Plausible mechanisms

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  • Environmental Chemistry is a relatively young science. Interest in this subject, however, is growing very rapidly and, although no agreement has been reached as yet about the exact content and limits of this interdisciplinary discipline, there appears to be increasing interest in seeing environmental topics which are based on chemistry embodied in this subject. One of the first objectives of Environmental Chemistry must be the study of the environment and of natural chemical processes which occur in the environment.

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  • The timing of monthly bill payments could explain the pattern we observe, if the timing happens to coincide with payday for most households. To the extent that the timing of bill payments is non-discretionary, this explanation implies that the decline in spending cannot be used to infer household preferences for timing of consumption.

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  • The photocatalytic oxidation of reactive blue 2 and reactive red 120 has been studied by using TiO2 Degussa P25 as catalyst and UV-light. The formation of intermediate molecules could be predicted on the basic of point charge calculations on all the individual atoms of the dyes. The agreement between calculations from quantum theory and the results of experiments was the background to establish a pathway for degradation of reactive dyes. A plausible mechanism of dye photodegradations is discussed.

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  • Risk and return measures for models of funds are typically statistics such as mean and standard deviation. A straightforward way to get a commensurable set of measures is to choose only statistics measured in the same units as the data. Often the literature uses statistics such as variance, semivariance, skewness and kurtosis not in the same units (Wilkens and Zhu, 2001; Gregoriou et al., 2005b; Nguyen-Thi-Thanh, 2006). There are several plausible explanations.

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  • Studies in the past quarter of century have established a role for lymphocytes in the pathogenesis of immune-mediated glomerular diseases. CD4- expressing T helper cells are a subgroup of T lymphocytes that provide help for immunoglobulin production and direct cellular immune mechanisms through activation of effector cells, such as macrophages. The role of T helper cells is variable depending on the nature of disease, and differential activation of T helper cell subsets has been proposed as one of the plausible explanations for the diversity of injury in glomerular diseases....

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