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  • This volume, like its predecessor The Social Life of Avatars: Presence and Interaction in Shared Virtual Environments [1], aims to provide a state-of-theart overview of research about how people interact in shared virtual environments (SVEs). Unlike the first volume, which covered a wide variety of topics, the essays collected here focus on two applications of SVEs; collaborativework and online gaming. These two areas are rapidly emerging as key drivers of SVE development.

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  • Early researchers in the field played down individual personality disturbances as causal agents of family violence in favour of social and cultural factors (27). More recently, though, research on family violence has shown that abusers who are physically aggressive are more likely to have personality disorders and alcohol-related problems than the general population (28).

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  • The level of threat posed by a terrorist group is determined in large part by its ability to build its organizational capabilities and bring those capabilities to bear in violent action. As part of homeland security efforts, technology systems play a key role within a larger, integrated strategy to target groups

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