical work and energy play an important role in studying mechanical phenomena.  Concerning to thermal phenomena, there exits a new form of energy called “heat”: Heat can be transferred from one to other systems For a system with volume held constant, the effect of heat is to change the temparature of a system.

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  • Scientists who dedicate their research activity to biomaterials pass through the typical dichotomy that often characterizes the basic researc. On one side is the wish of exploring new frontiers of chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, pharmaceutics and all other disciplines to which biomaterials can be applied. The constantly improving scientific knowledge would feed the freedom of attempting new strategies for producing materials with always tailored and improved characteristics.

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  • What do the ¯elds of astronomy, economics, ¯nance, law, mathematics, med- icine, physics, and sociology have in common? Not much in the way of sub- ject matter, that's for sure. And not all that much in the way of methodology. What they do have in common, with each other and with many other ¯elds, is their dependence on a certain standard of rationality.

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  • Random matrices are widely and successfully used in physics for almost 60-70 years, beginning with the works of Wigner and Dyson. Initially proposed to describe statistics of excited levels in complex nuclei, the Random Matrix Theory has grown far beyond nuclear physics, and also far beyond just level statistics. It is constantly developing into new areas of physics and mathematics, and now constitutes a part of the general culture and curriculum of a theoretical physicist.

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  • ZnO films were deposited on glass substrates by magnetron RF-sputtering. An accurate determination of the optical constants of these films is extremely important prior to its application in optical devices and spectroscopic ellipsometry provides a reasonably accurate method for the determination of optical constants of thin films.

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  • The Einstein Theory of Relativity A Concise Statement by Prof. H.A. Lorentz of the University of Leyden Copyright, 1920page 5 Note Whether it is true or not that not more than twelve persons in all the world are able to understand Einstein's Theory, it is nevertheless a fact that there is a constant demand for information about this much-debated topic of relativity. The books published on the subject are so technical that only a person trained in pure physics and higher mathematics is able to fully understand them.

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  • To provide a simple projection of COPD mortality from SFU, consider a scenario in which age-specific COPD death rates (per 1000 population in age group) are constant over time. 6 Using World Bank country demographic projections, we can apply the relative risks of COPD from SFU in Desai et al (2004) to estimate COPD mortality by SFU prevalence rates in 50 years from now. The results are presented for China, India, Nigeria and Tanzania in tables 1.2. COPD mortality from SFU would be higher in 2055 than today in all four countries at SFU prevalence rates ...

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  • Yet the measures agreed so far are not suffi cient to contain the negative environmental effects of transport growth. Furthermore, there is still no coherent ‘roadmap’ to reduce emissions from transport. The rail sector strongly recommends that transport policies in the EU and elsewhere start to make more use of the energy effi ciency of railways in order to progress towards the 2020 targets. Railways already offer the most energy-effi cient performance and are constantly improving, both in terms of passenger km (pkm) and tonne km (tkm)....

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  • Analytical expressions for the Morse potential parameters of diamond crystals have been derived. They contain the energy of sublimation, the compressibility and the lattice constant. Numerical calculations have been carried out for Si and Sn, and the results reflect fundamental properties of this potential. The obtained Morse potential parameters have been used for calculation of the anharmonic correlated effective potentials of these crystals in XAFS theory showing clearly anharmonic effects . ...

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  • The hardness result for selecting an optimal index configuration was shown by Shapiro [60]. Therefore, the challenge was similar to that in the area of query optimization – identifying the right set of heuristics to guide the selection of physical design. One set of papers advocated an approach based on rule-based expert systems. The rules took into account query structures as well as statistical profiles and were “stand-alone” applications that recommended indexes. A tool such as DEC RdbExpert falls in this category.

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  • Today, nano composite material is being studied and widely used for defence security and economic development. Keeping researching on the mechanic of three-phases nano composite in which two-phases is grains of pad and the structure of one-phase in reinforced two-phases is a nano structure, basing on consideration for interaction of the polyme matrix and grains of padding, we have defined engineering constants of the three-phases polyme composite nano material.

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  • A new procedure for calculation and analysis of dispersion relation and real atomic vibration of fcc crystals containing dopant atom has been developed using anharmonic effective potential. Analytical expressions for dispersion relation separated by acoustic and optical branches; forbidden zone; effective force constant; Debye frequency and temperature; amplitude and phase of real vibration of atomic chain containing dopant atom have been derived. They contain Morse potential parameters characterizing vibration of each pair of atoms. ...

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  • A new procedure for calculation and analysis of XAFS (X-ray Absorption Fine Structure) cumulants of hcp crystals containing dopant atom has been derived based on quantum statistical theory with generalized anharmonic correlated Einstein model. Analytical expressions for effective local force constants, correlated Einstein frequency and temperature, first cumulant or net thermal expansion, second cumulant or Debye Waller factor and third cumulant of hcp crystals containing dopant atom have been derived.

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  • Anharmonic effective potential, effective local force constant, thermal expansion coefficient, three leading cumulants, and EXAFS (Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure) of hcp crystals have been studied. Analytical expressions for these quantities have been derived. Numerical calculations have been carried out for Zn and Cd. They show a good agreement with experiment results measured at HASYLAB (DESY, Germany) and unnegligible anharmonic effects in the considered quantities.

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  • The purpose of this paper is to give a generalization of Mason’s theorem by the Wronskian technique over fields of characteristic 0. Keywords: The Wronskian technicque, Marson’s theorem. 1. Introduction Let F be a fixed algebraically closed field of characteristic 0. Let f (z) be a polynomial non - constants which coefficients in F and let n(1/f ) be the number of distinct zeros of f . Then we have the following. Marson’s theorem. ([2]). Let a(z), b(z), c(z) be relatively prime polynomials in F and not all constants such that a + b = c. Then max {deg(a), deg(b),...

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  • Under the name of ideal circuit network, it is easy to make us understand that digital circuits are independent of the inner status and their outputs just only depend on the inputs. They are time constants and therefore Boolean algebra is a special suitable means of describing. In fact propagation delay time of circuit system should be in thought firstly in designing circuit network. In that case Boolean algebra does not seems to be fully suitable for describing actual circuit systems.

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  • Foreseeing the potential risks of the disease, regulations, restrictions and prohibitions on imports from South America were introduced and imposed in the 1950’s as required by Article IV in the Pacific Plant Protection Agreement for the Asia and Pacific region. In addition, the Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries (ANRPC) introduced the ANRPC Agreement on SALB to complement the aforementioned agreement. The International Rubber Research and Development Board (IRRDB) also carried out research and undertook measures to exclude SALB from the region.

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  • This paper considers the exponential stability and stability radius of time-invarying dynamic equations with respect to linear dynamic perturbations on time scales. A formula for the stability radius is given. Keywords and phrases: time scales, exponential function, linear dynamic equation, exponentially stable, stability radius

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