Planar kinematics of a rigid body

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  • (bq) part 2 book "engineering mechanics - statics and dynamics" has contents: kinematics of a particle, force and acceleration, planar kinematics of a rigid body, planar kinetics of a rigid body - force and acceleration, planar kinetics of a rigid body - work and energy, planar kinetics of a rigid body - impulse and momentum, three - dimensional kinematics of a rigid body,...and other contents.

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  • (bq) the book empowers students to succeed in the whole learning experience. hibbeler achieves this by calling on his everyday classroom experience and his knowledge of how students learn inside and outside of lecture.

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  • (bq) the book "engineering mechanics - dynamics" technologically advanced online tutorial and homework system available, can be packaged with this edition. this book is ideal for civil and mechanical engineering professionals.

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  • In the paper [2] the method of transmission matrix applying for the case of a loop with turning pairs investigated. In the present paper the kinematics of a loop connected by composite joints, i.e. the one of revolute-translational joints are discussed now. By means of proposed method the planar motion of rigid bodies is presented by a point of general view.

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