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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'plastic advisor – tray', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, cơ khí - chế tạo máy phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Handbook of plastic processes contents about: Injection molding, assisted injection molding, sheet extrusion, thermoforming, blow molding, rotational molding, compression and transfer molding, composite processes, liquid resin processes, assembly, decorating and finishing, polymer nanocomposites in processing.

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  • Với kết cấu nội dung gồm 5 chương, luận văn tốt nghiệp đại học "Nghiên cứu và đề xuất các công nghệ tái chế khả thi chất thải rắn plastic trên địa bàn thành phố Hồ Chí Minh" giới thiệu đến các bạn những nội dung về tổng quan về hoạt động tái chế chất thải rắn trên thế giới và Việt Nam, hiện trạng công nghệ tái chế khả thi chất thải rắn plastic trên địa bàn thành phố Hồ Chí Minh,...

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  • Plasticizers are used to increase the process-ability, flexibility, and durability of the material, and of course to reduce the cost in many cases. This edition covers introduction and applications of various types of plasticizers including those based on non-toxic and highly effective pyrrolidones, and a new source of Collagen based bio-plasticizers that can be obtained from discarded materials from a natural source; Jumbo Squid (Dosidicus gigas).

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  • The constitutive law of plastic deformation expresses the effects of material behavior and properties for stress analysis in the design of manufacturing technology and product service behavior, for materials testing, and for the maintenance of structural and machine components. The book represents the state of the art, but the editors do not rule out other concepts of constitutive laws. There are many different facets of the same problem and as many answers; the right one is the one that gives the most practical solution, the one that best serves the specific problem....

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  • Nomenclature: Plastic (adjective), plastics (noun), plastic materials engineered materials, thermoplastics, thermosets, all plastics are polymers, polymer (poly + mer) = many + units. Poly(many) Mer(parts): A large molecule made up of one or more repeating units(mers) linked together by covalentchemical bonds

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  • Design Guides for Plastics covers each topic in a single page to provide a basic reference to each topic. This space constraint means that each topic is only covered to a basic level. Detailed plastic product design will  always require detailed knowledge of the application, the processing method and the selected plastic.


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  • Plastics have had a significant influence on industrial, domestic and cultural aspects of everyday life in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. They represent advances in technology, illustrated by the dramatic growth in number and type of information storage media available since the 1970s, credit and payment cards, medical applications and food containers which can be taken directly from freezer to microwave oven to dinner table. The development of plastics reflects economic history.

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  • In this document Plastic and Polymer Composite - Fabrication Processes, there are many contents: injection molding (or compression or transfer), extrusion, thermo-forming, blow molding (injection blow molding with preforms or extrusion blow molding with parison), rotational molding (combination of 3 and 4).

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  • Plastic material made with the following contents: Differentiate plastic and rubber, place of origin, application of rubber, medical, thermoplastic, plastic elastomers. To better grasp the contents invite you to consult the documentation.

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  • Bài thuyết trình Quang học ứng dụng: Plastic optics & Oled giới thiệu tới các bạn những nội dung về quang dẻo (so sánh giữa thủy tinh và quang dẻo, tính chất của quang dẻo, một số vật liệu quang dẻo, phương pháp chế tạo); Diod phát quang hữu cơ và một số nội dung khác.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'current concepts in plastic surgery edited by francisco j. agullo', y tế - sức khoẻ, y học thường thức phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • In the last 30 years, plastics have become the most dominant engineering material for most products. We take a brief look at the most common types of plastics, and how they are processed. All plastics are polymers, these polymers are further divided into two basic types: thermoplastics and thermosets.

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  • Presentations "report design and manufacture of plastic injection molding injection molds 2 plate" was compiled with the following contents: Structure, operation principles and application. To master the content knowledge scratch paper invite you to consult the documentation.

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  • Report Design and manufacturing plastic injection mold with hot runner is made on the drop contents: Constitute, hot runner, plastic funnel, functional parts of the hot runner, mouth spray. To understand the content of the report knowledge invite you to consult the documentation.

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  • Synthesizing current information about sensory-motor plasticity, Neural Plasticity in Adult Somatic Sensory-Motor Systems provides an up-to-date description of the dynamic processes that occur in somatic sensory-motor cortical circuits or somatic sensory pathways to the cortex due to experience, learning, or damage to the nervous system. The book emphasizes changes in the cortex that are linked to shifts in movement or behavior and demonstrates the potential for direct brain-based interventions to improve the quality of life for people with sensory-motor disabilities....

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  • Presentations "report design and manufacture of plastic injection molds" was conducted with the following contents: The thickness of the product, the relevant defects, warping, how to fix, corner boards, tendons, tendon increases hard, protruding lug, lug sticking design, holes in the product, ... Invite you to consult the documentation.

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  • Presentations "report design and manufacture of plastic injection molding injection molds 3 plate" is made with the following contents: Structure, operation principles, applications, features recognizable. To master the content knowledge scratch paper invite you to consult the documentation.

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  • Part 1 book “Key notes on plastic surgery” has contents: General principle, skin and soft tissue lesions, the head and neck, the breast and chest wall. Invite to reference.

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  • Part 2 book “Key notes on plastic surgery” has contents: The upper limb, the lower limb, the trunk and urogenital, burns, aesthetic surgery, ethics, the law and statistics.Invite to reference.

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