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  • Để trẻ tập trung vào bài học tiếng Anh, giáo viên cần dạy học kết hợp với những câu chuyện, những hình ảnh trực quan sinh động, nhằm giúp các bạn có thêm tài liệu tham khảo trong quá trình giảng dạy tiếng Anh, mời các bạn cùng tham khảo cuốn sách "Let's play ball". Hy vọng đây là tài liệu tham khảo hữu ích cho các bạn.

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  • How many educators spend countless evenings on the living room floor with oak tag, a ruler, and markers designing games and flashcards for their students? Personally, we have the flashcards with bent edges to prove it. 50 Quick Play Reading Games is a book of ready-to-use reading games and activities at your fingertips. It can be used for children in kindergarten through fifth grade. We wanted to provide you with enough games to cover a variety of reading skills

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  • (BQ) Ebook Toddler Play guides activeties such as pass the ball, the finger the band, rhyme time, hats on, frezee dance, the wheel on the bus, hide your ye eyes, sand skill, photo fun, count with me, size wise, cereal challenge, funny face, animals actors,...

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  • play ball with (someone) - to cooperate with someone, to join in an effort with others "If you play ball with the new manager things should go well for you." play both ends (against the middle/center) - to scheme in a way that pits two sides against each other The man was trying to play both ends against the middle when he tried to negotiate with the two departments in his company. play by ear - to play a musical instrument by remembering the tune and not by reading the music Although the woman can't read music she can play by ear and is a...

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  • Football is by far the world’s most popular game. Millions play the game and hundreds of millions are entertained by it, either at football grounds or through television. Despite this the scientific aspects of the game have hardly been recog- nised, let alone discussed and analysed. This is in contrast to some other games which have received much more attention, particularly so in the case of golf.

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  • Several years ago someone told me that once you hit thirty-five you have to work harder just to keep playing golf at the same level. I want to play until I’m fifty-five, and I don’t want to be one of those guys just barely clinging to the PGA Tour. I want to keep getting better and I want to win. So when I turned thirty-five, I hired Boris Kuzmic as my personal trainer and started working out.

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  • Women’s basketball hasn’t grown. It has exploded. In the last four decades, the number of girls playing interscholastic basketball has skyrocketed. Youth leagues have sprung up everywhere. The number of summer camps seems to double annually. More and more colleges are developing big time programs, and girls are playing at younger ages than ever before. More players are being recruited to play in college, and there are more professional opportunities for players after college. In addition, more women officiate and coach at all levels.

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  • Charles Kingsley makes this point in his 1873 lecture “Nausicaa in London: Or, the Lower Education of Woman,” in which he quotes the passage in The Odyssey in which Nausicaa plays ball with her female companions on the beach(62). J. Moyr Smith makes this explicit with regard to Greek clothing in his book Ancient Greek Female Costume in 1882: “Though more fully clad in most parts of Greece than in Sparta, the costume of the young girls and women was such as allowed the body to develop its natural beauty, and permitted a graceful freedom of motion” (17)....

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  • Ted Williams said it best: “If you can’t hit Major League stuff, you’ll never make it (in the Bigs). That’s why many dads quit baseball and start playing golf.”1 He nailed me like a fastball in his .400 red spot. Yeah, sure, I played baseball. I played from Midget Leagues through high school to American Legion ball, but I wasn’t very good. You’ve heard it before, “good glove, no stick.” I played every position except first base and catcher. When I pitched, the grounds crew would run out and rake the warning track between innings. While playing briefly for the U.S.

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  • Take your wildest dream, the thing you want to happen more than anything else, the thing that you absolutely can’t live without, and then make it come true. Stand at its doorstep. That’s what it feels like to be standing in the stadium tunnel waiting to play for the NFL Championship in the Super Bowl. It’s like a first kiss. The game is bigger than life. My first Super Bowl was in Pasadena, California, before more than 100,000 people. It was surreal, like going on that first date, waiting for that first kiss. I was so excited. It is the greatest thing to ever happen to a...

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  • The author ventures to present this book to the public, because he believes there are many points in the game of base-ball which can be told only by a player. He has given some space to a consideration of the origin and early history of the game, because they are subjects deserving of more attention than is generally accorded them. His principal aim, however, has been to produce a hand-book of the game, a picture of the play as seen by a player. In many of its branches, base-ball is still in its infancy; even in the actual play there are yet many unsettled points, and...

