Plasma sources

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  • The most widely used welding processes rely on fusion of the components at the joint line. In fusion welding, a heat source melts the metal to form a bridge between the components.

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  • Biomedical Engineering is an exciting and emerging interdisciplinary field that combines engineering with life sciences. The relevance of this area can be perceived in our everyday lives every time we go to hospital, receive medical treatment or even when we buy health products such as an automatic blood pressure monitor device. Over the past years we have experienced a great technological development in health care and this is due to the joint work of engineers, mathematicians, physicians, computer scientists and many other professionals....

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  • In all different areas in biomedical engineering, the ultimate objectives in research and education are to improve the quality life, reduce the impact of disease on the everyday life of individuals, and provide an appropriate infrastructure to promote and enhance the interaction of biomedical engineering researchers. This book is prepared in two volumes to introduce recent advances in different areas of biomedical engineering such as biomaterials, cellular engineering, biomedical devices, nanotechnology, and biomechanics.

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  • Ultraviolet Spectroscopy and UV Lasers covers a range of subjects, from ultraviolet (UV) and vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) sources to the latest advances in instrumentation and techniques for absorption, emission, and fluorescence spectroscopy. The book will prove useful to scientists pursuing spectroscopy-related research in fields as varied and diverse as optical physics and engineering, analytical chemistry, biology, and laser technology.

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  • Introduction to Space Sciences and Spacecraft Applications explains the fundamentals of design, application, and operation of space-based systems. It focuses on the most common uses of spacecraft today: communications, remote sensing, and navigation. You will learn about the basic systems required by most spacecraft and the methodology used to design a spacecraft. The complexities of orbital mechanics are also fully explained. Amply illustrated with diagrams and photographs, each chapter contains exercises, historical information, and additional reference materials.

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  • The Sun is the primary source of energy at Earth, and the Sun’s output determines the conditions in interplanetary space at Earth and throughout the solar system. Earth’s magnetic field and associated electrical current systems are continuously reacting to changing conditions in the solar wind that are driven by processes occurring at the Sun. The characteristics of Earth’s ionosphere and neutral thermosphere are influenced both by local processes and by coupling of the ionosphere and thermosphere to the overlying regions of the geospace1 environment....

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  • Sputtering is similar to vacuum deposition. In this method, an inert gas such as argon or helium is introduced into a chamber that contains anode and cathode electrodes supplied by an external high-voltage source. The anode contains the sample to be deposited on and the cathode contains the deposited material. The principle is that the high voltage ignites a plasma effect in the inert gas and the gas ions bombard the target containing the material to be deposited. When the kinetic energy of the bombarding ions is sufficiently high, some of the atoms from the target surface are freed and...

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  • Screening Assays The most commonly used screening tests are the PT, aPTT, and platelet count. The PT assesses the factors I (fibrinogen), II (prothrombin), V, VII and X (Fig. 59-6). The PT measures the time for clot formation of the citrated plasma after recalcification and addition of thromboplastin, a mixture of TF and phospholipids. The sensitivity of the assay varies by the source of thromboplastin.

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  • In the fully watered camel thyroid activity is higher in summer than in winter, but activity is reduced in camels deprived of water. The decline in activity is important because the generation of metabolic heat is reduced and respiratory water losses are also reduced. Chronic exposure to heat results in depressed thyroid activity as well as reduced plasma, cortisol and growth hormone concentrations and turnover rates. All three sources normally create heat and act in cooperation, so the net result of habituation to heat is some reduction in metabolic rate (Wilson, 1998). ...

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  • Fresh-Frozen Plasma FFP contains stable coagulation factors and plasma proteins: fibrinogen, antithrombin, albumin, as well as proteins C and S. Indications for FFP include correction of coagulopathies, including the rapid reversal of warfarin; supplying deficient plasma proteins; and treatment of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura. FFP should not be routinely used to expand blood volume. FFP is an acellular component and does not transmit intracellular infections, e.g., CMV.

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  • (BQ) This paper describes the heat source diameter of single pulse discharge in electrical discharge machining. To observe the discharge plasma, SiC and Ga2O3 single crystals were used as the electrode material since they are optically transparent and electrically conductive. It was found that plasma diameter expands within a few microseconds after dielectric breakdown and the plasma diameter is much larger than the discharge crater.

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