Pioneering leaders

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  • This book is about broadening your defi nition of what constitutes effective leadership. As we interviewed senior executives and listened to their reactions to the lessons in the book, we frequently heard, “I wish I’d heard these earlier in my career.” We hope that this book can accelerate your leadership development by removing some of the serendipity that is often required to learn important life lessons.

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  • ..Praise for George Eckes and Six Sigma for Everyone “Long noted for his ability to simplify complex subjects and effectively move leaders and teams to action, George connects the dots in this new book. It is the ‘help desk reference manual’ to answer questions and light the path with advice on what needs to be done for effective Six Sigma implementation and what should be avoided. Without exception, this book should be within arms reach of anyone working in a Six Sigma environment.

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  • Another pioneer and leader in the quality transformation is Dr. Joseph M. Juran (1904–), founder and chairman emeritus of the Juran Institute, Inc. in Wilton, Connecticut. Juran has authored several books on quality planning, and quality by design, and is the editor-in-chief of Juran’s Quality Control Handbook, the fourth edition copyrighted in 1988. (Reference 5)

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  • For the past 30 years, National Instruments has been a technology pioneer and leader in automated instrumentation technology for test, measurement, and design applications. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the company has more than 3,900 employees with direct operations in nearly 40 countries, and it sells products to more than 25,000 companies in 90 countries.

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  • On June 5–7, 2005, sixty leaders from around the world gathered at Wye River, Maryland for a path breaking meeting entitled “Innovations in Supporting Local Health Systems for Global Women’s Health: A Leader’s Symposium.” This diverse group of participants, ranging from cabinet ministers to advocates, academics to local practitioners, shared a common goal: to shine a bright spotlight on urgent challenges in global women’s health and the critical need to pioneer innovations in strengthening local health systems to address those challenges.

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  • Early in 1775 Daniel Boone, the famous hunter and Indian fighter, with thirty other backwoodsmen, set out from the Holston settlements to clear the first trail, or bridle path, to what is now Kentucky. In the spring of the same year, George Rogers Clark, although a young fellow of only twenty-three years, tramped through the wilderness alone. When he reached the frontier settlements, he at once became the leader of the little band of pioneers. One evening in the autumn of 1775, Clark and his companions were sitting round their camp fire in the wilderness.

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  • A valuable reference work and source of inspiration, this biographical dictionary lists the life histories of people who have contributed significantly to the course of South African history but who have not been widely recognised. Illustrated entries include extra-parliamentary political leaders from marginalised communities, women and other pioneers.

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