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  • Abner Doubleday leaned against the fence post and tossed his ball in the air, then caught it without looking. He was watching his friend Charley. Charley lived across the road from Abner in Auburn, New York, and the two boys often played ball together. Today, however, Charley was sweeping the walk. Abner’s brother Tom was busy too. Everyone in town seemed to be busy on this last day of May, 1825. Suddenly Abner jumped back as a long gray cat came running through the gate, chased by Abner’s dog Brownie....

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  • Children get much of their physical exercise at school and play times can be important for this, especially during the longer breaks (Fairclough and others 2008). Although children are more active during longer breaks it has been found that the longer they played the less active they became. Children were more active when playing ball games, had free access to non- fixed equipment and where there were suitable markings on the ground. When teachers were managing or observing the playground, children’s activity was reduced (Parrish and others 2009)....

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  • For the first time in my life I assisted at the simplest and grandest spectacle--the inauguration of a President. Lincoln's message good, according to circumstances, but not conclusive; it is not positive; it discusses questions, but avoids to assert. May his mind not be altogether of the same kind. Events will want and demand more positiveness and action than the message contains assertions. The immense majority around me seems to be satisfied. Well, well; I wait, and prefer to judge and to admire when actions will speak.

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  • Why can some athletes seemingly play through injuries but succumb to incredible pain immediately after the competition ends? The explanation is thought to be related to the intense motivational states that may interfere with the perception of pain. The effects of emotional states may also explain why individuals with clinical depression report more pain than their counterparts without depression, and why anxiety increases pain perception.

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  • Tr​ớ c các tài liệu hoặc sự kiện mang tính lịch sử. Ví dụ: The constitution, the Magna Carta.  Tr​ớc tên các nhóm dân tộc thiểu số. Ví dụ: The Indians, the Aztecs.  Nên dùng tr​ớc tên các nhạc cụ. Ví dụ: To play the piano.  Tr​ớ c tên các môn học cụ thể. Ví dụ: The applied Math. The theoretical Physics. Tr​ớ c tên các lục địa, tiểu bang, tỉnh, thành phố, quận, huyện. Ví dụ: Europe, California.  Tr​ớ c tên bất cứ môn thể thao nào. Ví dụ: Base ball, basket ball.

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  • Baseball evolved from a number of different ball-and-stick games (paddle ball, trap ball, one-old-cat, rounders, and town ball) originating in England. As early as the American Revolution, it was noted that troops played “base ball” in their free time. In 1845 Alexander Cartwright formalized the New York Knickerbockers’ version of the game: a diamond shaped infield, with bases ninety feet apart, three strikes-you’re-out, batter out on a caught ball, three outs per inning,...

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  • Brian: The opponent plays well! Their fast offender is very dangerous. He aims very precisely and shoots very hard. Linda: Our team is not bad either. Our goalkeeper keeps the ball very safe. Brian: Exactly, you know this game very well! Would you like to have a delicious hot dog? Linda: Yes, together with a cold beer. That would be fantastic. Brian: I will bring you a beer. Linda: Hurry up, because our good sweeper hurt himself. Brian: Here is your beer. It is actually warm. Linda: And the hot dog is cold. Hahaha. It looks good though, and.... hmmmm.......

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  • Các từ cơ bản a player one of the people involved in playing a game, e.g. tennis player or football player một trong những cầu thủ có mặt chơi trong một trận đấu, ví dụ cầu thủ quần vợt hoặc cầu thủ bóng đá - singles a game between two players một trận đấu giữa hai cầu thủ - doubles a game involving four players (two on each side) một trận đấu bao gồm 4 cầu thủ (hai ở mỗi bên) - a serve a point begins with a player serving the ball. This means one player hits the ball...

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  • Welcome to the often fascinating, sometimes frustrating, and almost always fun game of golf. It is a sport that can be played for a lifetime, yet can never be mastered completely. Some call it a good walk spoiled, but they probably have never experienced the thrill of hitting a ball high into the air in exactly the right direction, or the pleasure of making a long putt for a birdie. Doing either of those things takes a fair bit of learning, since golf is a complicated game. But put forth a patient effort, and positive results will eventually follow.

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