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  • This course of lectures is devoted to protein physics, i.e., to the overall topics of structure, self-organization and function of protein molecules. The course is based on lectures given by us (earlier by O.B.P., and later by A.V.F.) first at Moscow PhysTech Institute and then at Pushchino State University and the Pushchino Branch of MoscowState University. Initially, our students were physicists, then mainly biologists with some chemists.

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  • This book is intended as an introductory text for Engineering and Applied Science Students to the Medical Applications of Electronics. A course has been offered for many years in Cardiff in this arena both in this College and its predecessor institution. A new group, the Medical Systems Engineering Research Unit, was established following the reorganisation of the College. Restructuring and review of our course material and placing the responsibility for teaching this course within the new group led to a search for new material.

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  • DURING THE NINETEENTH CENTURY, when coal gas was used for street illumination, it was observed that trees in the vicinity of streetlamps defoliated more extensively than other trees. Eventually it became apparent that coal gas and air pollutants affect plant growth and development, and ethylene was identified as the active component of coal gas. In 1901, Dimitry Neljubov, a graduate student at the Botanical Institute of St.

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  • The spirit of the DIT community of academic and non-academic members of staff is something which defines the Institute and has been key to its successful development throughout its history. Circa 2,500 people are employed in DIT in many different roles. Although currently dispersed across so many locations around the city, there has been a concerted effort to develop a ‘One DIT’ approach to delivery of teaching and support to students.

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  • Previous World’s Worst Pollution reports have ranked pollution sources by the potential number of people at risk (2010) and created disease burden estimates for location-specific case studies (2011). This year’s report is the first attempt at creating a widespread estimate of disease burden attributable to toxic pollution from industrial sources. Previous estimates from these reports indicated that the at-risk population was in the range of 100 million people.

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  • Freshness and update consistency: There are many possible ways of propagating updates from the data origins to intermediate nodes that have materialized views of this data. Some possible solutions would be invalidation messages pushed by the server or client-initiated validation messages; however, both of these incur overhead that limits scala- bility. Another approach is a timeout/expiration-based protocol, as employed by DNS and web caches. This approach has lower overhead, at the cost of providing much looser guarantees about freshness and consistency.

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  • This project began many years ago in the nether regions of Widener Library at Harvard. As a graduate student in the History of Science, I became interested in medical views and treatment of women and studied "the cult of female invalidism" that pervaded American culture in the late nineteenth century. Browsing through popular magazines and newspapers of the period, I therefore was surprised to find images of healthy women—young girls playing croquet and badminton, ladies exercising at home in loose-fitting garb, college students riding bikes and rowing boats....

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  • In this chapter, we shall review human ovarian physiology, clinical reproductive endocrinology, and their application for ovarian stimulation for in vitro fertilization (IVF). The chapter will focus on a practical clinical approach as used daily in a large IVF program. Clinical guidelines, as suggested by the National Collaborating Centre for Women’s and Children’s Health, commissioned by the U.K. National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE), will be used throughout this chapter to highlight the evidence base for the basics of ovarian stimulation. ...

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  • Molecular identification of adrenal inner zone antigen as a heme-binding protein Li Min1*, Natallia V. Strushkevich1,2*, Ivan N. Harnastai2, Hiroko Iwamoto3, Andrei A. Gilep1,2, Hiroshi Takemori1, Sergey A. Usanov2, Yasuki Nonaka3, Hiroshi Hori4, Gavin P.

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  • This project was initiated in response to a letter from Charles Kean, an Associate Professor of Physiology and Pharmacology and Director of the Animal Care Facility at Loma Linda University, to the National Research Council’s (NRC’s) Institute for Laboratory Animal Research (ILAR), the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC) International, and the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) outlining the research animal care community’s concerns about the safe and humane transportation of research animal...

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  • Volume et al.

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  • Buchanan, ever resourceful, but always visionary, conceived a scheme (in 1858) of instituting a great “Free College of America,” in which a medical education would be practically free and within the grasp of all medical aspirants. A costly building was to be erected with a hospital of 1,000 beds attached thereto, and a large library and an anatomical and physiological museum were proposed. The professional fees ($60) were to be abolished, and only matriculation ($10), dissection ($5), and graduation ($20) fees were to be exacted.

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