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  • This research shows the influence of pile cap on bearing capacity of pile foundation, especially pile groups of shaft resistance. Using PLAXIS-3D FOUNDATION sofware to simulate a actual application with 4 piles in groups and assumption for 7 stiffness modulus of soil under pile cap. The output calculation expresses that in both the cap and the pile carrying the load. The cap is necessary to spread the vertical and horizontal loads and any overturning moments to all the piles in group and transfer load to soil underneath.

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  • This paper presents a numerical method for analyzing the behavior of pile groups under construction of installing piles and excavating conditions. The numerical modeling and the measured data from construction sites were used for analysis. In the case study, the results of the lateral movement of piles from numerical analyses are in good agreement with the measured data, with differences of around 7.2% and 1.6%.

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  • This paper presents in situ tests which were performed on both single piles and pile groups, loaded to failure, with the aim of studying the pile group effect of piles embedded in multi-layered foundation. Strain gauges were installed along the shaft of 10 m long steel pipe piles, with a diameter of 143 mm. The influence of loose sand layers on the group effect in case of friction piles was evaluated. The experimental results indicated that the influence of sand layers was evident, and the group factor was calculated to be 1.237.

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  • Arcelor Profil Luxembourg S.A. Arcelor Profil Luxembourg S.A. (former ProfilARBED), production unit for long products in the ARCELOR Group, is the world’s leading producer of sheet piles and bearing piles and has been playing a leading role in the development of piling technology for many years. For rapid, cost-effective and reliable structures, Arcelor produces piling series which are mainly characterized by a good ratio of section modulus to weight and a high moment of inertia.

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